Omarosa clowns Wendy Williams harder than Whitney Houston did. Wendy found out the hard way that live TV is not the same as radio where you can simply cut someone's mic off.

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    I saw this... I thought it was funny and sad all in one. I hate to see black women bicker, but watching 2 successful black women bicker is funny. They dont want to be loud and neck-rollin cuz its not a good look with white folk, but they really wanna slap each other.

    I wonder if the SR/Angel showdown will be similar to this LOL

  • ReadTheBlog

    I like Omarosa. I think she gets a bad break.

  • brwnsugga4you

    i don't care for omarosa (whoever gave her that name needs to be smacked) or wendy. i think neither one of them represent black woman. omarosa is a opportunist and wendy just can't shut the f*ck up...however, i think wendy met her match...but, it just goes to show you how ignorant we are...and they expect that from us...(white folks).

  • karaz

    Omarosa didn't even need to be that catty, see how little time they ended up spending about the book she presumably came on air to promote? Ugh, sometimes being a bia is not the easiest or most effective way to get what you want.

  • Sister Toldja

    Actually, I think Wendy did a very good job at keeping her cool. She was not in the position to go back at Omorosa all the way and I respect the approach she took (a few slight jabs back, delivered with a cool head). I am a Wendy fan, but I actually think Omorosa had some good points at the very beginnning of this clip (I think she started going in on Wendy before this video started though). But she lost them when she decided to play the catty role.

  • prprincess1577

    It's really sad that Omarosa takes pride in being a bia and believes that's how you have to be to get what you want.

  • teecee

    is this a local show ?

    lolol that was good.
    that's right go off on that drag queen. i still believe that wendy or william is a man.

    wendy tried to go after her and she met her match. sometimes its not your day and it wasnt hers. lololol after all that smack she does on her show, she got virtually punked on national tv. lol i dont like Omarosa, but i like wendy even less.

  • SnootyPooty1

    @brwnsugga4you .... I agree with you...
    I dont like Wendy or Omarosa!!!!

  • Kymystry

    Wow ... I can't even see the 2 Queens goin at it .. and I'm glad ... they BOTH make my Teeth Itch ...


    Does this show come on in the ATL?

  • Kymystry

    Morn NYCutie ! You know if it's not Monica/JD/RyanC/TI/Luda

    it ain't coming to Atl .... LOl

  • Anna

    Not a fan of either. If I have to pick it would be Wendy. You don't have to have an education to have a job gossiping, you do have to have a personality to hold your audiences attention. Omarosa claims to be educated, but she always seems like the girl from the ghetto who has moved out but will never give up her ghetto ways and back stabbing to get what she wants.

  • Sister Toldja

    Here is part one:

    As you can see, Omorosa came at Wendy from the second she stepped on the set.

  • Lala11_7

    Who's show is it? Wendy's?...

    So, I guess we know who got the last laugh...and if this isn't staged...all Omarossa did was get Wendy the type of publicity that she couldn't buy...for her show...not for the book...

    So, I guess we know who will be laughing last...

  • Anna

    @ Lala11_7 Says:

    Who’s show is it? Wendy’s?…

    So, I guess we know who got the last laugh…and if this isn’t staged…all Omarossa did was get Wendy the type of publicity that she couldn’t buy…for her show…not for the book…

    So, I guess we know who will be laughing last…
    If you like Omarosa or not she will not disappoint who ever it is that wants to interview her. Donald Trump who really did not like her brought her back for celebrity apprentice because he knows that she can pull in ratings. I say a win win. He got more ratings and she got more attention.

  • mizzdallas

    Wendy is NOT fake, majority of time she gets invited to alot of Industry parties but she dont go because alot celebrities run from her!! Which I think is pretty funny!!! But Omariosa is the angry black woman what makes her think that she can neogiate anything. They (FOX) knew what they were doing when they gave Wendy Williams her own show of course she was gonna act a DAMN fool! I dont expect nothing less or more from Wendy! and I love her! She is my zodiac sister born on the same day!!!

  • spraggaswifey

    This was pre-planned by Omarosa IMO.....When Wendy first introduced Omarosa and she came out she had an attitude...Wendy grabbed Omarosa's book to talk about it and Omarosa snatched it back....Yes Omarosa "handled" her in that controlled situation....Even tho Wendy get's on my last nerve if it were anywhere else she would have got Omarosa...Trust..Wendy's not a stupid woman...She knew she had to be easy....Two Black woman acting up on national t.v. is sad and funny at the same time....

  • karaz

    Wendy's will eventually go national, it was first being rolled out in the NY area before it gets introduced to other markets. Right now I think it might be expanded out to the NE region, but I could be wrong.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Oh wow...they were both acting like bytches if u ask me. All of that was not necessary...

    Both of them are negative so now we know what u get when u put an arrogant, self-absorbed azzhole in a convo with a loud-mouth, self-absorbed azzhole...a fyckin train-wreck.

  • cupcakes

    LMAO!!! That was some funny shyte!! If I was Wendy, when O said her wig was too high, she should have told her her track was glued too high!! LOL!! That was just too funny!!

  • ThatCarmen

    I agree with Omarosa that when Black Women walk into Corporate and have a strong voice; all of a sudden they are "angry" but, if a white woman does it, they are strong. And Wendy is two different people from her radio personality to her show. Thank God they got her a better sylist though cause Wendy use to look beat! I dont have the greatest respect for Omarosa but, I can agree with a few points she made. Wendy does hype up the stereotypes waaaayyyy too much....and maybe its her job to do so.

  • nonya

    Omabitch was a mess. She's a attention whore who had the nerve to say her fans like...what fans???

    She's sterotypical and predictable to be a problem. So she's is a minstrial and a joke. No one will take her seriously as she's not a STRONG black woman but a DESPARATE wanna be.

  • aMochaBabe

    Wendy has met her match in Omarosa...a woman who because of the choices she, too has made in her life, has her defenses up ALL THE TIME. Just like Wendy.

    Love the fact that she didn't accept Wendy's jabs and insults lying down. Love that she spoke her mind and hit Wendy where most have only 'dreamt' of hitting her. The 'surprised' look on Wendy's face when Omarosa insulted her was absolutely what it's her was looooong overdue. You know she wanted to react 'naturally' but didn't because her show is so 'new'. Whatever.

    Please let's not sleep on the fact that, Wendy's team KNEW exactly what they were doing when they booked 'O' for the show under the pretense that it was to promote her book, GTFOH. Wendy probably thought she'd insult Omarosa to death and walk away unscathed.Not!!

    Wendy is abrasive and Omarosa is defensive enough to together make a molatov cocktail! Guess her producers got what they wanted with a cherry on top.

  • blkdiamonn

    We are so naive!

    Omarosa is an actress and plays the angry black woman role whenever the cameras are rolling! We all know if she was this extreme behind the scenes, Donald Trump would have never allowed her back on the show...nor went on Oprah and other talk shows with her. U can tell he has respect for her and knows shes just acting!

    My sister met Omarosa at a conference for young, black women at a University in Ohio and even took pictures with her. She she was very nice, and pleasant and even invited one of her girls to come to DC and do an internship with her company.

    I can also tell that she is not as crazy as she acts by watching her on the Apprentice. She is a very smart woman, and seems to be using this persona as a means to make money and finance her other ventures.

    Come on, I happened to see the show yesterday..and she seemed so fake and almost scripted. Her attitude was so extreme, and she made very valid points about Wendy W. I don't like O's image, but I understand her hustle!! She has a successful political consultant business, and an organization mentoring Young African American women. I respect her for that!!

  • blackstar


  • Kymystry

    @ blkdiamond ... thanks for that perspective .. I never knew that about her .... real talk

  • mj

    I don't think I've ever seen Wendy Williams speechless. I luv them both..

  • milly


  • leat

    how can Wendell even go at people with all the issues she has going on! i lobe Omarosa! Wendell didnt know what to say, she wasnt quick enough she had to think of comebacks! but O did pull her card like a Pro! go O!

  • cjlessie

    Why did Omarosa go on the show to act a fool?

  • justice

    I feel like Wendy started it why bring someone on your show to put them down and just because its your show no one should defend themselves?