According to The NY Daily News, comedian Bernie Mac is in "very, very critical condition" after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

But Mac's publicist is downplaying such reports, saying the star is "recovering" and "responding well to treatment" after checking himself into a Chicago hospital.

In an email to the Chicago Tribune, Mac's publicist Danica Smith wrote, "You have some bad info." She also indicated Mac would be leaving the hospital soon.

But the Chicago Sun-Times, citing a source close to the family, reported Mac's condition as "dire" and said his wife, Rhonda McCullough, is at his bedside.

Smith also stated Mac's pneumonia is unrelated to sarcoidosis, an immune disorder characterized by tiny lumps clumping together in either the lungs or lymph nodes (although sarcoidosis can occur anywhere in the body).

Mac was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2005 after being hospitalized due to complications related to the disease.

Sarcoidosis, in its advanced stage, can be fatal. There is no known cure.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

  • mj

    Get well Bernie Mac! I luv u

  • ELove

    I only wish the best for Mac's health-n-recovery...
    But it always bothers me why publicists aren't truthful about these type of situations especially when their telling out-n-out LIES ;-(

  • ReadTheBlog

    BERNARD MCCULLOUGH, Get well soon, man!

  • MsShayinGA

    Oh wow I didnt know his lung condition was sad. I dont know whether to believe the publicist or the Chicago-Sun Times. Its a shame if the publicist is downplaying the situation. Prayers going up for Bernie!

  • brwnsugga4you

    wow-please get well.

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  • Kymystry

    Hang in there Bernie ... Janka-leg Janka-leg ...

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  • iyonah

    I hope he gets better.

  • karaz

    I hope he gets better soon, but he's been getting extremely sick with one ailment or another, what's really good?

  • bloggergirlz

    get well soon!

    he is is such a FUNNY guy...

  • katgirl33

    Okay Sandra,

    I heard this ain't den hit the news here in the Chi, LOL

    I guess his publicist had to go national with this, since rumors started flying that he's dying.

    But from what I understand about Sarcodosis, this could result in it flaring up again for him.

    Get well soon Bernie Mac....WE WIT YOU!

    "WHO YOU WIT?!?!!?"

  • aMochaBabe

    Wishing B-Mac a complete and speedy recovery. Much love.