The world's most famous golfer Tiger Woods was in Dubai on Tuesday promoting a multi-billion dollar golf course named after him. The Tiger Woods Dubai course was designed by Woods and features a spa and a $600 million dollar hotel.

Over 75 mansions and 100 villas (similar to the miniature scale models above) will dot the carefully manicured gardens surrounding the golf course. The plans also include over 10,000 trees imported from around the world.

It must be nice!

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A source close to the Knowles camp told Pop Tarts that Solange had an embarrassing media moment yesterday because she received "no media training" and is spoiled by the label.

According to Roger friedman of Fox News 411 gossip column, Solange had attitude problems with other FOX news affiliates yesterday.

A source close to Solange told Pop Tarts that the songstress hasn't really had any media training, is "coddled" by her label and is spoiled to the point that she gets whatever she wants.

We've also been warned that quite a few FOX outlets have gotten an attitude from Knowles as she apparently isn't a fan of the network, but is still willing to use us to promote her album. (Source)

I don't know what I was thinking when I said Solange had changed. After all, she is Beyonce's sister.

Yesterday, Jay Z announced the sale of "his" Las Vegas 40/40 sports bar less than a year after it opened.

In reality, Jay Z never really owned that club. If he was the owner he wouldn't need partners. He would hire people to run the club for him. Instead, he is simply the mouthpiece for the real owners of the club who are probably wishing they never hooked up with him in the first place. Reports are that the establishment never turned a profit.

Jay Z also announced he and his "partners" will open other 40/40 clubs in Chicago, Tokyo and Macau. But let's see if that actually happens. You couldn't get a penny out of me as an investor if one of your establishments failed so famously. Look for the NY location to be shuttered next.

Anyone who thinks Jay Z (lol) is a business man obviously has no clue of what an endorsement deal is or the nature of big business. Anyway, let tell it:

While the official press release spins the sale of the 40/40 Club as a good thing for Jay-Z, numerous business publications reveal that the sale was a necessity due to heavy financial losses that the Palazzo and Jay were both taking. The reality is that the Palazzo Las Vegas bought out the lease from the 40/40 so that they could finally turn a profit on the space and turn it into a restaurant and race and sports book facility.

Not everyone is taken in by the smooth talk and the fancy press releases.

Comments Off on When is it appropriate for a man to kiss another man’s wife?

The first time I saw Barack Obama kiss Jill Biden on the lips (above) it raised my curiosity a little. But last night's kiss was clearly inappropriate. I'm not the only one who noticed how awkward that kiss looked.

Despite what any of you saw, Obama caught at least part of her lips - whether it was intentional or not, it was inappropriate and unsanitary.

Whatever happened to the friendly hug or handshake? Or have we forgotten how easy it is to contract herpes in the wild?

Kissing when it is done as part of an exchange of greetings, should be kept within the family or between mafioso. Does Obama kiss every female on the lips or just Jill Biden?

Also, show me where I attacked Obama's daughter? All I wrote was it might be time for Malia to check Obama again on his inappropriate greeting.

Thank God I live in a country where individuals have the constitutional right to express their opinions.

He wasn't supposed to appear until today (Thursday) but Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama just couldn't wait to revel in his historic accomplishment of becoming the first biracial man to lead a major party.

But let's talk about this for a moment. After Obama walked out on stage to thunderous applause, he approached his VP Joe Biden whose wife Jill was by his side. Out of the blue, Obama planted a wet kiss full on Jill Biden's lips! Is it appropriate for a man to kiss another man's wife full on the lips with all these diseases running amok out there?

After all, she doesn't know where his lips have been. Does Obama need 10-year-old Malia to tell him what greeting is appropriate for the wife of his running mate?

Even the anchor woman paused in the middle of her sentence like WTF? :?

Hits Daily Double which normally posts close to accurate first-day sales of albums sold in U.S. markets, didn't even mention Solange Knowles' CD which went on sale yesterday. This does not bode well for Solange who is probably looking at around 10K in first week sales.

The first-day sales are usually an indicator of how well an album does it's first week out. After reading the comments I have to agree that Solo should have held checked herself instead of checking that anchor woman today. She really showed her true colors and that's a shame because she was doing so well.

Solange goes OFF on a news anchor who dared to tie her in with Jay Z's failing establishment (I'm guessing it's the one in NY where his staff is very unhappy with the Jigga). Solange asserted herself in a professional and mature manner.

She was absolutely within her rights to ask that the interview relate to her album "Sol-Ange And The Hadley Street Dreams" which is in stores now.

This video doesn't show what set Solange off exactly. But hopefully we will get to see the full video soon.