Clearly, rapper Nelly has no future as a DJ. This is what hanging around JD too much gets you.

I know you’re tired of seeing pics of Rihanna and Chis Brown 24/7. Believe me, I am too. This is the last one, I swear for today, that is.

Young Jeezy models an Obama tee shirt for the world to see who he would have voted for come November if it weren’t for those nuisance convictions fouling up his police record.

A Beyonce Stan emailed me asking why I didn’t include this pic of Solange wearing pink leggings in my post this morning. She accused me of showing favoritism for not doing so. Okay, here’s the pic. Happy now?

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No new details have emerged since I told you about the death of Dr. Dre’s son Andre Young Jr., 20, who was found unresponsive in his home by his mother, Nicole Young. reports the younger Dre returned home early in the morning on Saturday and was later found unresponsive by his mother. The cause of death is pending. A rep tells TMZ that the famed producer is in mourning over the loss of his son.

Singer Solange Knowles is taking the industry by storm with her fresh new perspective on R&B music and style. She’s also making everyone forget about you-know-who. AND WE LOVE IT!!! :)

I’d love to see the looks on the faces of those loons over on the Beyonce board when Solange totally takes over the industry (Yup, they ran me off that board too with torches and pitchforks).

In this video, Solange is shown on the set of her photo shoot for GIANT magazine. Isn’t she hawt?! Thanks again to for always looking out on the links!

According to Rodney Ho of the AJC, TBS has placed an order for episodes of Tyler Perry’s new TV series “Meet The Brown’s”.

TBS was apparently impressed by the success of the 100 episode run of “House of Pain” – which got off to a rocky start because it simply wasn’t funny.

For that reason, TBS has ordered only 10 episodes of “Brown” with an option to kill the rest of the contract if the show doesn’t garner good ratings out the gate. As with “House” Perry introduces unfamiliar faces in the new sitcom.

From the press release:

“Meet the Browns” stars David Mann as Leroy Brown, a character who earlier this year was featured in Perry’s hit film of the same name. He has also appeared in several episodes of “House of Payne” on TBS. Perry’s new series begins after Brown inherits a dilapidated house from his deceased father.

Angela Bassett, who was in the original film, won’t be joining the new crew. (Source)

Rapper T.I. is furious that a track featuring Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West has leaked a month early. T.I. must have fell and bumped his head. It seems he’s forgotten that tracks always get leaked prior to the album coming out. I just know he isn’t calling out Internet bloggers such as myself for posting that weak ass track “Swagga Like Us”? Do I have to remind Mr. Harris that it is bloggers like myself who keep him relevant?

He says,

“Don’t ruin the event. Wait till the cake comes out the kitchen before you eat it. That’s like a kid who sees his toys before Christmas; it takes away from me and from the fans as well.

“When it’s time, I’mma (sic) give it to you. Leakage is never a problem I have had. I’m not used to it.”

Whatever. Maybe if the track was hot I might understand why he’s mad. But it isn’t so I don’t.

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Source: WENN

Now that those silly rumors about Rihanna being broke have been dismissed, we can return to focusing on more important matters such as RiRi’s style.

While I’m not at all impressed with Rihanna’s choice of shopping attire, I do think it’s cute that she’s sporting her BFF Chris Brown’s white LCD watch. Remember back in the day when you could get a watch like that from the gum ball machine for a quarter?

Photos: Splash News Online and Just Jared

You know you’re a star when you’re asked you to appear on The David Letterman Show. Soul singer Solange displayed her unique fashion sense and talent when she appeared on the show yesterday (LOVE the boots!). I don’t think her sister Beyonce has ever been asked to appear on the hit talk show.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Teyana Taylor looks so confused like she doesn’t quite know what direction she wants to take her style in. Maybe she should pick up where the late Aaliyah left off by wearing femmed up men’s wear. I don’t think Aaliyah would mind if Teyana jacked her style since she badly needs one.

LeToya Luckett looking bored as all get out at the birthday celebration for a NY stylist named AJ Crimson (I’ve never heard of him either. Does everybody in NY think they’re a celebrity?). LeToya looks hawt, but that purple frock does not complement her complexion. I do like the combination of the purple eye shadow with the pink lipstick. Tres chic.

LeToya Luckett, posed with actress Keisha Whitaker and British singer Estelle (whose manager is Ciara’s ex-manager Philana Williams).

Photo by Stephen Knight

L-R: NY makeup artist AJ Crimson, British singer Estelle (whose manager is Ciara’s ex-manager Philana Williams), actor Forrest Whitaker and his wife Keisha who looks great when her bony arms aren’t in the picture.

All photos by: Wireimage/Getty except where noted

Normally I don’t watch reality shows ever, but I have been tuning in to watch the Sean Combs spectacle titled “I Wouldn’t Work For Diddy For Sh*t” – or some like that.

Well, from the start I immediately zeroed in on Brianna as my favorite, because, well, she just was.

Last night, Brianna got sent home for being a whiner (you know Sean Combs doesn’t approve of whiners other than himself working for Bad Boy).

It pained me to watch Brianna break down on TV and stray from the established routine of taking that last ride down the freight elevator to the street only to be kicked to the curb like so much worthless trash.

Instead, she asked that her microphone be removed as she sat down in a stairwell while struggling to compose herself. That one bodyguard looked like he wanted to snatch her up Tiny Lister style. Eventually the producers convinced Brianna to take that last ride down in the freight elevator, which she did.

While I felt badly for Brianna, doesn’t she realize that shows of this type have nothing to do with reality at all? Are people really that clueless? I mean, everyone knows that these shows are created for ratings. Did she really believe Sean Combs would hire her as his assistant through a television show?

By the way, what ever happened to that female assistant Sean Combs supposedly hired last year off of YouTube? I guess she didn’t work out.

Screen caps courtesy of Rich over at the VH1 blog

A Connecticut little league team was disqualified because its pitcher was deemed too good to play against other teams. The team, Will Power Fitness, streaked to an impressive 8-0 record largely on the strength of 9-year-old Jericho Scott’s arm.

But the stuffed shirts at the Little league office in upper crust New Haven asked the coach to replace the youngster as pitcher because other teams were intimidated by the kid. Of course the coach balked at the odd request and the team was quickly disqualified.

Y’all know it’s because the kid is black, right? Had this been a white boy he would be hailed as a Phenom or the next coming of Babe Ruth.

This story made my blood boil when I read about it yesterday. Instead of encouraging this little prodigy to follow his dreams, they made him feel unwanted for being too good. Where’s Rev. Al Sharpton when we need him?


Last night I decided to turn in early since nothing exciting was going on in my bedroom the world. Then I remembered it was the start of the (yawn, stretch) Democratic National Convention in Denver. But most importantly, Michelle Obama – the cog that keeps the Obama campaign wheel from falling off – would be making her stirring speech.

I was so stoked for her speech – mostly because I wanted to see what she was wearing. Anyway, I tuned in to watch Michelle’s speech and they kept saying she’s coming to the podium, but when I woke up, her speech was over and I missed it.

Check out Michelle Obama watch blog for all the exciting coverage from the Democratic National Convention. These are the times when I’m glad I’m not a real journalist because I would surely be fired. :)

According to an online report, the son of legendary producer Dr. Dre was found dead in his home on Saturday morning. The report named the deceased man as 20-year-old Andre Young Jr.

Dre also has a 26-year-old son, Curtis Young, a rapper who goes by the name Hood Surgeon (pictured above).

The son of legendary rap producer Dr Dre has been found dead at his home in Woodland Hills on Saturday morning.

Andre Young Jr., 20, was unresponsive when his mother went to check on him around 10 A.M., calling 911 to alert paramedics.

Young’s cause of death is pending completion of a toxicology report. (Source)

Thank you to loyal reader Ateyaa for sending this video. Ateyaa is a hair stylist who took the time to make a video about taking proper care of our own hair rather than throwing dollars at expensive salon treatments.

Well, the “ladies” of the Long Hair Care Forum took offense and gathered their forces to attack Ateyaa! They hounded and harassed her until she felt the need to make a second video telling them to back off.

I don’t have anything else to say about those “ladies” of the LHCF. But clearly they think they are the end all be all of black hair care and they cannot tolerate any independent thinkers in their midst. I apologize if I have offended any of my loyal readers who are members of that forum.