Suge Knight has been busted again, this time for allegedly terrorizing and attacking his girlfriend.

The former rap impresario was busted by Las Vegas cops for assault with a deadly weapon, possession of controlled substances and domestic violence.

Law enforcement tells us Suge allegedly attacked his girlfriend of three years early this morning. She claims he punched her in the back of the head while they were driving. She claims she tried getting out of the car, grabbed the steering wheel to cause an accident so someone would notice her peril.

The car struck the curb and stopped. She fled from the car and allegedly Suge chased her, caught her and that's when the cops came.

Cops say they saw Suge kick the woman in the head and was wielding a knife in his hand.

Why do I keep getting emails from former members asking why they were banned? Is it just me or have adults stopped accepting responsibility for their immature behavior?

It takes a lot for me to ban a member from leaving comments. The main reason I ban folks is because they are cowards who display a total lack of respect for me on my own blog.

I will not tolerate that type of behavior. But it amazes me how many emails I receive from banned members who truly don't know why they were banned.

Note to those who were banned. Go back and look at your last comment to get a clue. I leave your last comments up for that very purpose. But something tells me you still won't get it.

[This section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must have evidence in the form of canceled checks or pictures or your Blast will be rejected. This section is not for the public to air grievances with other private citizens — call Judge Mathis for that.]

Bird, one of our own community members was burned for a few thousand dollars by singer Jon B, real name Jonathan Buck, and his manager Jason Bevington of T.OZ Entertainment). This happened in 2007, and while I don't post disputes that old, I made an exception for Bird.

Hopefully Jon B and his manager will see this and settle their debt.

Hi Miss Sandra,

I don't know if you will want to run my story as it is over a year old at this point. I was screwed and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it because I would be required to pay an attorney a 10k retainer to even get started on the case. The failed event left me several thousand dollars in debt so there was no way I could come up with the attorney fee. Blasting him on your site would be about the only revenge I can get.

I have plenty more documentation if needed, but the documents above can give you an idea.

I booked Jon B. for a party I was throwing on 3/2/07. I received notification from his manager that Jon was canceling on 2/26/07. I was told by the sound man that he could not refund my $700 deposit so close to the event as he had put out money for the equipment Jon specified in his rider. The venue also told me they would be unable to refund the more than $5000 dollars I had paid in full do to the late cancellation.

That's only to name a couple of things. I had also shelled out over $300 for flyers and another $400 for the flyer's design and the design of my company MySpace page which showcased the event. Not to mention the two non refundable plane tickets I purchased for Jon and a musician who was performing with him that cost nearly $700. Jon's manager returned my $4500 deposit with the promise of reimbursing me for the plane tickets, flyer printing and design. I was gracious enough to accept his ridiculously low settlement offer and they never paid the measly sum to me.

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It looks like the honeymoon is over for rappers in Hollywood. First Jay Z gets the cold shoulder from Hollywood bigwigs, and now 50 cent is feeling the sting of rejection.

According to, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, was used as bait to sell the movie "Righteous Kill" to a major distributor for national release.

But now that "Righteous Kill" has been picked up by Overture Films - 50 Cent, who stars in the movie along with Robert Dinero and Al Pacino - has been erased from all promotion material.

Can you blame the movie distributor? Who wants to promote a movie with a real-life drug dealer in it? 50 Cent wasn't even a good drug dealer. He routinely got beat down by neighborhood kids who stole his work and ran. That's why he went into rap - to join the other posers and wanna-be fake thugs like Rick Ross.

...WoooHa, Inc. sources reveal that the real reason Overture cut Curtis out of the campaign is because their research and exit poll information showed that 50 actually was not the urban or young demographic box office draw they were hoping for. 50 basically can’t draw in the core demographic that used to buy his albums by the millions. The box office let down of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ should have been a hint of things to come. (Source)

I love this girl. The reason I love Solange is because she is the perfect role model for up-and-coming artists to see a young artist who appreciates everything she gets. More than just making good music, Solange has humbled herself. That is not easy to do as her sister Beyonce can attest. Beyonce doesn't care if she's liked by the masses - she just wants to be adored and worshiped.

Not so with Solange who just wants to be appreciated for her music. I remember a time when Solange wasn't so humble. I recall when she used to blast bloggers on her Myspace page. She was full of anger and angst. Now that she's gotten all of that out of her system, Solange realizes that the important thing is her music and getting it out to the masses.

It takes a great deal of discipline to be humble. Mary J. Blige made that transition as well, There was a time when Mary was angry until she realized her anger was like a shield separating her from her fans. So she made that change and now she is adored by her fans.

It's doubtful that Bey Z will ever "get it". She will continue to walk this earth in blissful ignorance, believing she is God's gift to music. Until that one day when she reaches for her wig and realizes that Solange is wearing it - crown and all.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

According to online reports, rapper Lil' Wayne has missed a court date in Arizona. Wayne, real name, Dwayne Carter Jr., was arrested back in January (08) after police officers stopped his tour bus with thick smoke pouring out of the windows. Police allegedly discovered a stash of illegal drugs on his tour bus.

Yesterday, a no-nonsense Miami judge denied the bond of another troubled rapper, DMX, on the recommendation of a different Arizona judge who revoked his bond there. Maybe Wayne was shook after witnessing his cohort breaking down in court yesterday.

Wayne reportedly missed his court date due to an "unnamed medical treatment." But my source is telling me that the unspecified medical treatment was a dental procedure. It seems strange to me that Wayne can make the time to be everywhere else - on video sets, performing in clubs - but he can't find the time to be in court due to a toothache??

Why couldn't he sip some syrup to ease his pain and take his ass to court? Doesn't syrup have Codeine in it? Wayne's next court date is October 18 - and I hope the judge throws the book at him.

Fellow blogger Gina who runs the What About Our Daughters and Michelle Obama Watch blogs, sent over these photos she snapped at the Democratic National Convention.

Gina is covering the convention for her popular blogs which have received national attention from the media for her insightful coverage of the woman who would be president if only she was born a white man - Michelle Obama.

Of Sheryl Lee Ralph, Gina wrote:

I got a photo of Sheryl Lee Ralph and her husband looking fabulous. You know how some people look amazing on TV, but in person its meh. Well Sheryl Lee Ralph looked stunning. Cute couple.

And Gina said Omarosa kindly stopped so Gina could get her picture.

See more of Gina's pics from the convention here.

Today I'm putting Detroit radio station Mojo in the Mornings Channel 955 on full blast for jacking my content for their blog without crediting me. These lazy ass bloggers jacked one of my posts word-for-word as if they wrote it. This isn't an urban station which makes the thievery even worse.

Urban bloggers such as myself work hard to find content to entertain our readers. It isn't right when a radio station - which has millions of listeners - invades urban blogs to steal content. I'm not posting a link to the station's wack blog since they didn't bother linking back to me.

But word to my fellow celebrity bloggers: they probably jacked your content too!

Thanks to loyal reader Sharon for alerting me to these content thieves.