Singer Beyonce is relieved that she no longer has to play cat & mouse games with the paps by hiding her fake diamond ring. The Alarming diva can proudly flash the real thing now that jeweler finally delivered it.

Bey, who married her longtime BFF Jay Z in April, flashed her $5 million dollar stone on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks last week.

As you know, Jay Z already took delivery of his ring which is a smaller stone. But friends say that Beyonce - ever the diva - was not happy with the size and cut of her rock and kept sending it back to the jeweler.

I don't know if that's all true but that's what I'm hearing. Tiny didn't have any complaints when T.I. presented her with a $6 million dollar emerald cut diamond ring recently.

As you know, most of these celebs have duplicate copies made of their stones and the original is kept in a bank safety deposit box. Except for rappers like Yung Berg and Juelz Santana who are notorious for wearing fake sh*t anyway.


  • Peachiz

    Nice Ring, Sandra I am not sure about this one I read somewhere is that celebrities are infamous for loaner, maybe this may just be a loaner.

  • purepisces

    BOO. Only thing to do with a gumball like that is to keep that shyt in the vault and only wear it on special occasions. You'll never be safe wearing that thing. What's the fun if you can't wear it?! It is a nice investment though. The ways diamonds are gettin so scarce, it will appreciate in value later on.

  • HunE916

    They say it's a flawless 18 carat stone. Can you say "Over the Top!"

    My boyfriend & I were just discussing this yesterday about how folks rarely wear this type of jewelry out. My thing is; what's the point of having it, if you don't wear it? They got insurance on that ring!

    Shooooo! I'd be at the Laundromat, Safeway, Starbucks, kid’s football games...EVERYWHERE with that rock on!

    [but I do think it's too over the top...]

  • Bird

    I don't know if I'd want my engagement ring to be so expensive that I have to wear a fake for safety reasons. I'm definately going to want to wear my ring at all times except when sleeping, bathing, washing the dishes, etc. I hope B starts wearing her's more frequently. Jay too.

  • HunE916


    I just looked at her nails. :(

    She should manicure them sh!ts before she puts on the $5 mil rock. Even them nails up or sump'in'!

  • mimi08

    Funny how now she can show off a ring, right after her sister confirms the rumors..guess she can't play that same game and marketing ploy about whether or not she's married. I know she was mad when her sister let that slip because it's my belief beyonce and her family will use anything to keep the attention and/or spotlight around them, whether it comes in a cloud of suspicion or rumors...anything to stay in people's minds, anything to keep people guessing and wondering; she knows how hugely popular. I'm sure she's a bit angry the wind was taken out of this sail, cause i'm sure they were planning to milk this cow for years to come (are they married, or not?)...

    oh well...since the cat was let out the bag, might as well go get a real ring, wear it everyday and stop the game play...and go get the biggest rock ever, that will should show em....LOL...they are so predictable to me...just my two cents.

  • Amulet

    I wouldn't even want a 5 million dollar ring. They could came her to Philly and restored some of these hoods or built a community center somewhere, goodness. Who cares about at ring or diamond. A rock, is just a rock.

  • purepisces

    LOL at HunE!!

    Didn't even notice her uneven nail game.

    @ Bird, I agree. If I ever get married I don't want some huge gumball ring. To me that's not only over the top, it's distasteful and garish. There's a point when jewelry just looks gaudy, and I think this ring has definitely passed that point. Nothing over 2 carats for me! =)

  • ReadTheBlog

    It's too gaudy, but I love an emerald cut! The only thing that could have set that off even more is to have it surrounded in a nice baguette setting.


  • DivaMama

    LOL @ HunE! That was the first thing that I noticed!

    @ Peachiz, I believe that she was wearing this ring for her Marie Claire shoot, so it may actually be the real thing.

    I told my husband that when he proposed to me, I don't need a ring that just screams "rob me!!!" He did a great job with my ring - it fit my fingers and looks beautiful, but not to the point where people want to kidnap me and hold me for ransom. I don't want to have to look over my shoulder everywhere I go. And besides, there are better waysto spend my money. I know that I am married, and so does everyone else. Who do I have to prove it to? I could use that diamond money to pay off some student loans!

  • purepisces

    @ Amulet. AMEN!! Think of all the good you could do with that money, instead of spending it on a glorified hunk of coal. It's like these celebrities can't find anything better to do with their money...then the kids and the people who look up to these folks do the same thing and only want the bling, cars and clothes. If nothing else, save that money for your own kids later on! This is why when Black folks get money it's almost always NEW MONEY. We don't pass down shyt.

  • ReadTheBlog

    HunE, you had BETNOT be utilizing a laundromat whilst being able to afford a RANG (not ring) like that, unless, of course, the laundromat is your money maker!

  • goat76

    Damn ya'll women are critical.........

  • kwallace577

    auntie you are off the chain today my love.

    of COURSE tiny did not complain about a 6 carat ring. beyonce and tiny are apples to oranges. tiny has 3 kids by this man (including the baby girl they lost) so of course she ain't gonna complain. not to mention she is being taken care of by this man (i'm not sure but think about it....) beyaki on the other hand has just as much money (if not more) than jigga so if she wanted to--she could buy her OWN multi-carat ring.

    The shoes on my feet
    I've bought it
    The clothes I'm wearing
    I've bought it
    The rock I'm rockin'
    I've bought it
    'Cause I depend on me

    yes she needs a manicure. and i cosign about the gumball. my husband took me to the pawn shop to pick out a ring. we were broke but in love. now that we do better he has upgraded me to a new ring but i STILL wear my original pawn shop bridal set on my right hand as a reminder of our love 6 years ago when he asked.

  • katgirl33

    The cat been out the bag on them being married...the city in which they got their license confirmed that...and Jay been wearing his ring for a while.....

    We know he ain't marry himself...LOL

  • heartbreaker

    Ya'll are the worst... you dog her for not wearing the ring! Then she wears HER ring, and of course you have something to say about that... Get a life ya'll, then maybe when you find a boo that has it like hers can tell him to please never buy you a big ass ring like that! Ya'll would be PAID if people really valued your opinion... but guess what???? She is paid because you always have an opinion about her! I think I'd rather walk in her shoes

  • Amulet

    A 5 million dollar ring versus a 5 thousand dollar ring is still not going to stop a man from fu*king around -- the ring gives the sentiment that he's just coming back home to your lonely ass.

    Like in Lord of the Rings. lol

  • cinnamonkisses97

    sandra said :

    Except for rappers like Yung Berg and Juelz Santana who are notorious for wearing fake sh*t anyway.


    LOL @ sandra , whew that was funny

  • terika83

    Sandra, since you have "factual" information and you are SO sure that Tiny's is real and Beyonce's is fake (why would it be fake if both her and her husband continually make the richest woman/man list every year)....can I ask you why Tiny has been given several engagement rings after not wearing one for a while and then being seen with a new/another ring?

    Idk just kinda lost me with that "I lied" statement...left a sour taste in my mouth and I find it hard to believe some of the things you post....ESPECIALLY when they are biased.

  • candycane

    What about the fight that went down at the fashion event, that's what I wanna hear about. I heard Justin Timberlake almost got knocked the phuc out, Beyonce was running to get out the way. What happened. I only heared a tidbit about it on the radio this morning

  • terika83

    P.S. knowing her and Jay...this whole "she sent the ring back" story may be false. First they got tats....then plain bands, now this may be her ring. Maybe they wanted to take attention away from them. If she came out with this big rock right after everyone was saying they got married then it would have confirmed it. Maybe Solo giving the confirmation on FOX made her say..."oh well, it's out there now". Everyone knows how private they are, they show each other love on the low...

  • HunE916

    ReadTheBlog Says:

    HunE, you had BETNOT be utilizing a laundromat whilst being able to afford a RANG (not ring) like that, unless, of course, the laundromat is your money maker!

    Hey! You never know, maybe the Maytag man was on vacation and a sister needed a clean pair of panties! ;)




  • daninicole

    She is Beyonce'. She is not one of us regular folks. Of course none of us will wear such an over the top ring, we can't dang afford it. Ya'll acting like you can go into a jeweler and purchase a five million dollar 18 carat ring. You can't, she can, she did, get over it!! It is her ring and she can wear it or not wear it whenever she wants or doesn't want to.
    Heartbreaker you are on 100%. If your man could afford to buy you a ring like that EVERYONE would take it. It is easy to say what you would not do, when you don't have the opportunity to do it. Jay Z never would have lived down buying her a $5000 ring. You would have dogged him for years for being cheap. But since he balled out and did it big for his REAL wife (not baby mama) he is over the top.

  • daninicole

    Amulet Says:

    A rock, is just a rock

    Yeah to broke people who can't afford it (like us).

    Why we gotta tell them what to do with their money? We don't want no one to tell us what to do with ours. Beyonce spends her money to help out in Houston and Jay Z helped with the water system in Africa (or so I have heard). Either way it is their money. They work hard to make it and should be able to do with it what they want (including splurging on each other).

  • heartbreaker

    daninicole Says:

    Jay Z never would have lived down buying her a $5000 ring. You would have dogged him for years for being cheap.

    My point exactly!!! :-) Especially since we all know he can wipe his ass with 5G's and flush it down the toilet!


    it's aliiiiight

  • Peachiz

    Ok I guess this is the ring, Thx DivaMama
    @ Hun girl you're brave,I wanted to say that about the maicuure but i wasn't brave enough,in fear of beyonce super fans.

  • heavn_sent

    I'm in agreement with Amulet and heartbreaker..The ring affects you all, how exactly? Do I think it's a waste of money? ABSOLUTELY. So was the $4m "I'm Sorry" bauable thatthat sory !@#$ Kobe bough his wife after he got caught taking the trash out (literally!..One of the reasons I hate him.)Are there better ways to spend money? DEFINITELY. But it's their money to spend! And they both contribute to charity and their cities regularly.
    Let's be honest, every woman wants a nice ring. Mine is beautiful, tasteful, and a great quality. But it's neither garrish nor overdone. However, that's my taste. 2 carats total is enough for me. Some women need more. That affects me, how? It doesn't.

  • Peachiz

    .... On one of my other blogs i stated that Ciara, whom is screaming for attention looked like an "alumimun Puddle" at the VMA's girl her super fans ate my head off... literally..LOL

  • prynsexxx

    Like Jay said:

    'Cause that rock on ya finger is like a tumor
    You can't fit ya hand in ya new purse

    LOL......all the way to the bank.

    I agree with HUN about the manicure.

    I agree with whomever said that he would have been clowned had he went the cheap route.

    I agree with person who said basically - DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON'T!

    DO BEY!

  • heavn_sent

    I may be reaching here..but you know, I honestly don't believe that's her wedding ring. Why then would she wear it on that finger? Shock value, ofcourse. When it disappears in a few weeks, rememebr who said it first.

  • Amulet

    When you are broke and hungry, think about that 5 million dollar ring. When you go to work every day, think about that 5 million dollar ring. While you work for white people every day, think about that 5 million dollar ring. When you tell your kids to do what is right, and they do what is wrong, think about that 5 million dollar ring. Yes, they can by what they want, 5 million is ridiculous. But it's people like me who would flip that ring, that went to make white people richer, and buy a corporation, help a crime-filled community dying from Jay-Z's and other rappers' words that feed destruction into simple minds, and restore our pride. I just think life is so much more than things, and that relationship are based on spiritual bonds.

  • daninicole

    @ Amulet
    I agree with you about a lot of what you are saying. But just because you don't know about it, doesn't mean it isn't happening. They may be spending their money to help people out, but is the media and bloggers gonna report that? No, they are gonna report how much the ring costs. They should spend their money to help others, but damn, can they enjoy the fruits of their labor?
    I agree that they should help others but I am more on the fact that it is their money and they should spend it how they please. You said and I quote,
    "But it’s people like me who would flip that ring, that went to make white people richer, and buy a corporation, help a crime-filled community dying from Jay-Z’s and other rappers’ words that feed destruction into simple minds, and restore our pride".
    But is not you, it is them and they can do what they want with it.

  • HunE916

    Peachiz Says:
    @ Hun girl you’re brave,I wanted to say that about the maicuure but i wasn’t brave enough,in fear of beyonce super fans.

    Peachiz...I fear no one!


  • heartbreaker

    Amulet Says:

    When you are broke and hungry, think about that 5 million dollar ring. When you go to work every day, think about that 5 million dollar ring. While you work for white people every day, think about that 5 million dollar ring.


    Try reading it like this...- When JAY is broke and hungry, think about that 5 million dollar ring. When JAY goes to work every day (cause that is what he just so happens that he loves his job, because he worked hard to get himself there), think about that 5 million dollar ring. While JAY works for white people every day, think about that 5 million dollar ring.....oops we can't add Jay to that line because he already out smarted the white man! If we focused hard enough on ourselves, we could do it too!! It's time we do it, so then maybe we can understand how he could drop 5 million of his hard earned money on whatever he chooses too :-) Point being... that 5 mill on effects him and his wife! And no, I'm not a die hard Bey fan...I just get it!!

  • aprilshowers

    OMG... this shyt is getting real serious... wow. :-|

  • HunE916

    Uh, I’m reading some of these comments and I’m curious to know...
    How do you come on a GOSSIP blog site and comment on the comments saying peoples opinions don’t matter and what theses celebrities do doesn’t affect us?

    Isn’t that sort of oxymoronic? For real. And don’t get mad! I’m just saying! That sh!t is like going to the club and getting mad because folks are dancing!

  • kitty4shigady

    Loves the ring and come on people yall talking about what that 5 million can buy and how many people it coule feed. YOU'RE RIGHT if yall were talking about people whi work a 9-5 not the carters who are loaded. I mean yall acting like the carters don't give back. They are both loaded and for them 5 million is nothing I say go jay and bey do yall's thang.

  • fabeaulosity

    Her nails are always uneven and tacky. I like Bey, but to me she seems a little fake and phony and craves attention. That's just my opinion!

  • purepisces

    Umm..I can only speak for myself, but if offered a gumball like that, I would turn it down. That's just me.

  • heartbreaker

    @ HunE916; only a child would get mad if they didn't understand that you obviously didn't get the point :-)

  • HunE916


    You ARE supposed to buy a ring that's, what, 3xs your monthly salary? $5 mil is about right!

    P.S.- I'm a mild JAY-Z Stan! So I'm ALWAYS going to hate on B, cause the b*tch took my man! ;)

  • Amulet

    @HunE916, True dat!
    @heartbreaker: ...if we focused hard enough on ourselves.

    I agree with us focusing on ourselves. Cause if we focused hard enough on ourselves they wouldn't have what they have. Neither one of them graduated from high school in actuality. However, we may be wrong to think that they live in the reality that we live in, although they try to act like it everyday.

    If they want to act like they live in our world, then we will address them as such.

    They so call represent the "hood" but don't do crap for it. Beyonce's dad took her on a tour through the "hood" to show how niggers live everyday when she was younger. They have people like you who love their dirty draws, when in fact they could care less if you died in Katrina somewhere, as long as you bought their CD. As far as Jay Z, he's hurting us, so it's doesn't matter that he works for himself, he's working for them anyway. Get it? As blacks, we loose our focus, like we lost Africa and it's riches, by flaunting shit. We don't play the game right, it's about what's in your head. Get it.

  • Amulet

    @HunE916, Not about wanting Jay Z though.

  • Lucy

    That ring looks as fake as she appears to be.

  • purepisces

    HunE916 Says:

    I’m a mild JAY-Z Stan! So I’m ALWAYS going to hate on B, cause the b*tch took my man!

    LOL!! I think we have the same problem. I loooove me some Jay!! Even without Jay in the picture, I still can't stand Bey. Haven't dug her since day one.

  • starr

    Maybe Its cuz i'm not jewlry person, but i don't want that big azz thing on my hand. The size of the rings doesn't tell me how much he luvs me. It just tells you his bank account, and even thats not accurate half the time. I'll take the 5g ring.....but thats just me.

  • Smokie

    I want a $5 million dollar ring and I'd be a lying fool if I claimed otherwise. To GET a $5million ring means you have NO money worries and can just fork over 5 mil for a ring. That's grand.

    Now, about her nails. Her nails are always like that. Beyonce don't really care about those nails to that extent. But I bet that bank account is straight.

  • Smokie

    I wish everyone who said what they DON'T WANT in a ring -- as if they'd ever get a chance to turn down a $5mil ring -- would suddenly come into some real money. I bet all kinds of kids would be left hungry. All that talk about what you could do with the money would go right out the window. You'd be blinging and flinging money at all the places Oprah and Beyonce shop.

    It's so cute hearing ppl talk about all the stuff they wouldn't do if they had real money... all the wonder organizations they'd support... all the gifts they'd turn down.... YET they can't even give a hard working entertainer a compliment...?

    If you get money you'll turn into a compassionate GIVER....?

    Right. LOL

  • Crys

    RIGHT smokie - LMAO
    buying all kinds of invisible s#it

  • shanie

    @HunE916 Yes maam Jay is sexy from the shoulders down...He got mad swagger. I love his new song Jockin Jay Z and that's just what people are doing.

  • HunE916

    @ shanie

    I was jockin' Jay-Z and thought he was fine before all the dough. But I have "different" taste though! lol

  • ms.bstdressed

    The ring looks fine to me. Let's stop hating ladies! :)

  • daninicole

    OMG!! That's what's up!! That is the same dang thang I was saying. It is sooooo easy to say what you would and would not do when you CAN'T do it. I would love to see the faces of some of these good samaritans if the prize patrol pulled up to their houses with the big checks!! All that charity talk would go out the window and they would be on the way to the dealearships and jewelry stores. Can't give a compliment for free but would spend all of their money! Smokie chile, that was HI-LA-RI-IOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • phineinphilly

    What's the point of having a nice ring if you can't wear it.

  • purepisces

    Stop it Bey stans!! I guess if you never were a "giver" when you were broke or making only regular money, then you won't be when you're ballin either. If anything, there's MORE incentive to give when you're rich...can you say TAX WRITEOFF?! Great way to keep Uncle Sam aka The IRS off your azz. I happen to be one of those few good samaritans, and trust me, I've already planned out what charities I will donate to when I am fortunate enough to have large amounts of money. Guess what...they are the same ones I donate to NOW. Flossy folks, speak for yourselves. Jewelry holds little value for me, I'm just not the flashy type. I'll be one of those millionaires you wouldn't even know was a millionaire. I'd much rather have a fantastic home, prime real estate, businesses, LAND. Now, if the guy was to offer me some of THAT, I sure as hell wouldn't turn it down!! Give me some real estate and an average ring. That's what I'm talkin about!! A big flashy ring just isn't my cup of tea. Daym, what's wrong with that?? Sheesh.

  • Kymystry

    Standing up and clapping for purepisces ^5

  • purepisces


    THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! And for my next trick, I'll need a volunteer from the audience...LOL!!! =D


    Sandra you are hilarious!!


    All I can say Is DAMN. That ring is gorgeous. Is it real or fake, I honestly cannot say but it is beautiful.

  • intensemocha

    Good for her, she deserves it-that is her husband so I don't see what the hoopla is about.

    God bless them and their marriage!

  • lovejoy1

    Everyone act like Bey is the only one rocking a 18 carat ring.. jay already told us he got the hottest chick in the game.. so why not bye his WIFE what ever she likes ..stop the hate..

  • coaretained

    you guys are funny.. I actually think I've seen this ring before... even before they were married.

  • mrsdawn

    I just wanted to add that no cares how much TINYS ring costs she just a baby mama. B is wifey. Jay can buy her whatever he wants. It all good when you bragging on Monica or Tiny but its so wrong when its Jay-B. C'mon. Let it go already. All you who are critizing how they spend their money probably dont do ish for anyone, it aint all about money, visit a shelter, volunteer, do something besides judge.