Some people seem to think talk Fox News antagonist Bill O'Reilly attacked presidential hopeful Barack Obama during their sit down talk last night. But I don't see it that way. The liberal media has so far handled Barack Obama with kid gloves to the point where we don't fully know where Obama stands on the real issues.

Yes, it's smart to be cautious but now we're getting close to the elections and we still don't know who Obama is. O'Reilly simply took the kid gloves off and asked Obama the tough questions.

At least the Senator handled himself very well. I found it interesting that Obama said, "I will not take the military option off the table."

Was that a bone thrown to the conservatives who want the "oil war" to continue?

I know this is late but I just saw it last night. At first I was ready to clown Mr. Knowles for defending his daughter Solange against a Houston DJ who called her the B-word. But after listening to the audio and reading this article, I now have a newfound respect for Mr. Knowles.

What father wouldn't defend his daughter after some idiot DJ refers to her as the B-word live on the radio? I was impressed by the way Mr. Knowles kept a cool head and even injected a little humor into his rant.

I laughed out loud when Mr. Knowles told the jerk DJ that for someone living in Houston, "You are talking a lot of smack, sir.'' He repeated it just for affect, but the DJ didn't realize he had just been threatened by a smooth operator. And later Mathew said to the same DJ, "we will meet."

Lol, how gangsta is that? :)

I'm not sure why this means anything. Of course McCain is going to agree with a fellow Republican on important issues. What is so unusual about that? Bush has been in office for two terms but we still have Roe V. Wade, don't we? And don't forget Bush gave us good ol' Uncle Tom Supreme court judge Clarence Thomas.

Thanks to loyal reader Toiya for the vid link!

Chicago Sun Times gossip columnist Stella Foster is reporting that R&B singer Usher and his fiery wife Tameka Foster have separated. Reportedly Tameka and Usher are expecting their second child in December. I'm going to file this one under publicity stunt because if I know Tameka, the announcement wouldn't go down quite so easily.

First of all, Tameka would enlist her own publicist to put out a damaging but not fully revealing press release to announce the separation. The press release would promise more enticing details to come at a later date. But that later date would never arrive because Usher would go into panic mode and let loose his team of lawyers on Tameka and her messy publicist. I think you get the picture.

But congrats to the happy couple if they are indeed expecting Usher's second seed.

Thanks to loyal reader Tasha for the tip!

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Y'all, that email you guys are sending around claiming Ne-Yo came out to an ESSENCE reporter is a hoax that's been circulating since 2006. Please Google if you need verification. We have enough undercover fags running around the industry without incorrectly labeling Ne-Yo as one. Until someone comes up with proof that he is gay, I say let that man live!

By the way, Ne-Yo has a girlfriend who is very devoted to him. She's one of his back up dancers and she is very nice. If you go to my galleries and look in the Ne-Yo/Compound album you will see them all over each other. Remember, if you don't see it on CNN, it isn't news!

After dealing with the folks at Bellsouth/AT&T all morning, I now have a serious headache. I was told that "unfortunately" my request to expedite an appointment today to set up my DSL was denied by some moron in the engineering department at ATT. This despite the fact that I spoke with the tech who told me he could come out today if they put in the request.

If I didn't know any better I would think this was personal. But no one over at AT&T has time to read my site do they? :?

So thanks to that moron in engineering, I now have to wait until Monday for my DSL hookup. This would be a moot point if Comcast serviced my complex, but they don't until later this month when AT&T loses its contract to service this complex with cable. Hmmm I wonder why AT&T lost the contract?

It couldn't be due to their sterling customer service could it? And AT&T wonders why they are losing business to Comcast which offers home phone service without changing the number you have now.

I just spoke with a friend who was a longtime AT&T customer but she made that switch to Comcast home phone service and she says her monthly phone bill is just $29.99 per month for one year. That just about crushes AT&T's ridiculously high phone bills doesn't it? I won't be sad to see AT&T put out of business by Comcast. In fact I'll be the FIRST to report it when it happens.

Hey all. It's 2:47 AM and I spent most of Wednesday evening learning how to operate my new MacBook Pro. I apologize for leaving you all hanging but I moved over the weekend and Bellsouth did not come out for 5 days (!) to hook up my DSL as promised. I wish I can say how I really feel about Bellsouth but I will hold my tongue since my DSL is still not hooked up yet (it's a long story).

Maybe it's just me, but isn't a customer entitled to at least a phone call to let him/her know when the tech is coming out? Especially if the tech was scheduled to come out on Saturday, then Tuesday, and then Wednesday morning - and no one showed up until late yesterday evening after I finally got tired of waiting and went to the Mac store to purchase the MacBook Pro.

Oh, and I have some choice words for Bellsouth's very rude customer service. And those 20-40 minute wait times are ridiculous! But as I said, I will hold my tongue until the tech comes out and hooks up my DSL in the morning because all of my programs are on the PC.

Thank you to all my loyal readers for your patience and concerns. I really do appreciate you!! I tried to answer all of your emails and those that I couldn't get to I will answer tomorrow. :)

We have a lot to catch up on, such as Halle Berry trying to pass that Caucasian child off as her own (lol). She should be ashamed of herself! But we'll catch up in the morning.