During a robbery attempt, a thug slashes his victim across the face with a razor and tries to flee the scene. But neighborhood residents take the law into their own hands by disarming the crook with an old fashioned azz whooping.

It's about time citizens took the streets back from these thugs.

50 Cent was all smiles as he left the Suffolk County Courthouse yesterday afternoon (9/8). Judge David Freundlich ruled that 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, can see his son on alternating weekends.

Fiddy won the battle with his baby mama, Shaniqua Tompkins, over the rights to visit their son Marquise. But Tompkins was not as pleased with the judge's decision. She told the press; "My son doesn't want every other weekend."

The judge also granted Tompkins an order of protection after Tompkins claimed the rapper tried to kill her and her son when the home they were staying in mysteriously went up in flames.

Because the protection order forbids Jackson from coming near her, Tompkins will drop off their 11 year-old son Marquise every other Friday night at a police precinct in Queens, where Jackson's mom or driver will pick him up.

The feuding exes are due back in court on October 22, 2008. As for 50 Cent, when asked what's his future plans are, he told the press, "I'm gonna go hang out with some ho's, write some music, make some movies, continue to kick it." (Source)

Ciara is a ho now?

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The saddest part of this month's VIBE magazine cover story featuring Ciara isn't the stark photos of Ciara posing in the nude. It's the reason behind the photos: Ciara wanted to prove she wasn't a man.

Ciara's sudden rise to the top of the R&B charts coupled with her lean, athletic build, fueled rampant Internet rumors that she was a male transvestite.

A source close to Ciara told me the vicious rumors made Ciara cry.

"They said I was a man! It doesn't get any worse than that," said Ciara in the October issue of VIBE where she bares it all for the second time in her career - the first time was on the cover of 50 Cent's CD which she claimed was not her.

Senegalese-American Hip Hop singer Akon struck back at reports that he attacked two female fans during a concert in Guyana last month.

Akon's management released a new video shot from a different angle than the one widely circulating the internet that appears to show Akon throwing an elbow at one female fan while shoving another fan off a stage.

A representative from the promoter said, "We are shocked to hear that there is a video clip circulating that suggests Akon treated a fan badly during his August 30th performance in Guyana. There were no incident reports stemming from the event. Despite a late start, the concert was a tremendous success and we hope that Akon will come back soon." (Source)

Michelle Obama danced on Ellen today. She did her thing taking it back to the old school with the Cabbage Patch and the donkey kong. Okay, I'm kidding, but she did put it down better than Barack did when he was on Ellen recently.

I noticed Michelle didn't congratulate Ellen on her wedding. That says a lot.

Atlanta rapper (and friend to Sandrarose.com) Young Jeezy will have the #1 album in the country next week with his third studio album, "Recession".

Jeezy knocked all other competitors out the box with impressive one-day sales of 250k. Jeezy recently put his money where his mouth is by shelling out thousands for back-to-school supplies for Atlanta area kids.

And last week Jeezy registered to vote for the first time, and put on for his city by holding a voter registration drive in Atlanta. According to estimates, there are over 8 million young blacks in the US who are still not registered to vote.

Following her successful debut at the RNC last week, Republican vp candidate Sarah Palin is a hot commodity. The Alaska governor has not one, but two action figures made in her likeness.

The gun-toting, underwear-flashing action doll is expected to be the hottest selling item this Christmas if Palin and McCain win the election in November.

'Sarah Palin The Super Hero' - which features the 44-year-old Alaska governor in her lingerie packing a .45 caliber gun on her hip - retails at $29.95 USD. 'Sarah Palin The Executive', which features the ex-beauty queen in her business suit, is on sale from today (MON) in the US for $27.95 USD.

The 12-inch-tall dolls, from toymaker Herobuilders, follow Barack Obama and John McCain action figures.

I've ordered my Obama and Palin dolls already. I'm sure these dolls will be worth a few stacks later on down the road. Now all I need is the Michelle Obama action figure to complete my collection. :)

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Singer Beyonce is relieved that she no longer has to play cat & mouse games with the paps by hiding her fake diamond ring. The Alarming diva can proudly flash the real thing now that jeweler finally delivered it.

Bey, who married her longtime BFF Jay Z in April, flashed her $5 million dollar stone on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks last week.

As you know, Jay Z already took delivery of his ring which is a smaller stone. But friends say that Beyonce - ever the diva - was not happy with the size and cut of her rock and kept sending it back to the jeweler.

I don't know if that's all true but that's what I'm hearing. Tiny didn't have any complaints when T.I. presented her with a $6 million dollar emerald cut diamond ring recently.

As you know, most of these celebs have duplicate copies made of their stones and the original is kept in a bank safety deposit box. Except for rappers like Yung Berg and Juelz Santana who are notorious for wearing fake sh*t anyway.


Actress Halle Berry found her sperm donor Gabe Autry somewhere and dragged him out to Calvin Klein's 40th Anniversary party in NYC last night. Never has a Hollywood couple looked so uncomfortable to be seen out with each other.

Maybe Gabe's still pissed that Halle tried to pull a fast one on the paps by posing with that Caucasian baby the other day.

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