Every now and then I get emails from readers -- some loyal, some not -- claiming to have slept with this rapper or that football player and asking if I want the story.

I'm always quick to say no because I am not interested in spreading childish nonsense. But if I receive an email that sounds credible, my first question is "do you have pictures or evidence?" 99% of the email senders never respond.

This morning I received an email from a loyal reader who asked me to post a link to a story on Necole Bitchie's blog who wrote about receiving a call from the Myspace chick who posted a fake message on her Myspace page that allegedly came from Tiny.

It doesn't take three brain cells to see that the Myspace chick -- who calls herself Jenesia -- is full of sh*t! Anyone who knows Tiny knows that she does not get down like that -- especially with some trifling stalker on Myspace.

Tiny is not familiar with computers and does not update her Myspace page personally. I would name the chick who does update Tiny's page regularly but I choose not to go there.

I am a little surprised that Necole Bitchie and ATLien, who runs Straightfromthea.com, would even waste their time with an obvious stalker who might even be psychotic.

So I responded to my reader telling her that I refused to entertain this bullsh*t since I know Tiny did not write the message to that crazy chick.

Then I read this message on ATLien's blog that was written by this same chick Jenesia who told both Necole and ATLien that "she is NOT T.I.’s jumpoff and has never even met the couple.."

Here is what Jenelia wrote:

It all started when tip and I hooked up when he and tiny seperated a while back. We had a full blown relationship and he pursued me. I way better than her so I guess you could understand his wanting me. Anyways to make a long story short I became pregnant but ultimately had a miscarriage… Shortly after that we parted ways because the stress of it all was too much. That was my first child that I was pregnant with so I was very depressed for a while. After all that went down he got back with Tiny and that’s when she got pregnant with their daughter that she lost back in March of 2007.

Again, Jenelia told both Necole Bitchie and ATLien that she has never met T.I. or Tiny and yet they went ahead and posted an interview with her as if she is credible or legit in any way.

This type of foolishness is why some urban bloggers don't get the respect that we deserve from the mainstream media. It's always good to get hits to your blog. But I prefer to post subjects that bring quality hits to my site because my readers expect nothing less.




  • bklynchick

    Ohhhh Sandra,

    I though you and Ms. Bitchie were better than that??

    Tiny and TI are together so whatever happened while they were broke is irrevalant. Who is this Jenesia chick?

  • Anna


    I had to read that twice.

    I'm way better than her. I weigh less than her.

  • prynsexxx

    Her jeans look dirty.

  • Made4Success

    Cosign on this horrible spelling/sentence composition today!


    T.I. getting all 'des chicks pregnant and knocked up! He must not have fear of catching cooties, shame in this day and age!


    I can stand it when there are so many grammatical errors in a post, that you have to read it several times in order to understand the writer's message! I had to read this one twice before completely understanding. Darn!


    See, I made an error myself!! I meant to say - I can't stand it when....

  • Made4Success

    ....and what is all 'dat shyt in the background of her picture??? I can tell she has a nice view of a fuggin brick wall outside of her bedroom window.

    Maybe that's why she has all them damn candles in her bedroom *shrugs*

  • LovelyLady

    Aunite give me my damn props.....plus you told me u wasn't gonna post it lol.

    Ok now let me go read

  • carmelita79

    why is it so hard to believe that tiny didnt post something to this girl? the way she stay flashing that engagement ring( for what i dont know because you still arent married and its not like you need to save for a wedding or she's touring.. you get the picture) to the haters like she has something to prove. as for her not being familiar with computers i doubt that too because she had a 12 yr old daughter and you might want to make sure what they are checking out is ok. plus there are pics of her with her kids on a web cam. she knows something she is not stupid.

    men cheat and TI isnt excluded. you can tell he's a cheater

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    I don't know why but Im leaning towards believing this Jesenia chick. Maybe not the whole relatioship bullsh!t but definately her being his jumpoff. T.I. is a man that many women desire and temptation is a b!tch. It's hard for me to beleive that T.I. has been faithful to Tiny, with all them groupies running around. And let's keep it real, Tiny is not attractive. She's still his down a$$ b!ith but that don't mean he hasn't cheated.

    I think regardless of his who tendencies, Tiny won't ever leave him.

    Oh, and what makes Sandra so positive Tiny didn't respond back. It doesn't take a genuis to turn on a computer and log onto myspace.

  • prynsexxx

    I stopped reading after, "It all started......".

  • kwallace577

    this just sounds messy.

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra says: Tiny is not familiar with computers and does not update her Myspace page personally. I would name the chick who does update Tiny’s page regularly but I choose not to go there.

    ~~~are you serious??? sounds like she needs to take computer 101 then. my kid knows how to use a d*mn computer...and i saw her follow up email to this girl...and guess what...tiny not only needs to take a computer class but she needs to go back to school. her statment was grammatically incorrect and she sounded like she stopped going to school in the 5th grade...cause she's d*mn sure not smarter than a 5th grader...!

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    @ Made4Success

    Wasn't there a rumor a year back that he had herpes?

  • LovelyLady

    Aunite post the whole convo...it was kinda boring but that girl was talking mad smack like....

    Dats why Tinys baby girl died cause she's not a role model for women and tiny shot back with if you would've went to biology class you know the man makes the sex of the baby and tip wanted a boy so thats what he got. This ish is crazy Ghetto Soap Opera forreals

  • LovelyLady

    hermosa Says:

    @ Made4Success

    Wasn’t there a rumor a year back that he had herpes?

    I wondered why his lip always looked like he had a cold sore all the damn time

  • Made4Success

    @ hermosa
    Wasn’t there a rumor a year back that he had herpes?

    I'onno boo boo! I just know that I would not touch his pee-pee with a ten foot pole! Ewwwww, just thinking about it!



  • http://www.myspace.com/thegameoncw Bird

    I think this Janesia person is lying about never having met T.I. because she doesn't want her identity revealed. Necole and ATLien thought she knew too much about their personal lives to have never met them. She sounds like she is jealous that T.I. is with Tiny publicly and not her. I also think that Tiny DID write that message. The first response was that the message came from one of her fan pages, but when ole girl came out with the screen shot of the message showing that it did indeed come from Tiny's page it changed to Tiny doesn't maintain her own page. Come on now. Anyway this is their problem. If the ladies are willing to share the man they need to sit down and shut up about it and stop complaining.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    i don't fault necole bitchie or atlien for posting this story. nor do i think necolde did it for websit hits...come on now! necole herself DID get the most reliable source on the phone herself, Tiny. Sandra not even you got Tiny on the phone. And Necole got them both (Tiny and Jenesica or whatever her name is) on the phone.

    Plus Sandra come on you know you post rumors or crap all the time! and i mean all the time! and there r times u have been so sure and surely wrong. LOL! so you can't state what other blogs r doing wrong when you are the queen of such behavior. anyway if this story is false from the J girl it will blow over in time just like when tony parker allegedly was hooking up with the french model. it's now a thing of the past. and this Jenesica girl does sound fishy. she has major holes in her story like you say and is just plain obvious. 1st she never met TIP then she did and they had a "relationship". home girl if she wants to be believed is doing a bad job at it. tip and tiny, again i say let them live as a couple however they choose to accept each other. what works for them aint gotta work for us.

    so back to business. long live Grand Hustle! tips new video, "What's up" where he is joneing shawty lo is HOT! this weekend's birthday bash will be fiya!!

  • Charles

    In all fairness she has the message tiny wrote her form tinys myspace so it definatley came up the screenshots or on necole bitchies website and you should look at them Sandra they are not doctored adn they link directly to Tinys real myspace, so maybe there is so some truth i think this girl probably just spammed tiny and T.Is myspace and than they got back at her(T.i Tiny or someone in their entourage)

  • ladyrazor

    @ carmelita79

    Not all men cheat now lets clear that up....dont classify one men into all.

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    @ miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    I agree with every last thing you said!!!

    Sandra does post alot of ridiculous sh!t. Like Halle Berry bleaching her baby. C'mon now!!!

  • Music999

    Sandra, you ain't in here starting a beef with Necole, are you?
    LOL You always fussing and fighting with some damn body.

  • terika83

    Sandra I thought you and Necole were friends/cool/something?

    Anyway, I hear you Sandra but honestly I'm still rubbed the wrong way about when you said "I Lied" about a post you did. I now believe All bloggers knowingly post some false info.

  • terika83

    P.S. Sandra...the Necole readers are mad at you. lol

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    ummmmm...that chick in the picture got on Mom Jeans with front butt.

  • Lucy

    brwnsugga4you Says:

    sandra says: Tiny is not familiar with computers and does not update her Myspace page personally. I would name the chick who does update Tiny’s page regularly but I choose not to go there.

    ~~~are you serious??? sounds like she needs to take computer 101 then. my kid knows how to use a d*mn computer…and i saw her follow up email to this girl…and guess what…tiny not only needs to take a computer class but she needs to go back to school. her statment was grammatically incorrect and she sounded like she stopped going to school in the 5th grade…cause she’s d*mn sure not smarter than a 5th grader…!
    Brwnsugga you beat me to the punch.You (Tiny) have how many kids and you are soooooo busy running behind a man you can't learn to use a computer. So when Pedophile Joe starts chatting with your kids you will think they have some new friends.

  • katgirl33

    Jenesia, Jenella....

    Who in the hell cares?

  • terika83

    My best friend who lives in GA used to mess with Mac Boney of P$C and knows a few things...T.I. DEF is a cheater...that's all I'ma say.



  • terika83

    P.S.S. Necole had pictures of Jesenia's myspace inbox that showed the message and showed that it came DIRECTLY from Tiny's music page. Now if Tiny didn't write it, then the person that updates her page did so she STILL knows who wrote it.

  • candi21

    So does this mean NecoleB*tchie is off the blogroll if she responds? I like her site, her posts dont seem like fluff for traffic and she is really relatable. Anyway, myspace really is the devil, in between the little girls being myspace stars cussing up a storm and stalkers hating on T.I and Tiny's relationship its just NOT the business....

  • dblaq

    The reason why Urban bloggers don't get respect is because everybody think they blog just like being a rapper, model, producer, baller and so on. Some of the stories are pure fiction just to drive people to their blogs to add $$ to their Adsense account. OThers just post what others do. None of the are really putting quality content out. gossip is cool but when everybody does it its like fruityloop songs on myspace

  • civic0929

    @ Sandra:

    "I prefer to post subjects that bring quality hits to my site because my readers expect nothing less."

    Yeah Right, Sandra. Real QUALITY hits huh.


  • brwnsugga4you

    #29 - exactly. if she was smart she would never ever...ever...ever....write or respond to anything herself. she needs a PR person. besides having time to respond to stories on myspace...why not go back to school and try to better yourself for your children's sake??? TI is getting ready to go to jail...we know your singing career has been over for more than a decade time to move past the ghetto/hood sh*t don't you think??? grow up already!

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    @hermosa....yup. the fact is sandra posts some ish and talks mad trash about many people. the way she hates on bey and jay. wow. it's kinda trashy. you even had some of that story about lisa raye wrong until you spoke to lynn geter. i'm just sayin'...

    @candi21...yes myspace is the deBil...and the devil...wow. that's why i delted mine some time back.

    i like tip and tiny and grand hustle. wishing them well. they've been through enough the past 2 years, self induced or brought on by others. we are all humans that make big and small mistakes. just let them rest.


    any other time you would entertain this B.S. but since it centers around Tiny, you wont go there.. your known for posting information with no credible source, whether you know it or not.. why should this be any diffrent, oh yea, it's about tiny.. whomp whomp....

  • http://www.myspace.com/themdivasinc Mimi Renee

    LOL @ civic0929!!!! Right!

    But I've been reading all this nonsense back and forth and I swear between the 3rd grade writing skills which is causing the severe bad grammar, the accusations....I need a nap cuz my mind is tired of readin this. My opinion is someone is CLEARLY lying. Who, I don't know. There are flaws in this story from the top to the bottom. First, chick is a jump off, then she aint, she just crazy and makes different myspace pages harrassing people, Tiny didn't write it cuz she can't operate a computer, Tiny gets somebody else to update her page, somebody got a phone call, screenshots....WHAT THE HAIL IS GOING ON????? all this goin on via myspace? all because of premature body T.I.? are you serious kids?? Bedtime for everybody right damn now!!!

  • stefany

    Anyway, I hear you Sandra but honestly I’m still rubbed the wrong way about when you said “I Lied” about a post you did. I now believe All bloggers knowingly post some false info.


    They all lie, and pretend to have sources and access to celeberties that they really don't have or claim to have spoken to people in certain stars camp who supposedly gave them the inside scoop..I know a blog that always claiming that they have spies, or the family of such and such talk to them..I know very few blogs who actually post 100% credible stories.

  • DivaMama

    Why does her butt look deformed at the top?

    @ terika, yeah, I saw that they are pissed with Sandra too! Damn, boo, you went and got folks fired up!!

  • LovelyLady


  • Tangela

    LovelyLady...you can't be serious. SR needs to be an adult. NB has done nothing to warrant this behavior. Ya'll hurt my damn head sometimes--Let's be more productive folks.

  • DivaMama

    BLOG WARS!!!!

  • DivaMama

    @ Tangela, I'm sure that she is joking. It's all for fun.:) But I agree, it can get intersting how people take these things so seriously. I'm here to talk to the fam and pass the time away myself...

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown


    RIIIIIIIIIGHHHT!!! People be in here cursing the day you were born. It's not that serious! I'm so with you on that!

  • LovelyLady

    Tangela Says:

    LovelyLady…you can’t be serious. SR needs to be an adult. NB has done nothing to warrant this behavior. Ya’ll hurt my damn head sometimes–Let’s be more productive folks

    What did Sandra say about NB negative

  • LovelyLady

    I'm with you Divine, if he/she is taking this seriously then he/she needs not to go to any blog and def stay off this one

  • LovelyLady

    ^^My Bad I meant DivaMama

  • DivaMama

    just saw my typo.. interesting*

    @ Divine, yeah, gets pretty intense.... but at the end of the day, we go home, jump back on here, and talk like nothing happened! I heart SR readers!

  • Tangela

    DivaMama Says:

    @ Tangela...I’m here to talk to the fam and pass the time away myself…

    You and I, both. I don't comment as much as I used to. I'm a full-time lurker now.

  • prynsexxx

    #46 said:

    I’m here to talk to the fam and pass the time away myself…

    I 2nd that.

    Now what's really going on. Like I said I didn't read all into this Mucking Fess, just like I skipped over reading the Lisa Raye post. From what I'm gathering is that Sandra is calling out Nicole B!Tchie? Is that true? All this over a jump-off with dirty jeans and $100 rent for a bedroom sized efficiency "apartment" whose day job is a tarot card reader in training (hence the candles)?

    Can I get some clarification.

  • http://blog.singersroom.com/celebs/ Seattle Slim

    I am so damned confused at this shit. I mean wtf came first?? Does she or does she not know him? Did he or didn't he hit? I mean wtf????

    Myspace is pure f*ckery and I am about ready to get off that sh*t. If it weren't for my army buddies I woulda been off. My man deleted his page for this very reason. Because some chicks don't get the memo that they are over or taken. They have mad balls on the internet but when you call them to set up an appt. To whoop their ass for lying they act like they have no clue. Okay I am ranting but these two women look a fool and TI would do good to get rid of both of them

  • Mzsuave

    DivaMama Says:

    Why does her butt look deformed at the top?


    Hahahha, I was thinking the same thing, it looks like a ball or something. Ummmm, yea...not quite understanding the concept behind that, lol.

    *Stepping out*

  • kitty4shigady

    I read what she wrote to necole and she did say that she has never even met TI or Tiny so I don't now I am starting to believe that she is full of shit from what I just read on here.

  • DivaMama

    c/o prynsexx:

    "All this over a jump-off with dirty jeans and $100 rent for a bedroom sized efficiency “apartment” whose day job is a tarot card reader in training (hence the candles)?"

    Get the defibrilator.

    @ Mzsuave,

    It looks like she was wearing those butt pads from the last post and just didn't reposition them when she arched her back. Whoever took the pic was wrong for not adjusting the pads for her. But if she really has pancake a$$ like that, I feel for her. Her and her Pantene Pro-V needing hair....

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown

    DivaMama Says:

    Why does her butt look deformed at the top?

    I DONE TOLD CHU...she got on mom jeans with front butt. Like the old school Chic jeans.

    As much as I would like to keep clowning...this picture has obviously been tampered with. Look at how it goes from clear and vivid to blurry at her lower back.

  • Mzsuave

    Divine...I was going to say that, it looks like she tried to blur the top to widen it out...but gave up on doing it correctly...big dummy...lol

  • http://myspace.com/lorettadivine DivineBrown


    Cain't even photoshop right...

  • prynsexxx

    Is she LSLH or just a dirt bunny?











  • http://myspace.com/dannyblaq dblaq

    Who are we talking about again?

  • free

    the headline of this one should be "Tiny is not familiar with computers".

  • Naima

    Urban bloggers get no respect b/c they always post the exact same pics and highlight bags and shoes no one can afford. Not to mention they all post Rihanna and Solange every single day. Are those the 2 biggest black stars out now?

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Umm, maybe it's just me, but if I'm not familiar with computers, then I wouldn't have a MySpace page nor would I let someone write things on my behalf, since I can't figure out how to read/edit/view what they are saying for me.

    And I'm sorry, but TI could be cheating. I mean, if you have a ride for whatever chick at home who has not left you amongst rumored cheating on your end and you have proven that you will stay despite having 50 kids and an eternal engagement ring -what's to stop him?

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I think you should stop beefin with everybody and they mama Sandra...sometime this year would be nice

  • http://www.myspace.com/reddymond_45 The Black Katie Couric

    I can't get over the fact that tiny isn't "familiar with computers"

    How can you not be "familiar" with them. Like no one has properly introduced this chic to a Mac Book or a Dell PC??

    When someone tells her to grab the mouse does she freak out and scream "GET IT GET IT"?

    Like WTF??????

    SMH at a broad who can rock the latest in LV but doesn't know how to right click, copy and paste!!!!!!!

    AND someone help me understand how can Sandra say this chic claims to have never met T.I. but then post a response saying she was carrying his baby??? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she needed some form of contact for that to happen.

  • srv

    Sandra has made Tiny seem like a complete idiot who isn't "familiar with computers and does not update her Myspace page personally". It doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell that Tip does his thizzle....He's a young man in a black mecca. A rich one. Are we forgetting the Fox Sports Grill incident with Hoopz? DUH! I love Tiny, but she's got a sort of hood rat appeal. And if she isn't, then she sure looks like it. I can appreciate everyone's swag, but I am sure she's looked in the mirror, and knows what she's working with. Almost everyone of my friends wants to F Tip and their just fans..can you imagine how many groupies are going to be at this "private" party?

  • missamerica

    I wouldn't say this story is totally bogus, there is some truth to every rumor. Maybe Jenesia is telling someone else's story and passing it off as her own.

    And after hearing all of this, why would anyone want to mess with Tip Harris? How often does this dude visit the clinic? He was probably like this before he had money and fame.

    And I really think Tiny is considered unattractive by some people who are caught up in the glitz and glamour of the industry. If you saw her and Tip going to the supermarket with their kids, you wouldn't even think about it.

    Tiny is average if you ask me. Plus she's light skin with long hair, that's beauty in the hood just based on that alone (I'm not condoning ignorance but its the truth.

    Plus, she's a shorty doo wop and that what niccas like T.I. like. And she has his back and I don't doubt that she schools him on the industry being that yes, she was doing it way before him and she's a older woman. That's why she's a keeper, its not because of the kids. That's been proven by the ones that came before her.

    Don't be confused by the camera time and the stylists, that's all a show. That nicca is straight hood and loves him some Tiny. Don't hate, theres plenty of wannabe rappers in the hood, Tiny just attracted one that evolved into a star over time.