As most of you know, Beyonce Knowles spent the weekend in Miami, Florida where was the guest of honor at a Miami Children’s hospital fundraiser and concert.

I used to work at Miami Children’s hospital back in the day and I still have a friend who work there.

She called me last night to tell me she attended Beyonce’s private concert at the American Airlines Arena. She said she was one of the volunteers backstage helping to make sure Bey had everything she needed.

I was shocked to hear what she said next. She told me that event organizers pleaded with Beyonce not to wear that fake wedding ring she’s been flaunting in our faces lately.

Of course we here at already know that the supposed $5M wedding ring is fake. For one thing, jewelers usually step up to claim their custom work especially when its for a celebrity because it’s good for business.

For instance, we know that Jacob the Jeweler designed Mariah Carey’s ring. But so far not one jeweler has been identified as the designer of Beyonce’s wedding ring.

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In addition, not one credible source has confirmed the price of the ring. I guess we’re just supposed to believe whatever dollar figure is thrown out there? Not to mention that not one woman with even half a brain would wear a 5 MILLION dollar ring while taking a dip in the ocean or a swimming pool!

But tell that to the rabid Bey Stans who believe everything they hear about their idol.

Anyway, my friend said Bey desperately wanted to wear her gaudy wedding ring onstage because she promised her husband Jay Z that she would never remove it.

But event organizers gently impressed upon her how TACKY it would look to wear such a gaudy ring to a fundraiser!! The idea is to RAISE money for the hospital, not to flaunt money in the children’s faces!


My friend said Bey finally relented and removed the ring which she replaced with more costume jewelry.

Remember kids, when it comes to celebrities, believe half of what you hear and none of what you see!

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  • prynsexxx

    Love the dress. I think she shoulda, coulda came up with a better suited shoe.

    Grade: B-

  • Krysi J

    I thought celebs get fake duplicates of their expensive jewelery made to avoid the real sh*t getting jacked? O well, if its fake than what is that suppose to prove…obviously neither one of them are broke…so you’re indicating that they are staging the nuptials maybe?

  • Lala11_7


    Appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety: “In the Ireland of the 1940’s … the stolidity of a long, empty, grave face was thought to be the height of decorum and profundity” (John McGahern).
    decorums The conventions or requirements of polite behavior: the formalities and decorums of a military funeral.
    The appropriateness of an element of an artistic or literary work, such as style or tone, to its particular circumstance or to the composition as a whole.


    You don’t wear expensive a$$ bling to a FUNDRAISER, especially one that is for children, where you are basically the ONLY celeb there!!!

  • DivineBrown

    I am so in love with that dress AND those shoes! And my girl is rockin’ the natural face!


    GET IT BEYONCE!!!!!!

    Beyonce could care less about what people think about her marriage…AND THIS FALLS INTO THAT CATEGORY!

    Silence is golden and that is their way of telling us to GET A LIFE!!!!

  • coaretained

    who confirmed the price of Tiny’s ring???

  • Kymystry

    I too am loving the dress .. the shoes .. ehhhh .. not a fan …


  • ldorisca

    Good one coaretained :). Too funny

  • Naima

    Sandra you are aware that Jacob the Jewler is in jail?
    I doubt that a celeb of Mariahs caliber would continue to do business with him


    DO IT BEY!!!!

  • coaretained


    I was thinking about that as well… he’s been locked up for quite some time, right??

  • Krysi J

    coaretained Says:

    who confirmed the price of Tiny’s ring???

    LMFAO!!!….Okay!? Like really, how much is that worth cause according to her wardrobe it cost $970.00. As long as she has her occaisional louis bag to compensate huh?

  • Krysi J

    *occasional* sorry yall.

  • KaraZ

    Love, love, love! that dress, maybe my halloween costume will be geisha inspired like it.

    Sandra go sit somewhere, your friend (if not imagined) is a damn lie, she wouldn’t be privy to such discussions unless she was an organizer and not a mere volunteer.

  • Bird

    She told me that event organizers pleaded with Beyonce not to wear that fake wedding ring she’s been flaunting in our faces lately.

    That is ridiculous. Why would they ask her not to wear her wedding ring, fake or not? And where did you hear that Beyonce promised Jay that she would never take the ring off? Both of them barely ever wear their wedding rings.

  • coaretained

    Krysi J Says:

    coaretained Says:

    who confirmed the price of Tiny’s ring???

    LMFAO!!!….Okay!? Like really, how much is that worth cause according to her wardrobe it cost $970.00. As long as she has her occaisional louis bag to compensate huh?


    Must be because for real for real… her style?? not the business. And I’ll have to go look at some pictures, but if my memory serves me correctly, the rings are similar.

  • Sharonda

    Who cares news much?

  • ckarinwhite


  • kwallace577

    her shoes look like they came out of the fredrick’s of hollywood catalogue. or from priscillas.

    to add to the comments about the tiny’s ring is anybody claiming to have designed it?

    who cares about beyaki ring. we know if she does have a faux one that they BOTH can afford 15 real ones.

  • kwallace577

    i just looked up jacob arabo (jacob the jeweler) he did not get sentenced until june on fed charges. he musta did mimi ring before he went to the clink.

    but i too coulda SWORN he been locked up for a long time….maybe just in trouble for a long time?

    yall watch it come out this week who did tiny ring and how much it cost!!LOL.

  • candycane

    It wasnt just any piece of jewerly, it was her WEDDING RING! They know who Beyonce is and what she’s worth. If she had on multiple diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets etc I would understand the problem. But they’re complaining because a MARRIED woman wanted to wear her WEDDING RING, WTF ever

  • kitty4shigady

    That ring is not fake

  • babyjam824

    Lorraine Schwartz spoke on the ring (as the jeweler) to People when she wore it at the Fashion Rocks benefit in early Sept. 08. Schwartz often designs the jewelery that Beyonce wears.

  • Candi Apple

    MiMi’s ring was originally designed for Stella Ebanks. Remember Nick Cannon proposed to her on a red carpet. That’s how everyone knows what her ring is worth. MiMi actually got a handmedown of a ring. Its still a nice ring.

    I was watching life styles of rich and famous couples on E!. Beyonce’s ring was designed by a extremely up scale jeweler. Jacob is the ghetto man jeweler- his gold is usually no higher than 10 Karats. He can fool all these wanna be big time playa’s into thinking his jewelry is top notch when in actuality it’s the lowest on the scale. His jewelry is gaudy at best to make the public believe rappers have money to burn. When in fact they are living worse than people who have 9-5 jobs.

  • Krysi J

    Naw, ain nobody claimed that sh*t, cause Tiny just plain make sh*t look bad!! Even if it is worth 5 million, any jeweler with common since knows not to put their brand on it if a client makes their work look worthless. I wouldn’t even tell anybody they brought that sh*t from me, as a matter of fact I would have referred dem MF to someone else!

  • HunE916

    [rubbing her crystal ball]

    “I predict by the end of the day, there will be a Celeb Style post of Rihanna at the airport.”

  • coaretained

    Hune you are funny!

    And Krsyi

    CHUUCH! Preach on sista!

  • coaretained

    Hold up now.. I just thought Krysi… she can’t make them LV bags look bad… they always look right…

  • ReadTheBlog

    Bey looks like she’s trying too hard…

  • Krysi J


    chile a homeless woman on the street couldn’t make a Louis bag look bad, if anything you wonder where the hell she got it from? And you wonder the same thang about Tiny, “damn…how the hell Tiny get her hands on some exclusive sh*t, she don’t even know how to wear it?!!!” I guess the women in charge of the wait list is giving Tip the business…if you know what i mean.

  • theatrkakal

    i guess a jeweler wouldnt come forward and claim the ring they made for beyonce’s wedding ring when beyonce and jayz have yet to confirm nor deny any nuptials.

  • iscream

    @ # 30 I was thinking the same thing. If the marriage hasn’t been “confirmed” by either of them why would somebody say they designed her ring. Isn’t that putting the carriage before the horse.

  • kdillon

    In my opinion…….The red dress is not for this event, red is usually sultry, sexy, and dominating so for a children’s event I am not sure the red dress and hooker shoes should have been worn…..something lighter in color or fabric would have been better.
    The ring is not cute, If this is Lorrain Swartz it would have been more detailed and refined, not so gaudy looking. The ring looks like no thought was put into it except the price tag. This ring is borning just like the couple.

    (Please do not come at me with hater comments, I dont praise people just because they’re black or beyonce. I give my personal opinion.)

  • mimi08

    Beyonce is a tacky country mess period, and she needs someone around the clock, excluding her mama, to dress her. Anytime you’ve seen her look cute, trust, someone else put that look together, and i think she had absolutely no input, cause she has no personality and no thoughts of her own.

    Her dress looks stupid and overboard as usual, her hair looks under done, and she got skripper shoes on = tacky azz.

    She obviously believe that more is better, so she put the most weave on, tries to sing the loudest, tries to dance the fastest, puts on too many accessories, got the biggest tackiest gaudiest ring (i’m not surprised by that ring, the people with the lowest self esteem always pull that type of stuff), everything is just overboard with her.

  • mimi08

    And goodness, she looks older than sanaa lathan, gabby union. I really don’t believe she’s in her 20’s. Her face looks too old for a black woman in her 20’s, it’s just hard to believe. Most black women don’t age that rapidly. Her eyes are showing age. I know women in their 30’s, black women, who don’t look a day over 25!

    I believe she is actually in her 20’s, but she’s aging rapidly because of her no sleep lifestyle or something. It still boggles the mind, cause she got access to the highest quality products, of which she’s probably using, but you can stil see the aging.

  • licia

    i can honestly say i am a beyawnce basher, but dang even i need to take a day off and just let the woman be. why is this news?

  • srv

    Beyonce deals almost exclusively with Lorrain Schwartz.

  • MissR2008

    Her ring is Lorraine Schwartz…it was confirmed a few weeks back…

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa


    It’s only guady because you don’t have it.