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I have no words for this.

One of our readers submitted this video. If some of you didn't know. This is the same kid who threatened to kill president Bush a few months back. Well, apparently he's still around up to no good. Now he's sending threats to the famous animated cartoonists on YouTube called "Broken Equipment Products" (BEP, the famous cartoon animators who diss celebrities). He wants them to stop making fun of rappers. (Source)

  • 2bme

    sigh...if you can't raise kids, please stop having them...I just wasted precious minutes of my life watching this when i could have been taking a shyt..



  • LovelyLady

    Good Morn SR Fam

    I just wanted to stop thru and say I miss yall. Masta monitoring internet usage now so I can't stay long. I still check in thru my sidekick though.

    Gotta go for I be in the umemployment line.

  • 2bme

    Pagesinadiary how many times do I have to tell y'all I got Indian in my family! I refuse to be negra today! Maybe tomorrow as long as I don't see any stupid ish..aww hell let me just turn in my negroe card altogether

  • Amulet


    If only he knew his class work as much as he knows nonsense, we would be progressing as people.

  • ckarinwhite

    I am glad that all I see is the white box!...



  • DivineBrown ain't never lied!

    This is why you watch over your kids and beat them when they step out of line!

    My siblings have the best kids in the world. As impatient as I am with kids, I never have to do anything to them.

    I'm always ready to whup some bad kids.

  • Kymystry

    I'm with ckarin .. white box ... ahhhhh yesss

    my son TOLD his track coach his mom wasn't one play with ... lol .. I took that as a compliment ... :-)

  • Brookiebaby0506

    broken equipment...............more like broken record.

  • Anna

    9Kymystry Says:

    my son TOLD his track coach his mom wasn’t one play with … lol .. I took that as a compliment.
    That is a compliment.

    Is this Diddy's kid that we have not met yet. They sure love to video themselves saying stupid stuff.

  • trina@atl

    He can barely talk and is cursing. I am so sick of adults filming these kids and putting this mess on the internet. Will they please make a law about this, b/c this has to be a form of child abuse.

  • Amulet

    Kids are not innocent anymore. Some of them have some EVIL little souls. But shame of adults who teach them this.

  • sali

    I want to reach through the monitor and throw soap in his mouth and then throw him in the tub because he looks like he hasn't washed in awhile. I know we shouldn't be slamming the kid because it's is his momma's fault but if he wants to act like an adult then that is how we should treat him.

  • makvay

    It's a shame how we blame hip hop and not the sperm and egg donors. I had the fear of God in me when I was young because I KNEW my parents would kill me if I acted up.

  • shannon04

    please somebody..give his little A** something to do. he needs to be signed up for speech classes.

  • coaretained


    I agree... I mean kids now days are smart.. but dayum.... they aren't filming themselves and putting it on the web alone. I'm ready to go home and kick my kids azz just because.

    *sigh* Glad I can only see the whitebox too.


    What the hell is this? He needs to get his vocabulary and annunciation together before trying to threaten someone on tape.

  • Sharonda

    *paging mom and dad*

    I don't know these folks!!!!!

  • Candi Apple

    Wow! he can't even form a sentence but he is on tape telling them he is going to make them suffer. Sad.. Sad.. Sad..

  • candycane

    I couldnt watch the entire thing, he has a cute lispy voice, but what the hell is he talking about. The voice wasnt so cut after 1 minute and i still couldnt figure out what the hell he's trying to say.

  • Jazmyne

    BEP is my peoples they are cool and can do whatever they please...
    As for this lil boy he needs hooked on phonics and a speech class.
    Where the hell are these kids parents when they are doing non-sense like this? thats what i want to know.
    plus he is too young for a camera.

  • free

    VAALLDAY Says "What the hell is this? He needs to get his vocabulary and annunciation together before trying to threaten someone on tape."

    i swear! that was my only thought as i was listening.

  • Tiffochris11

    OMG!! IM SCARED!!! NOV. 9th! LMAO