According to various gun shops around the country, sales of assault rifles have literally shot through the roof since the Nov. 4 presidential election.

The recent run on assault rifles and semi-automatic pistols would mean big profits if only shop owners had the supply to meet the high demand.

"I could sell a hundred ARs an hour, if I had them," said one gun owner who is patiently awaiting a delivery of AR15 carbines, AK-47s and high capacity magazines.

Assault rifles are the weapons of choice for hired killers, terrorists, the KKK, rappers and other like-minded individuals.

Gun shop owners deny the weapons are being stockpiled by racists and rednecks to kill hundreds of blacks, as some wild Internet rumors allege.

The shop owners say gun enthusiasts simply fear stricter gun laws under the new Obama-led administration. Obama is expected to impose the most divisive, anti-gun laws of any president in recent history.

The Clinton administration outlawed assault rifles in 1994, but was lax on enforcing the laws. The law expired in 2004 under the Bush administration.


  • Peachizz

    I was watching a story about this on FOX News or MSNBC, I can't remember.

  • prynsexxx

    Aren't those TI's guns?

    You ain't slick, Sandra..........

  • 2bme

    hehe...that ain't the ONLy reason they are purchasing guns..

  • Peachizz

    this Picture does look familar..

  • mizzdallas

    singin *** I got dem kinda guns like T.I ***

  • iyonah

    GUNS are DANGEROUS when in the wrong HANDS ... I hope for stricter laws too. I am so tired of seeing people die senselessly because of being able to get there hands on weapons.

  • iyonah

    And @ 2beme your def right, the inaguartion ... so NERVOUS about it.

  • Hermosa

    Rappers. . .Like T.I.!!!

    Good Mornining everyone.


    They can go and get all the guns they want, cause the people i know, we've been holding guns since our teens...

  • kwallace577

    i am scared of alot of shyt...but this ain't one. got my OWN guns (legally. in a secure place sep. from my living quarters since i gots chiren) so somebody MIGHT need to be afraid of ME. my country azz is a sure shot too. oukast said it best....

    "don't pull that thang out unless you plan to bang....don't even bang unless you plan to hit some-thing..."

  • Kymystry

    SMH .. .. goin back to work ...

  • melinla

    LMAO @ rappers/with guns - most are bark with no bite...

  • Sharonda

    This has something to do with Barack

  • carmelita79

    why do you need to have an array of assult riffles when all it takes is one little ass gun to protect your property?

    i hope he supports stricter guns laws and punishment for those who shoot people because it is wrong to just start shooting people because they mad you mad



  • goat76

    Sales are up in Montgomery.........I went to the GunShow this weekend and the Crackers were talking about buying guns before Barack get into office as if Obama was gonna put a Ban on Guns.......I told my brother " Thats the type Ignant Sh1t that piss me off"

  • Liberty

    Banning guns will not solve the problem. If people want to do harm, they will find a way to do it.

    Let's get to the root of the problem.

  • candycane

    those look like T.I.'s guns???

  • Asouthernpeach

    Listen up: White folks are preparing for a RACE WAR, actually they are call for it. You better take heed. White folks are buying guns in record numbers, while the authorities are having gun drives in black communities, giving away free sneakers and sporting event tickets for black people who turn in their guns. Y'all need to start seeing with your third eye and hearing with your third ear. Read the real news, not sorry azz blogs!!! G. Gordon Liddy has place an on air radio call for whites to buy guns and not registered them legally!!!!! Why would someone not register a gun????? Hmmmmmm.... WTFU people!!! Don't believe me listen to conservative talk shows like (S. Hannity, G.G.Liddy, R. Limbaugh) they ain't hiding shyt.