Denver Nuggets stars Carmelo Anthony and Kenyon Martin partied without their women at the Velvet Room in Tucker Sunday night before losing to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night 109-91.

The win gave the Hawks an eight-game homestand, its longest of the season, with only one loss to Boston.

Its also the first time since the 1987-88 season that the Hawks won 20-games before the New Year.

Still, Carmelo and Kenyon partied like it was 2009 on Sunday night. Well-dressed females hovered nearby hoping for that subtle eye contact that might signal something more after the party. But Carmelo and Kenyon weren't having it!

Security kept the single women at a comfortable distance, and the guys were on their best behavior -- at least inside the club.

Photos by ATL PICS

Carmelo and club promoter Alex Gidewon

Photos by ATL PICS

  • CaramelDrop

    Mello looking a little chunky ...get then LaLa she must be doing something right

  • shunda

    Manny know he is wrong for that hat. To me there is nothing remotely attractive about Kenyon or Carmelo.

  • BayArea

    Must be the money, thick a$$ sweat suit in the club (gray at that)!?!?! I don't care what brand it looks tacky!


    I don't care. Hell, Carmelo need to donate me that damn watch so that I can pay my mortgage off!!

  • Kymystry

    Lord ... thank you for wisdom and allowing me to live past 40 ...

    these breed of "men" who come to clubs lookin all homeless like they just don't take pride in their appearance is all I had to choose from ... i'd slit my wrists with a plastic spork.

  • eastpointvet

    at least kenyon martin is dressed for the club, melo didnt even meet the dress code for velvet but i guess when u the main attraction alex let you get away with that

  • shunda

    lmao. They don't all come that way. I met my friend in a blazer button down, and some hard bottoms (as my daddy would say) and he is 28 like me :)

  • coaretained

    lmdao @ kym
    Think about it, the unshaven look is coming into style (huh?) you don't have to comb your hair (wha???) and your clothes can look like you washed then(maybe... maybe not) and stuffed them in a plastic bag and then threw them on. AS long as you can make it rain, buy me a drink or whateva else shullbit they rap/sing/talk about, most bytches don't care.

  • shunda

    hell Alex didn't meet a dress code himself.

  • DivineBrown

    Melo's skin is so nice!!!

    Damn it!!!! Next time I'm in town I'm going to this club.

  • h0tsauce

    ChIcKeNHeAdZ.. was Probably Flockin near the ball players like Voulters to Dead Meat!!! Carmelo is not FINE..but something about him is kind of sexy.

  • Kymystry

    @ Coar .. i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place .. cause I can't STAND men my age or older ... they do absolutely NOTHING for me ... old .. set in their ways .. shoe boots wearing negroes ... lol

  • eastpointvet

    alex never meets the dress code but he owns the club he can get away with that lol

  • stylerazzi

    Carmelo partied hard. Didn't leave until the lights came on. Kenyon left a little before then. Got a chance to see that big, dumb @ss tattoo on his neck. Only reason I knew it was him because he looked extra regular walking through the partially empty dance floor when he was leaving out. Fun times, though

  • shunda

    That is an excuse lol.

  • coaretained

    what is the dress code? might slide thru there...

  • missmiami

    They are both soooooooooooooooooooo NOT CUTE!!!!!!!!

  • shunda

    I just noticed Carmelo had on his baby's hat.

  • melinla

    His baby's hat - that's funny shunda :)

  • prynsexxx

    Did yall hear that Mychael Bell aka Jena 6, shot himself in the chest?

    Dumb fukka'.

  • prynsexxx


    Hadn't read down that far. LOL

  • Krysi J

    HeeeEEEEyy Carmello is fine with the new hair cut! He'd be sexy as hell if he would thin out that mustache, just a lil bit. Let me stop, He SEXY anyway, Damn! I love it. Sandra could you do a morning wood on Carmello with his new hair cut, only with pictures of him with his SHIRT on please, cause that chest never did get right.

  • shunda

    Krysi it is ok the whole fam will chip in and buy you some glasses. Hell you can borrow mine lol. Just playing with ya girl!

  • eastpointvet

    the dress code is basically the opposite of what melo has on

  • coaretained


    lol- ok thanks

  • Krysi J

    Shunda said:

    "the whole fam will chip in and buy you some glasses."


    I might need some mello looked even sexiER when I scanned the picks the second time LOL...minus the baby hat, and the thick mustache middle, thin on the sides...??

  • MissGauzzz

    cause I can’t STAND men my age or older … they do absolutely NOTHING for me … old .. set in their ways .. shoe boots wearing negroes
    LMAO!!! you ain't neva lied! i'm over 40 too and happy i'm married cause if i had to date out here now, i'd be short! my husband is a little younger than me, not much but he ain't no shoe boot wearin' nicca!!! LOL LOL...girl u sick!

  • ELove

    MOST NBA-Ballers are so goofy it ain't even funny
    And Ms. Sandra...
    I KNOW that LFFD pics aren't the BEST that was there !!! LOL :-)

  • Sandra Rose

    stylerazzi Says:

    Carmelo partied hard. Didn’t leave until the lights came on. Kenyon left a little before then.


    Stylerazzi, I'ma need to you go UPDATE your blog please. Just like you tell me to do. :)

  • Sandra Rose

    ELove Says:

    I KNOW that LFFD pics aren’t the BEST that was there !!! LOL


    Your standards are way too high. :)

  • Shauny

    I must be in the minority because I also find Melo sexy. His body isn't banging like LeBron or D Wade's but I love his skin and smile so he's a cutie to me.

    I'm thinking he didn't know he was going to hit the club and Kenyon was this is Atlanta, let's do this (taking up for Melo's sweat suit.

  • Daisy

    I have no desire to go to the Velvet room and I live right here in the A. The old velvet room was nice but small. The A has fallen way off when it comes to spots for the 30 and older crowd.



  • Daisy

    @Black is that on the southside/old national? If so thats to old for me. I had a gfriend who went she said that crowd is to old for us (32)

  • miamore73

    Does anyone know what happened to Kenyons wife after Trina. They have three kids but you ain't seen hide nor hair of her (not that you really did when they were married). Maybe she gotta grip to shut up and disappear.

  • teecee

    was this a kids club because a place where u can wear jeans and sweat suits are probable for fights and gun shots. lol

  • dj_dceezy

    DAWG KENYON MARTIN looks like a grown up Yung Berg...