Loyal reader and member Hermosa wrote:

Hey Sandra-

Happy Holidays! I'm writing to you because I know you have old school Fridays and I wanted to put in my request! I want to request "Kissing You" by Total! I completely forgot about this song until I heard it on the radio not long ago! I LOVED Total. This song brings me back to my younger teenage years when the love I gave was pure and innocent.

Diddy needs to reunite this group and forget about all these manufactured garbage he's been putting out.


  • Kymystry

    This was my JAM !!!! thanks Auntie & Hermosa !!

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    Ohhhh this was my ISH - this and "Do you think about us?"

    Can we have a where are they now update on Total Sandra?????

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah

    Ohhhh and tahnks Hermosa. Music has really changed.

  • http://myspace.com/erikamagaly Hermosa

    Thanks for posting it Sandra!

    I love this song! It makes my heart skip a beat. I want an update on Total too! They need to reunite and have another cd and something.

    I do remember "What about Us". Do you guys remember "Can't You See"?

    *getting my IPOD singing. . .can't you see what you do to me, our love was meant to be, you were made for me!. . .

    LOVE IT!

  • teecee

    i think i had this tape. lol

  • KAT

    i used to love this song! i used to like "kissing you" too. this is what i pulled up about them from wiki...

    Most recently, it is rumoured that Kima has rejoined the group and an additional fourth member has been added and that Total are now at work on a new album[citation needed].

    Keisha Spivey married actor Omar Epps in 2006 and is living in California. They have daughter K'marie(July 2004) and son Amir(Dec 2007)together; as well as Omar's daughter Aiyanna Yasmine(00) with ex wife Yusra Salama [1].
    Pamela Long still lives in New Jersey. She is a faithful member at Agape Family Worship Center located in Rahway, NJ[citation needed].
    A track by Kima featuring her sister, rapper Vita, called "What U Want", also recently leaked. As of 2008, Total have no desire or interest in pursuing to reband.

  • http://myspace.com/iyonah iyonah


    Thanks KAT for the update!

    Alright fam .. I am out for the day, yall be safe and have a good weekend!


    Happy Weekend!

  • iscream

    Total was the shyt... their 2nd album was da bomb!

    & a fact of the day: Vita that was down with Ja Rule and Irv is the sister to Kima.

  • Kymystry

    I'm Out ... *Poof* ...

  • kwallace577

    happy day after. total was part of the bad boy revolution that i always harp about. i am stuck in the late 1990's music wise. LOVED total. those were my GIRLS.

    see yall later.

  • keely107

    Snapped then Hermosa! I have this on my myspace playlist!

  • Daisy

    I use to love me some Total. See not everybody has to know how to sing to make a HIT!! I liked the remix to kissing you with Mase.

  • terika83

    I used to LOVE this song and video...awww...lol I used to play like I was Kima. LOL.

  • terika83

    Vita is Kima's sister? Vita from Murder Inc??? Wow never knew that...

  • http://findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    OMG this group was my peeps!
    LOVED this song...i had a dude make a song cd for me and this is one of those "must haves" i have on my joint!