Video: Frankie Turns Down Non-Thug in the KC Finale

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Sorry y’all, I didn’t watch the KC finale last night (I’m allergic to ghetto) so I can’t give you the low down, although I seriously doubt that Frankie has a five-year-old. These damn reality show producers will do anything for ratings.

Anyways, grabbed this clip from the show. I know it isn’t much but that’s all they got. DW used to record entire episodes. I wish they would get back to doing that.


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  1. 1
    kwallace577 says:

    “in my flava fav voice….”


  2. 2
    licia says:

    i was thrown off by frankie not liking. he seemed like a nice dude.

  3. 3
    MRSJONESK says:

    I watched all 6 episodes last night. Frankie was not feeling this dude any wayz. Like someone said on another post from yesterday…”how do you go from being an engineer to barber?”
    One of the episodes showed Frankie shopping for furniture. I can’t remember the name of the store but I’d sure like to visit it. The prices were pretty good! I don’t think Frankie really liked the condo that KeyCole purchased for her. Her facial expressions showed it all. By the way, where in the hell did Frankie get money to purchase $13,000 worth of furniture?

  4. 4
    Sandra Rose says:


    By the way, where in the hell did Frankie get money to purchase $13,000 worth of furniture?


    She didn’t. The furniture stayed in the store. You guys get so carried away with these scripted reality shows. Didn’t you learn anything from the ATL Housewives fiasco?

  5. 5
    MRSJONESK says:

    LOL @ Sandra,
    You are so right!! We do get caught up in these darn shows! I guess that means the condo was scripted too huh? I can’t wait for the next Housewives of ATL. I’d love to see how Frank Ski wife conduct herself. I hear she’s a pretty nice woman.

  6. 6
    yvonne79 says:

    <—–do NOT watch this show!…don’t know what it is..just can’t bring myself to sit down and watch it.

  7. 7
    shunda says:

    That was me who said the engineer comment lol. I swear I think that dude just wanted to be on tv.

  8. 8
    shunda says:

    Auntie it might be scripted but it sure is hillarious.

  9. 9
    shunda says:

    Auntie it might be scripted but it sure is hillarious.

    If she does have a 5 yr old which she said was Neffe’s brother why would she go back to Neffe daddy after all those years and kids

  10. 10
    MRSJONESK says:

    @ Shunda,
    I agree with you. He looked like the producers stood outside the restaurant and offered him the opportunity to come inside and play the part of Frankie’s man..I mean “date”. Frankie said that she doesn’t have a man!

  11. 11
    Imalover says:

    Sandra, the entire episode is on BET’s website. Neffie getting a marriage proposal is a bigger story in my opinion. This dude is a beast for taking on Neffie’s unstable mood swings, 5 or six kids, and Frankie as a future mother-in-law. I was scratching my head wondering what dude’s motive was then my answer was given when he grabbed the mic at club Asia and started rapping. Hopefully I’m wrong, but it seems like he’s using her to further his career.

  12. 12
    kwallace577 says:

    i used to say the SAME thing yvonne. but dang it… like i said it is addictive. i hate watching others make a plum fool of themselves as MY form of entertainment.

    i did not get on the show until they had a marathon one weekend mid way through season two. then it was a WRAP. i been on it erry since.

  13. 13
    MRSJONESK says:

    Now that I reflect back on the show…when the tattoo artist pulled the stensil from Neffe’s arm I realized that was all he did. She faked like it hurt for a spell and then Soullow was in the chair getting a tattoo. Damn these reality shows can get the best of you if you allow!!

  14. 14
    BLACKBARBIE404 says:



  15. 15
    shunda says:

    I know we should not laugh at others expense but if you put yourself out there it should be ok right? Anyone know where that condo is located? We call those apartments up here. Believe me I do not think Frankie should complain at all. She did have me rolling about the ghetto mattress

  16. 16
    alexander says:

    that pina co-lada dude was sipping must’ve been real good. i like the show and frankie. the bitch ain’t got a lick of sense but she funny as hell.

  17. 17
    bklynchick says:

    I make sure I watch this show every tuesday. I thought the finale was great set up for the next season. I think Frankie will find. Aman that will be jsut right for her but I don’t think that will be no time soon. Neffie and SolGlow oops I meant Soullow whatever his name is he just popped out the blue on us but I am happy that she has found someone that accept her and her kids. I just wish Neffie would calm down on the cursing and act a little more lady like.

    Ohhhh!!! And
    Frankie has a five year old…..

    MAN DOWN!!!

  18. 18
    MRSJONESK says:

    I was thinking…what the hell is wrong with this girl tattooing this dude name on her arm? At first she was going to place it on her inner thigh..glad she second guest that one!

  19. 19
    alexander says:

    if you buy (not rent) an apartment down here…its a condo.

  20. 20
    alexander says:

    i can’t hardly get over how he was sipping on that pina colada while they was trying to talk to him…lol!

  21. 21
    Daisy says:

    The show is my guilty pleasure. Fake, real, scripted I could care less.

  22. 22
    licia says:

    i agree with shunda. if you put yourself out there like this then you deserve to be laughed at .

  23. 23
    Mississippi16 says:

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that Neffie said that all of Frankie’s boyfriends be 19 and 20. The last one was 19 years old!!!

    The tat w/ Sollow name was real. After they showed the final tat, you could see where her skin was raised in some areas like fresh tats are.

    I’m not sure that Frankie was unappreciative of the condo. I don’t think she knows how to accept good things in her life… like it makes her unconfortable. It’s like meager and hood shyt is her comfort zone and anything else is out of her element.

  24. 24
    shunda says:

    Thanks Alexander. I was just a litttle confused because what we call a condo has its own front and back door like Kim’s house on real housewives of ATL

  25. 25
    shunda says:

    I think Frankie was afraid of living alone.

  26. 26
    yvonne79 says:

    I may have to check it out. See what all the hoopla is about

  27. 27
    MRSJONESK says:

    I also wish that Neffe wouldn’t cuss so bad in front of her kids. The “F” and “MF” words are a bit much.

  28. 28
    Daisy says:

    @Shunda I agree about Frankie being scared.

  29. 29
    bklynchick says:

    If u like Pina Colada….
    Frankis friend knew he was lying an Engineer/Barber.

    He should of told the truth and told them he was a BARGINEER:)

  30. 30
    Charles says:


    IM allergic to ghetto, me too, yet odly you stay on TINy monica rock TI etc.

  31. 31
    MRSJONESK says:

    Porcha Foxx was also on one of the episodes last night. They never showed her face. She was hidden by her microphone and when the interview with Keyshia was over the camera only showed Porcha’s face from her nose down. Why is that Sandra? All the other DJ’s Keyshia interviewed with was shown entirely.

  32. 32
    Krysi J says:

    I missed it, but I did catch this part.

  33. 33
    BayArea says:

    Frankie…If she bring one more of her so called men home/around the family, BET will need to give her own Frankie of Love show! That will be hilarious. But I can here KC now: ABSOLUTELY NOT!


  34. 34
    Daisy says:

    @Bay K co will say that if she doesn’t say anything

  35. 35
    shunda says:

    I was laughing when Kcole said the baby says absolutely not

  36. 36
    h0tsauce says:

    This show is good. I mainly watch it becuz I like K.C. her family on the other hand (not including her foster mom, although she be kind of wrong with some of those wigs) is GHETTO!! Frankie and that nigga Zo make me throw up in my mouth. Frankie is trying to get back years and she just has to realize that if you don’t accept your faults and move on from will be chasing years for the rest of your life.

    I get sick of Frankie saying she has to “”Forgive” other people. One thing God gave most of us is Commen Sense, and if she know WRONG then she knows RIGHT. She needs to FORGIVE HERSELF..and pray that God will not bring NEGATIVE people her way. and when the devil happens to slide thru the crack..she needs to ask that God gives her Strength to not allow them to get to her in any way from acheiveing her goals. I believe Frankie needs to talke with Bishop Long with the camera’s off and they need to rebuke the evil spirits that live in Frankie, because the men she has around, her whole not completely healed. SHe may have that nerdy therapist fooled..but Frankie is not close to healed and she needs to get it together. she’s straddling the fence from falling off again (IMO) she involves herself in surroundings that she should restrain from. My uncle is an ex drug addict and one thing in recovering is not allowing yourself to be in any atmosphere that involves drugs, Alcohol. This is Frankies Life! She needs to get it together or next season will be about K.C. chasing her through the streets of ATL…
    oops I didn’t mean to type all of this.

  37. 37
    yvonne79 says:

    #36…nice words of wisdom!

  38. 38
    KaraZ says:

    Manny has a wife? I always thought (and still do) that he was gay. *shrugs* She’s pretty though and so is Neffie.

  39. 39
    KAT says:

    ya’ll need to watch bad girls club if you want to see some fights and drama!

  40. 40
    MIZZ.I_REP_ATL says:

    I am sooooo late, but I watch the entire episode. Forget Frankie dumping a non-thug, Neffie got engaged in a club! Hot Mess! But Sweet. I am so happy for her and I wish them the best. Literally, cuz I did not see that coming.

  41. 41
    Daisy says:

    I watch the bad girls club.

  42. 42
    iscream says:

    @ Kat I watch BadGirlsClub & that lil skinny big mouth hooker on there has so many issues I don’t know how she was cast on the show. Can’t wait for Tiffany to lose it. & I love the spunk of the lil white girls on the show. They do not let her big mouth scare them.

    @ topic.. I don’t see the shock in Frankie having a 5 y.o. She said she was 48 woman have children in their 40’s. & I also don’t like how some are coming @ Soullow for giving Neffee the ring. Just bc a woman has kids doesn’t make her damaged goods. & we don’t know his background either.

  43. 43
    Daisy says:

    @Isc I dont think anybody said she was damaged goods cause she has kids. I dont have any kids but several bloggers on here are single mothers. I may have missed that post though.

  44. 44
    KAT says:

    @ iscream, i can’t wait for tiffany to lose it either. i can’t stand that lil skinny knock kneed bamma either….i hope tiffany or somebody gives her the bizness.

  45. 45
    iscream says:

    @ Daisy maybe I read it wrong. (Small azz sidekick screen)

    @ Kat what about that old azz man that’s dating the girl he met on line… gross!

  46. 46
    pointhimout says:


    I agree. when i see these reality shows and the stars go to stores, it’s an arrangement that the producers have already made with the store. where would she PUT 13grand in furniture; her bowen homes (projects, not the builder) condo? stop it i say.

    she really should stop helping KC embarrass herself. they’re a mess–all of em.

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