Mucho gracias to loyal reader Fernanda for clearing up the hermano/hermana question regarding Ja Rule’s Brazilian dancer friend.

Hi Sandra! I’m one of your loyal readers and admires from Brazil…

I would like to comment on your post about Ja Rule, he has been seen on the scene with Mulher melao recently, for many times, she is a singer in Brasil her name is actually Gracie Kelly. Mulher melao,translating means Melon Woman, which is a new trendy way of nickname woman,singers or dancers who are bootylicious,all kinds of delicious that man like! So here they give a name of some delicious fruit and put the word woman and than you have the nickname. This woman in the picture that you have posted is actually Mulher maçã, or translating: apple woman! (that’s why he’s holding an apple on the picture) a funk singer, wich is the Brazilian kind of hip-hop and she is doing collaborations with him in music and all. He has been seen with a lot of women around here, but there are rumors around that he is dating a Brazilian celebrity named INÊS CAROLINA, if you google “ines carolina bbb” you will find her pictures, i saw them after his concert beeing very cozy and too friendly with each other at a pizza place in Copacabana!

Also i would like to comment that he is here, because he is beeing treated as an A list celeb, in Brazil everything foreign is worshiped! And Brazilian people’s memory is short so we forget about facts regarding artist and public figures, for example if Chris Brown wishes to make success again, he could come here, that people wouldn’t remember he hitted rihanna, or made something bad, UNFORTUNATELY! that’s how it is here, rappers like ja rule who was forgotten, came here and now is an A list celeb!
I’m sorry about my bad writing in english! wish you success! hugs from your South American fans!

  • Krysi J

    I don’t know why?

  • ReadTheBlog

    OMG I love it! Short memory, ‘hitted’ Rihanna, melons, apples, A-Lister! Sandra, you are international!

  • KaraZ

    Many has beens go abroad and act up like they still have some sort of career. Like Anita Baker acting like a diva, refusing to perform, when she needs a part-time job at Macy’s like many of us.

  • dakotab

    Well good for him, I hope 50 doesn’t fly down and destroy his career there too!

  • speakinmymind

    @ KaraZ

    i absolutely STAN for Anita B. but i think she’s certifiable aka crazy as he!! i’ve heard about her “antics” which is why it took so long for her career to take off when it finally did. she has an angelic voice but her ‘tude is stanky…at least that’s what i’ve heard consistently.

  • masonmom

    im definitely a melon woman! dont worry 50 cent will end up in brazil doin duets wit ja rule n a minute!