In the new issue of Blender magazine, on stands now, T.I. shares his feelings about doing federal time in March and how he plans to cope with being away from his family and friends for 10 months:

You stay to yourself as much as possible. Speak when spoken to. And just mind your business. You ain’t there to make friends. You ain’t there to join in on the jailhouse games. You just there to do your time and go home."

...Some luxuries are available in some facilities that aren’t available in others. Some facilities have a TV, but you can’t watch it ’cause cats in there wild out so much. I’ll read the Bible a lot. Biographies, magazines. I don’t really read fiction. I read for information, rather than for entertainment. I’ll talk on the phone a lot. I’ll spend a whole day on the phone, checkin’ on what’s goin’ on, makin’ sure things are taken care of. Ain’t a lot to do.

People are in awe at times about who I am. I can’t believe I’m in here with T.I., but that usually goes away in about three, four days. After so long, everybody just inmates. [LINK]

A line of job hopefuls estimated at 1,000 snaked around the Sam Nunn Federal Center in downtown Atlanta today -- even though no hiring and no interviews were taking place.

According to the AJC, the job seekers stood in line for hours to attend a federal job fair where information and flyers were being passed out.

"It’s sad that all these people, many of them out of work, are in this line,” said Russell Lohr, 37. “It’s definitely a sign of bad times." [LINK]

Photos by Rich Addicks/AJC

Michelle Obama Covers the March 2009 issue of U.S. Vogue. She follows in the footsteps of previous First ladies who graced the cover of Vogue.

I hope this issue sells well for Vogue or this might be the last Vogue to feature a First Lady on its cover.

I hate to keep bringing up old drama, but loyal member donnia points out that, according to Life & Style magazine, the police had to be called to a Miami hotel room to break up a fight between Chris Brown and his own his mom back in 2007.

At an unnamed hotel in Miami in 2007, police were called to Chris' hotel room where the singer had been "screaming and throwing dishes."

"He was fighting with his mom. Neighboring hotel guests alerted security and they came upstairs to the room, saw the broken dishes and the mess, and then asked his mother to leave the room. Police were then called, but charges were not filed as Chris simply paid the hotel bill and left the hotel." [LINK]

Now this would be right around the time that mama Brown was allegedly telling friends about that alleged steamy relationship between young Chris and his 30-something manager. [LINK]

Mom was on a mission to break that up but she couldn't fire the manager due to her ironclad contract with Chris.

An Iowa State trooper was suspended for 30 days for emailing mugshots showing petty criminals wearing Barack Obama t-shirts.

Let me emphasize that the officer was off duty and in the privacy of his own home when he emailed the popular photos to friends.

What is this world coming to when a man can't share a joke with his buddies without losing his right to support himself and his family?

The full story is here.


We now know the identity of the driver of the white Bentley who led officers on a 3-hour slow speed chase all over LA before taking his own life with a single shot to the head.

According to, the dead man's name was Mustafa "Moe" Mustafa of Chicago. At one time, Moe, who was originally from Pakistan, owned a lucrative business renting luxury vehicles for as much as $3,500 a day to vain celebs such as Knaye West and Sean Combs.

The day after the Grammy Awards, Moe led more than a dozen police cruisers on a slow speed chase along the scenic route through Los Angeles. The caravan sometimes hit top speeds of 40 mph.

The drama ended when Moe stopped the Bentley in the middle of the street, put a gun to his head and fired a bullet into his brain.

A photo of Moe with his close cropped beard sitting behind the wheel of the $100,000 Bentley, caused some to speculate that he was DJ Khaled, another Pakistani out of Miami, who is famous for his compilation hit, "We Takin' Over" featuring celebs such as Akon, T.I., and Lil Wayne.

Family members say Moe had a girlfriend who lived in LA. They say it was an argument with her that sparked the tragic incident.

Thanks to loyal reader Kenneth Thompson for the tip!

Beyonce's ashy knees were the talk of the evening at the "Unforgettable Evening Benefiting the Industry Foundation" event held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel last night in Beverly Hills. Most of you know she's not my favorite of all God's children. But a loyal reader sent me an excerpt from Beyonce's interview with UK Cosmopolitan magazine's March issue. And I must say I agree with Bey for once.

In it, Bey says marriage is not as important as, say, a prom or your birthday. She wonders why women put so much emphasis on weddings because they're "just so temporary" and "goes in a second." I agree with Bey. I've always said weddings are for women. Men could care less about all that pomposity and wastefulness. All that money wasted on a lavish wedding could have been used during the marriage. The bigger the wedding, the more selfish the bride, in my opinion. Have you noticed that the couples who have the big splashy weddings rarely stay together?

Singer India Arie and lesbun news anchor Robin Roberts attended India.Arie's album release party at Kiss & Fly in NYC last night. Both women are hawt! Lawd, I wish I was in the house last night!

Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee, the most boring couple in the universe (second only to Beyonce and Jay Z), attended the JCPenney Presents "Style Your Spring" event in NYC yesterday. Anyone notice how Kimora's belly inflates and deflates every time we see her?

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

I say no because everyone knows the British bombshell prefers dating white boys:

An initial theory is that the couple had been arguing about Chris flirting with other women and now one magazine has suggested that Leona Lewis may have been one of those on the end of Chris's flirting.

US Star magazine reports: "At one point, Rihanna caught Chris flirting with Leona. They were carrying on and laughing, and Rihanna saw Chris with his hand on the small of Leona’s back. It may have been innocent, but that set Rihanna off." [LINK]

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