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Tim Anderson's pregnant girlfriend is upset that he took his wife to the Major League Baseball All-Star game and not her.

According to Total Pro Sports, a woman named Dejah Lanee posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram and claims that Tim Anderson is the father of her unborn child.

Lanee is actually the second woman to come forward claiming to be Anderson's side piece. They don't call him the "Tristan of Baseball" for nothing.

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Anderson attended the MLB All-star game with his wife, Bria Anderson, and their two kids. They walked the red carpet together and smiled for the cameras. Tim and Bria have been married since 2017.

Meanwhile, Lanee was highly upset and took to Instagram to make sure his fans know he has a bun in her oven.

Athletes have been impregnating side chicks since the turn of the century. Usually the women are grateful for the time and attention they receive from married men. But social media has changed everything.

Photo may have been deleted

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One of Fetty Wap's baby mamas proves that women who have babies by rappers are not all gold diggers.

Lezhae Keona, who is mother to two of Fetty's 7 children, responded to a fan's question about child support on her Instagram Story.

"Why don't you take Fetty to child support it's unfair you have to financially take care of your kids alone," the fan said. "Make him pay!!!!"

However, Lezhae said pursuing the rapper in family court is a waste of her time and energy. She said he was ordered to pay child support, but he never made the payments.

"I was against this at one point in my life but 2 kids 4 years and lots of financial games later... I did put him on [child support], but honestly it's just not a good system. He doesn't pay it, nothing happens it just builds up and that's it idk."

She continued: "I'm not too focused on it because it's a waste of energy. If he helps that's nice if not whatever idc honestly over it lol kids gotta eat everyday regardless I brought them here no point in wasting energy arguing about who feedin them when ima do it at the end of the day regardless."

Lezhae has had several public run-ins with her deadbeat baby daddy, so she wants nothing to do with him.

In one incident in 2021, New Jersey police issued a warrant for Fetty's arrest after the one-eyed rapper threatened Lezhae outside her residence. The embarrassing incident was caught on camera and went viral in 2021. Watch the video below.

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Nick Cannon's children may be friends, but the father of 13 says not all of their mothers get along.

The "Wild 'N Out" host rapped about his baby mama drama during an appearance on Power 106 FM, saying, "But what is a ring but really a band? I got you for life, and I'll always be there. All of my children will always be friends, even if their mamas not in agreeance."


The proud dad is expecting his eighth child with Instagram model Bre Tiesi. Five more women have stepped up to say they are carrying his unborn children.

Cannon, 41, posted the video on Instagram with the caption, "A message to all of my kids."

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Alyssa Scott shared the video clip on her Instagram Story with a mindblown emoji. Scott and Cannon's 5-month-old son Zen died from brain cancer in December.

Abby De La Rosa, who shares 1-year-old twins Zion and Zillion Heir with Cannon, says she is "cool" with him having "many" kids.

"Children are a blessing in whatever capacity that may be," she told her Instagram followers in a Live on Tuesday.

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The 28-year-old DJ, who is expecting Cannon's 9th child, said she is "not looking for anyone to understand or agree" with her modern family.

Bre Tiesi, 31, agreed, telling the "Know for Sure" podcast co-hosts that she is not in "a cult" and that the moms are "respectful" to each other.

"This is just us," Tiesi said. "What you do outside of that is what you do outside of that. Everything is respectful. Everything is honest."

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Symone Davis, NeNe's Leakes' oldest son Bryson's baby mama, is pouring scalding hot tea about NeNe and her deadbeat son.

3 years ago, Symone put Bryson on blast for being a deadbeat dad and not paying child support for their son.

She said Bryson was a couch-surfing drug addict who was enabled by his mother.

Symone's 2019 meltdown was triggered after an Instagram blogger reported that NeNe bought Bryson a house.

Now Symone is back pouring more steaming hot tea about NeNe.

In a rant on Instagram, Symone claims NeNe was about to lose her Duluth, Ga. mansion to foreclosure, and she lost ALL of her friends because she's a "terrible person".

"Your husband is gone that you took from his wife & kids. Your oldest son is a junkie. You don't do anything for your grandkids, you got fired from #realhousewivesofatlanta, you have no real friends, you tried to sell your house for 4 mil so you'll make a profit. However, you were going to loose [sic] that house so you settle for 575k profit minus what you still owed..."

Symone is outraged that she was cheated out of a million-dollar reality TV check by Bryson, who refuses to participate in a reality TV show with her - even though they're not together.

She said he flips burgers at Burger King and he's still couch surfing.

However, a little birdie told me that Bryson uses NeNe's $1.8 million Buckhead townhouse as his second home.

That's the same townhouse at the Waldorf Astoria Residences that she recently listed for $2.5 million after purchasing it in November 2021.

NeNe never moved into the Buckhead townhome. Which begs the question: Is she and Nyonisela Sioh shacking up at his Atlanta area home?

Read Symone's posts below.

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One of Lil Durk's baby mamas, Travonna, aired him out after he failed to show up in court for a child support hearing.

The Chicago gang banger-turned-rapper claims seven children by 6 women. But Travonna insists he also fathered her 8-year-old son, who would be Durk's 8th child.

Travonna doesn't hide her disdain for Durk on social media. She regularly drags the drill rapper for not being there for his son.

Travonna took to Instagram after Durk was a no-show in court this week. She said he lives for "entertainment" and "validation" from his fans on social media.

She wrote:

"Court was today and he didn't show up now he has a point to prove he lives for the world's entertainment instead of living reality he left Romeo out because he had to feed his ego and get validation from his fans trust me God gon handle this and I won't stop this is foul play and durk knows it @lildurk come to court so we can get this over with bro [sic]."

Unlike Durk's other baby mamas, Travonna didn't take him to court to prove paternity until after he became a star.

The Black community is flooded with fatherless sons. Durk admits he's not doing his part for the 7 kids he publicly claims.

He said:

"I take care of my kids but don't spend time with them not sh*t else or blame everybody around me ima great father Ima step it up and lock in and become the voice 100% [heart emoji] love ya'll

Big sky
Baby sky

Zayden [sic]."

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Jesse Williams's estranged wife has filed legal documents asking for more spousal support, reports.

The Grey's Anatomy star split from Aryn Drake-Lee, the mother of his two children, last year after almost five years of marriage. A judge ordered Williams to pay Drake-Lee $50,695 a month in temporary spousal support.

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Blac Chyna has been dropped as a brand ambassador for a stroller company after her recent altercation at a theme park on Easter Sunday. Chyna was at the theme park with her two children and friends. Numerous park patrons uploaded cell phone videos of Chyna trying to swing her daughter's push-along car stroller at the Six Flags Magic Mountain outside of Los Angeles.

It was all a bit too much for the stroller company, who were horrified at the sight of a stroller being used as a dangerous weapon.

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As some of you know, socialite Blac Chyna got into a fight with a woman at Six Flags on Easter Sunday. Chyna claims she swung at the woman for allegedly touching her daughter, Dream.

In light of the fact that Chyna was accompanied by her boyfriend, several friends, AND a bodyguard -- her violent actions were totally unnecessary and probably done for social media attention.

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Social media users are taking sides in the domestic violence drama between rapper Fabolous and his longtime life partner reality TV star Emily B.

Emily has 2 sons by the 40-year-old Brooklyn native and a 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

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