Photo may have been deleted

Vanessa Williams dropped the music video for her single “Legs (Keep Dancing)” off her first pop album in 15 years.

In the music video, Vanessa, 61, sings breathlessly while performing complex choreography with dancers half her age.

Photo may have been deleted

In the song, the pop singer pays tribute to her toned legs and her work ethic that shows no sign of stopping.

    “I’m still here, still standing,
    Still kickin’, in fact
    I’m the best I’ve ever been
    Who sets a limit when we all fall apart
    I’m ’bout to give ’em hell again.
    So say what you say
    Expect me to fade,
    I don’t think about it
    I don’t think about it
    I’ve work left to do
    And I’m not close to through,
    Not while I’ve still got these legs!

The track is the first single off her new pop album due out later this year. The video is directed by Mike Ruz.

The former Miss America (1984) released her debut album, The Right Stuff, in 1988. The album spawned the hit singles “The Right Stuff”, “He’s Got the Look”, and “Dreamin.”

Other hit singles include the No. 1 hit song “Save the Best for Last” (1992), “Just for Tonight” (1992), “Work to Do” (1992), “The Sweetest Days” (1994), and “The Way That You Love” (1995).

Vanessa’s last album, The Real Thing, was released in 2009.
Vanessa Williams – Legs (Keep Dancing)