Photo may have been deleted

Boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis claims fellow boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is being held hostage in Dubai. Floyd’s Instagram page shows he arrived in Dubai about two weeks ago on business.

Davis claims Mayweather is still stuck in Dubai and unable to leave unless he pays a “debt” he owes.

On Thursday, April 25, Mayweather went on a rant calling out unnamed boxers for not taking their craft seriously.

“A lot of times what these fighters are looking at—they’re looking Floyd with the cars, they’re looking at Floyd being flashy,” Mayweather said. “Man listen, I made so many sacrifices. Y’all are looking at the end results… And [when I was] champion having hundreds of millions in the bank, I still was on my grind in that gym.”

He continued: “Y’all are worried about your outfits, how your boots look, worried about the wrong things. A lot of you fighters are living cheque to cheque.”

Davis took to Instagram to tell Mayweather he should be worrying about getting his passport back and returning home to the United States.

“Ni**a says all this bullsh*t, but [he’s] in Dubai and can’t leave because he’s been taking ni**as’ money and not doing what they paid him to do. Ni**a a f**king hater,” Davis wrote.

Davis said Mayweather should “go live” on Instagram to prove he’s not in Dubai.

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

Mayweather clapped back by posting a video of Dancing dancing seductively in his underwear in a kitchen.

“We always knew he had sugar in his tank,” Mayweather captioned the videos.

Photo may have been deleted

If the claim is true, the Biden administration may have to step in to negotiate with the Dubai government for Mayweather’s release.

A female trucker who was detained in Dubai last year was able to leave after paying a $1,350 “deposit.”