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Bloggers and social media users dragged Kendrick Lamar’s music video for “Not Like Us,” his Drake diss track.

One music critic wrote: “Not Like Us does not make any sense. It seems to fit a hypocritical narrative. Non black people co-signing not understanding it isn’t for them either. It seems like a gang song. Wait until people really break it down now that this weird video with non black people in it.”

Another user agreed, writing: “Since when did a man with a Black daddy from Memphis become White and not like us while [Kendrick] claims his mixed wife is like us? Bogus divisive mess. Didn’t he just buy her a 40 million dollar mansion? Case closed. His voice is annoying. These guys have no base.”

A third person wrote: “Black women please do not be deceived by Kendrick LaFraud.”

Meanwhile, Drake was seen partying with Memphis rapper GloRilla at Michael Rubin’s annual Hamptons bash held the same day Kendrick dropped the music video.

Kendrick Lamar – “Not Like Us”

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