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The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling to sign a third piece to complete the Lakers’ big three, alongside LeBron and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers missed out on signing three bold-name free agents – Klay Thompson, James Harden and Jonas Valanciunas this week.

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Klay Thompson (left) was a main target of LeBron, who contacted Thompson the moment the free agency market opened this week.

Sources say LeBron spoke to Klay several times by phone. But Klay ultimately chose a three-year, $50 million deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Lakers had offered Klay $70 million over three years. In fact, LeBron leaked a report that he was willing to take a $20 million pay cut to land Klay.

Similarly, Jonas Valanciunas signed a three-year, $30 million deal with the Washington Wizards.

And James Harden didn’t even consider signing with the Lakers.


Other stars, such as Paul George (pictured) and Chris Paul ignored the Lakers and went elsewhere.

The Lakers’ inability to sign big stars leaves fans wondering if they will ever be a contender.

Below are the top 4 reasons why the Lakers can’t sign NBA stars.

Photo may have been deleted

1. LeBron and team owner Jeanie Buss are too close for comfort

LeBron and team co-owner Jeanie Buss (right) were spotted in the stands together during a recent NBA game. Fans were shocked when the Lakers co-owner rested her head on LeBron’s shoulder. Many fans said their behavior was unprofessional and proved LeBron runs the front office.

2. LeBron is the unofficial general manager of the Lakers

Allegedly, every decision made by the Lakers’ front office is run through LeBron James. That’s why the Lakers drafted his son, Bronny, and gave him an unheard of 4-year “guaranteed” rookie contract. Never before has a single player held such power over an NBA team.

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3. The Lakers are not a championship caliber team anymore

Sports analysts say top NBA stars don’t want to play for the Lakers because they can’t win a championship. “LeBron’s primary objective is no longer winning championships,” former NFL player Emmanuel Acho said. “Because if his primary objective was to win the championship, I don’t know that JJ Redick would be the head coach… If his primary objective was to win the championship, I don’t know that Bronny James would be on the team.”

4. The Lakers don’t want to give up their draft picks

The Lakers have limited assets to trade for a big name star. If the Lakers are interested in a player on another team, that team is going to want one or both of the Lakers’ first round draft picks. But the Lakers are not willing to part with their assets.

“The need to give up more assets in trades leaves the Lakers with fewer resources to address other areas of need, creating a cycle of overpayment and limited flexibility,” according to Fadeaway World.