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TikTok is roasting WNBA star Angel Reese for grabbing her own rebounds to pad her stats. Reese, of the Chicago Sky, broke a WNBA record with her 11th straight double-double this week. The previous record was nine double-doubles.

However, fans say Reese is padding her rebound stats by missing layups and grabbing her own rebounds.

A viral video shows fans discrediting Reese’s achievements by mimicking her grabbing her own rebounds.

On July 2, X/Twitter user @jayisbacc posted a video that shows two fans pretending to be Reese throwing a basketball off a backboard repeatedly, while grabbing their own rebounds.

Reese’s fans took offense at the viral video.

One bitter fan wrote: “Are they forgetting she’s getting these rebounds over 3-4 others, oh avg a dbl dbl. CLarke Avg 6 TO a game and her team trash.”

Another person wrote: “Why they trying to clown her? Not her fault the defense can’t snag her rebound before her.”

Reese and Caitlin Clark are neck and neck for the WNBA Rookie of the Year award.

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Clark’s popularity has brought millions of new fans to the WNBA. She is pictured with teammate Erica Wheeler (left) and actress Vivica A. Fox (center).

Clark and Reese will unite for the first time in the upcoming WNBA All-Star game. They will take on Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi and the rest of the Team USA Olympians.

Clark led All-Star votes with over 700,000 votes. She has the highest number of votes for an All-Star game in the WNBA’s 26-year history.

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