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A judge has entered a Writ of Possession for a Florida rental house currently occupied by musician Azealia Banks.

According to court documents, the musician owes 8,000 in past due rent to the owners of a rental home in Palmetto, Florida.

Banks tried to sue the homeowners for $50,000. She accused the owners and their attorney of harassment and contacting her at inconvenient times. She also alleged that the owners threatened to sell the eviction story to the tabloids if she didn’t pay up.

She said the owners raised her rent unreasonably and illegally, which violates Florida law.


In her response to the court, Banks, 33, stated that she withheld rent due to a rat infestation in the house. Finally, she shared a screenshot from a payment app with no date on it.

The homeowners verified that payment wasn’t real. And since Banks failed to deposit the amount she owed into an escrow account with the court, a judgement was issued against her on July 2.

The judge issued a Writ of Possession which gives Banks 48-72 hours to vacate the premises.

In 2020, Banks got into a verbal dispute with a neighbor in Woodland Hills, California. The male neighbor knocked at her door complaining about her loud music. An argument broke out and then the neighbor allegedly pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and threatened to kill Banks.


According to, Banks was extremely scared and posted a rant crying and pleading with fans on social media to come to her home to protect her before the Police arrive. She posted her home address on the social media app begging fans in the area to hurry to her house.

LAPD officers arrived and restored order. No arrests were made and after the LAPD left, Banks invited the fans inside her home.