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Shilo Sanders owes $11 million to a single creditor due to “childhood mistakes”. The University of Colorado football player is the son of NFL legend Deion Sanders.

Shilo, 24, owes $11 million for allegedly assaulting and injuring a man when Shilo was 15 years old in Dallas in 2015.

The law allows a civil court to hold Shilo responsible for actions he allegedly committed when he was a teenager.

The court allowed a then-40-year-old man to sue then-16-year-old Shilo in civil court because Shilo allegedly assaulted the man a year earlier, when Shilo was 15.

Shilo and his attorneys asked a Texas state court not to unseal hundreds of pages of Shilo’s juvenile court records.

“There is no basis or justification under Texas state law or under the Bankruptcy Code or Bankruptcy Rules to unseal such materials relating to when Sanders was a minor simply due (to) Sanders reaching the age of majority,” Sanders’ attorneys wrote in a court filing in June.

The same court also issued an $11.89 million default judgment against Shilo when he didn’t show up in court in 2020. The default judgment led him to file bankruptcy last year at age 23.

John Darjean, 48, is still trying to collect his $11.89 million judgement from Shilo.

But Shilo has alleged Darjean was the aggressor, not him.

Shilo’s goal is to get the debt discharged through bankruptcy so he can “get a fresh start, free from the oppressive burden of his debts,” according to his attorneys.

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Shilo and his more famous brother, Shedeur Sanders (right) recently flaunted their wealth by purchasing a $7.2 million mansion for their father, Deion, in Colorado.

Take a tour of the house below.