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DaBaby claims he was intimate with rapper Megan Thee Stallion the day before her then-boyfriend Tory Lanez shot her.

The 30-year-old "Suga" rapper made the confession on his new album, Baby On Baby 2.

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In a song titled "Boogieman," DaBaby says he slept with 27-year-old Megan multiple times in the days before Tory shot her out of jealousy.

DaBaby raps:

    "You play with me, that shit was childish / The day before she said that Tory Lanez shot her, I was f*cking on Megan Thee Stallion / Waited say that shit on my next album / Hit it the day before too, but I kept it playa, I ain't say nothing bout it / Had her pretty-boy boyfriend tweeting me, ready to die 'bout the bitch like a coward."

Tory Lanez, 30, is out on bond for shooting Megan in both feet after attending a party at Kylie Jenner's house.

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Megan's fans are going IN on DaBaby on Twitter. They say DaBaby's confession confirms men are messier than women who kiss and tell.

DaBaby lost bookings after he hurled homophobic slurs at Rolling Loud Miami in 2021. He eventually apologized and agreed to meet with a panel of LGBT+ activists to save his career.

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Courtesy: Vevo LIFT

Vevo, the world's leading music video network, today released breakout ATL rapper Latto's second performance in her LIFT series, "Sunshine," off her critically acclaimed sophomore album 777 that was released in March of this year via RCA Records.

"Sunshine" follows Latto's previous Vevo LIFT performance of "Stepper." The recent BET "Best New Artist" winner has also previously worked with Vevo for Ctrl performances of 777's 'Wheelie" and "Trust No Bitch," and a Ctrl At Home performance of "Youngest N Richest" from her 2020 album, Queen of Da Souf.

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Courtesy: Vevo LIFT

Vevo closely collaborated with Latto to build a world based on transformation. Inspired by the metamorphosis that flowers go through as they grow. After trudging through the dirt in "Stepper's" earthy, gritty set, "Sunshine" let's Latto bloom. Clad in head to toe pale yellow, she wanders through a field of sunflowers - a beautiful, poetic nod to her growth as an artist, while still acknowledging her roots.

Vevo's LIFT program connects today's up-and-coming and most relevant artists to audiences around the world through music video content. Launched in 2011, Vevo's artist development program shines a spotlight on the world's freshest new talent. Vevo LIFT alumni include the likes of Doja Cat, Jorja Smith, Giveon, Olivia Rodrigo and more.

"We've loved working with Latto on her previous Vevo Ctrl performances, and were so pleased to partner with her again on her LIFT campaign," says Jordan Glickson, Vice President, Music & Talent, Vevo.

"Seeing her blossom from one of the world's best emerging talents into the superstar that she is today has been such a privilege. Her drive, passion, enthusiasm and creative know-how made this campaign all the more exciting for us to collaborate with her on. We have no doubt that her raw talent and determination will take her even further, and are thrilled to be a part of her journey to the top."

Source: Press release

Watch the video below.

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Nicki Minaj recruited 5 young female rappers for her "Super Freaky Girl Queen Remix."

The "Queen Remix" features verses from JT (City Girls), BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, and Maliibu Miitch.

The remix is creating a buzz in Chicago, thanks to "Drill Queen" Katie Got Bandz's verse.

    I'm a very freaky girl so don't bring me to mommas
    If I pull up with that blicky (gun) stickin' out of my Prada
    And I ain't goin' if you broke so go get you some dollars
    I get my own, you know the saying, "Mo Money, Mo Problems"
    He like 'em freaky, pu**y squeaky
    Give me that tongue, make it leaky
    I make it wet, nickname Fiji
    Let him record me, turn it to me, me
    Now he only seeing me, me
    Out on his man, I told him to leave me
    You don't love me, you love that I'm freaky
    Can't play with my heart, better play with your wee-wee

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Katie is a pioneer of Chicagoland's drill music scene. She is best known for her mixtapes "Bandz and Hittaz" and "Drillary Clinton."

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She was working at a fast food restaurant at age 18 when her track "I Need a Hitta" went viral in 2012.

Katie is a reputed member of the OBN (Oak Boy Nation) gang, a Black Disciples set.

In 2017, she was arrested for identity theft. The then-24-year-old tweeted: "B*TCH I'M INNOCENT .. F*CK THE STATE." Her tweet didn't help her case. She was booked into the Cook County Jail.

Now 29, Katie claims she got into the drill music scene to document her life's experience and not to contribute to Chicago's already high crime rate through her music.

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The remix also features Boston rapper BIA ("Whole Lotta Money") after Nicki featured on her Whole Lotta Money remix in 2021. The 31-year-old appeared on Oxygen reality show Sisterhood of Hip Hop.
Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl (Queen Remix) ft. JT, BIA, Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, and Maliibu Miitch

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Nicki Minaj dropped the music video for her new song "Super Freaky Girl." The song samples Rick James' hit "Super Freak.'

In the video, the 39-year-old rapper boasts about her bedroom skills while sashaying around her neighborhood in skimpy attire. She also seduces a neighbor's husband in her pink kitchen and tools around the neighborhood in a pink Lamborghini.

She raps:

    They can't be Nicki, they so stupid, I just laugh when they try
    A thong bikini up my a**, I think I'll go for a dive
    His ex b*tch went up against me, but she didn't survive
    On applications I write "pressure" 'cause that's what I apply (Brr)
    P-P-P-Pressure applied, can't f*ck a regular guy
    Wetter than umbrellas and stickier than apple pie

The music video is uncensored, meaning it's NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl

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Cardi B shared a snippet of her new single "Hot Sh-t" in which she raps the line "Still might slide on a opp" — street slang for ambushing and killing a gang rival.

Everyone wants to be a drill rapper now.

"Hot Sh-t," featuring Kanye "YE" West and gang banger Lil Durk, is due to be released at midnight on Friday, July 1.


Cardi B, pictured with husband Offset, shared a snippet of the song on her Instagram page on Wednesday. She hasn't released a single since February 2021.

"Hot Sh*t" contains a sample of 1990 dance hit "Electric Boogie" by Marcia Griffiths.

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In the video, Cardi eats a sumptuous breakfast on a balcony as the skyline glows in the morning sun behind her.

Cardi lip-syncs a verse of the single.

"I'm connected/ I don't know what's longer, my blocklist or my checklist/ I don't know what's longer, man, my blocklist or my checklist/ I don't know what's colder, man, my heart or my necklace/ Pretty when I wake up, I'm a bad bitch at breakfast/ Still might slide on a opp, it's electric."

Durk hyped up the single with a video on his Instagram. He captioned the video "song of the year face @iamcardib."

Your auntie will hold my rating until I hear the full track tomorrow.


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Columbia Records

After weeks of teasing and online chatter, multi-platinum award-winning superstar Lil Nas X and rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again have come together to release their highly anticipated new single "Late To Da Party" today via Columbia Records.

With YoungBoy Never Broke Again currently on house arrest, Nas put his famous meme-making mastery and "the ancient power of VIDEO EDITING" to use in order to create the song's official video.

Lil Nas X also recently unveiled that he will embark on his SOLD OUT first-ever tour this fall. Produced by Live Nation, the Long Live Montero tour will make stops across North America and Europe this fall and serve to celebrate the massive success of his critically acclaimed and Grammy-nominated debut album Montero. For dates and more information, visit

"Late To Da Party" is the first release from Lil Nas X since the debut album Montero was released in September 2021. The album was included on numerous Best of 2021 lists from Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, People, USA Today, Billboard, LA Times, Complex, and more for "its genre-stretching approach and refreshingly honest exploration of love and loneliness" as told by Variety.

The certified Platinum album, which Billboard calls a "masterpiece," also boasts the 4x Platinum hit song "Industry Baby" featuring Jack Harlow, which went on to reach #1 at Top 40 radio and #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album’s third Platinum single "That's What I Want" recently became Nas' third straight #1 song at Top 40 radio.

Source: Press release

Lil Nas X & NBA YoungBoy - Late To Da Party

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Drake will release his long-awaited studio album, Honestly, Nevermind, tonight at midnight.

Earlier today, he announced a new radio show which is set to debut tonight on Sirius XM Radio. His radio show, titled "Table For One" will debut on Sound 42 on Sirius XM Radio at 11 PM EST. Afterwards, Drake will drop his new album at midnight.

In an Instagram post, Drake wrote: "7th studio album 'HONESTLY, NEVERMIND' out at midnight." He also shared the cover art for his album.

Sources say Drake pushed up the release date of his album after Beyonce announced her new album, Renaissance will be released next month.

Drake's fans are ecstatic to hear new music from their fave Emo rapper.

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Rapper Gunna dropped his self-directed music video for his single "Banking On Me" off his third studio album, DS4Ever (Drip Season 4Ever).

The video's opening scene shows him with a beautiful Nubian woman in his Mercedes Benz outside a modest home in Houston.

He explains why she should give him time to miss her.

"I don't wanna get tired of you," he tells her.

"I love when I go out of town 'cause it give us a little time to come back to you. I be missing you... That's just how it go."

In the next scene he runs bath water for an exotic chick in a high-rise condo in New York City.

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In other cities, he takes various LSLH women on shopping sprees for cars, jewelry, and high end bags, while paying the mortgage on their luxury homes.

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At the end of the video, he returns to the Black woman. He is seen embracing her outside the starter home in Houston.

The video's message is clear. Men bank on themselves, not you.
Gunna - Banking On Me

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Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson (right) said rap music, video games and social media are to blame for school shootings.

Jackson called for compromise between the two political parties in Congress in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

"We need God, family and community back in our lives," Jackson said on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday.

Jackson blamed rap music and pop culture for the breakdown in family values that leads to mental health disorders and gun violence.

"We have to embrace the moral decline in this country... Our kids are exposed to a lot of stuff that's harmful to them with video games, these violent video games... Some of the rap music they listen to is not healthy. We need to address this kind of stuff."

Jackson urged lawmakers to focus on gun safety and to put God back in the classroom.

"We have shootings all the time and they're all unfortunate," he said. "I wish none of them happened. But when you see something like this, it's extra horrific. And I think that this will allow me to talk to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle and say, look, you know, I'm a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and I'm going to remain that way."

21 lives were lost when a crazed gunman barged into an elementary school armed with an assault rifle that he legally purchased on his 18th birthday.

Still, Rep. Jackson said he will not back down on the Second Amendment and the rights to own and bear arms.

"Taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens is not the answer," he said. "That just leaves all the criminals with the weapons, and the law-abiding citizens with nothing to defend themselves with."

Watch the video below.

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Kendrick Lamar released his long-awaited album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, on Thursday.

One of the tracks on his album, "Auntie Diaries" is winning praise for its inclusive message about transgenderism.

The song is about Kendrick's aunt who became his uncle and Kendrick's struggle to accept the transition.

"My auntie is a man now. I think I'm old enough to understand now," he raps.

    "My auntie is a man now
    Asked my mama why my uncles don't like him that much
    And at the parties why they always wanna fight him that much
    She said, 'Ain't no tellin'
    Niggas always been jealous because he had more women
    More money and more attention made more envy
    Calling him anything but broke was less offending."

He continued:

    "She wasn't gay, she ate pu**y, and that was the difference
    That's what I told my friends in second grade
    She picking me up from school, they stare at her in the face
    They couldn't comprehend what I grew accustomed to."

Kendrick repeatedly uttered the gay slur "fa**ot" on the song, which didn't sit right with journalist Ernest Owens, who is openly gay.

Owens tweeted:

"If Jack Harlow did a song called "Daddy Diaries" where he used the n-word several times to convey how he unlearned his racism from having Black friends -- would we be giving him a pass in the way some of y'all are with Kendrick Lamar dropping f-slurs on Auntie Diaries?"

"I want some of y'all to understand that as a Black queer person hearing a cis-het man say that word stings, no matter the context.

That word don't belong to you, it's not yours to reclaim and/or reuse to serve your own self-projection of allyship."

Owens politely asked heterosexual rappers like Kendrick not to define what "support" or allyship means to the gay community.

"Cis-het people in the music world -- please, I beg of you, reconsider how you discuss "Auntie Diaries" to Black queer/trans people.

Please don't tell us what "support" looks like.

Please don't try to shove YOUR take of what Kendrick meant to US.

Don't be that person."


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Jay Z is using his substantial influence to reform the criminal justice system for rappers who go on trial in New York.

The 51-year-old rap mogul has joined forces with other rap activists to end the unfair practice of using harmful lyrics against rappers in court.

manley099 via Getty Images

Rappers typically glorify murder, violence, drug dealing, prostitution and burglary in their rap lyrics. But most of them don't live that life when they leave the recording studios.

According to Rolling Stone, Jay Z, government name Shawn Carter, has teamed up with Meek Mill, Big Sean, Fat Joe, Robin Thicke, Kelly Rowland, and Yo Gotti to urge lawmakers to sign and support the "Rap Music on Trial" bill.

The rappers argue that rather than acknowledge rap music as a form of artistic expression, police and prosecutors interpret rap lyrics literally. They say the tactic gives prosecutors "a dangerous advantage in the courtroom."

Jon Super/Redferns

"This is an issue that's important to [Jay-Z] and all the other artists that have come together to try to bring about this change," Alex Spiro, Jay-Z's lawyer, told Rolling Stone. "This is a long time coming. Mr. Carter is from New York, and if he can lend his name and his weight, that's what he wants to do."

Rolling Stone reports the bill passed through the New York Senate Codes Committee on Tuesday. The bill is headed to a full vote on the Senate floor.

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Fans who tuned in to last night's Verzuz between rappers Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony got a boxing match instead.

The two groups performed on stage opposite yellow crime scene tape.

A fight broke out between the two groups while Bone performed "Buddah Lovers." Gangsta Boo and DJ Paul slow danced, which made rapper Bizzy Bone upset.

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"Yo! Before we even get started, you ugly MFs ain't finna be mocking me while I'm on this MF'ing stage. Like straight the f*ck up," said 45-year-old Bizzy.

46-year-old Juicy J told him, "N*gga, suck my d*ck," and Bizzy threw a mic and a water bottle at him.

That wasn't nice of him, so the two groups started scrapping. Then Gansgta Boo, the baby of the bunch at 42, yelled, "Bizzy Bone, you a hater. You must didn't take your pills. You weirdo azz ni**a."

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The Verzuz halted for 15 minutes while security restored order to the stage.

"We done did shows wit y'all folks and erythang," Gangsta Boo said.

Bizzy Bone finally apologized, saying, "I f*ck wit y'all, but f**k dat ni**a mane... I want to apologize to everybody out there, on both sides. I'm not trying to f*ck this [Verzuz] sh*t up. Pardon me."

The Verzuz continued with Three 6 performing a rousing rendition of "Azz And Titties."

A good time was had by all.

Watch the videos below.


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Joyner Lucas dropped a music video for his single "Your Heart", featuring rapper J. Cole, on Friday.

In the music video, which Joyner Lucas directed, the cheating rapper stands idly by while his vindictive ex-girlfriend breaks up all the expensive things he bought her.

The video opens with the ex-girlfriend cutting up his sneaker collection and pouring bleach on his clothes. Then she moves to the living room where she pours wine on his luxurious sofa, knifes the cushions, smashes his dining room table, and swings a bat at his computer monitor.

Through the destruction, Joyner raps:

    "I broke your heart, huh?"
    You knew I was a f--k nigga from the start, huh?
    You should've listened when they said I was a dog, huh?
    You should've listened to your head when you had thoughts, huh?"

In another scene, Joyner and J. Cole watch as the vengeful ex romps in the sack with another man.

J. Cole scolds Joyner:

    "You run your b-tch through the mud, you deserve that
    So you can feel it for yourself where it hurt at
    What goes around comes around, I know you heard that
    While you was creepin', tell me, did it not occur that
    There's niggas slidin' in the DMs every AM, every PM
    Used to be like automatic, she would curve that."


Joyner Lucas ft. J. Cole - Your Heart

SR rated: 3/5 roses


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Capitol Music Group

Motown Records and NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again announce Never Broke Again global joint venture.

Motown Records, home to some of today's most impactful cultural hitmakers, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again, one of today's most prominent rappers/songwriters in the world, announced a global joint venture with his Never Broken Again, LLC record label.

According to a press release, the first project from the new venture is set to release in October, with the first single dropping in September.

The compilation also features P Yungin, Meechy Baby, Quando Rondo, No Cap, Rjae and Rojay later this year.

The new deal continues Motown's rich legacy of entrepreneurial partnerships by combining the label's global leadership with the artistic and creative vision of YoungBoy and Never Broke Again, LLC. YoungBoy and Kyle "Montana" Clairborne will continue to lead Never Broke Again, LLC, a label committed to signing and developing new artists and providing them with a platform to achieve success.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

In making this announcement, Ethiopia Habtemariam, Chairman and CEO of Motown Records said:

"I'm excited to work with Never Broke Again, a homegrown brand that has created an incredibly authentic and credible movement that represents the next generation in Louisiana's legacy of ground-breaking hip-hop labels. I look forward to working with YoungBoy and Montana to continue to grow their vision and reach their fans around the world."

NBA YoungBoy said:

"I felt like I had a responsibility to my artists to make sure to find the right partner for my label. I'm looking forward working with Ethiopia, Kenoe and Motown Records."

Montana said in a statement:

"Motown has been an inspiration for generations - a place that helps develop artists, songwriters and business executives and I'm thankful to Ethiopia, Kenoe and the team for making Never Broke Again part of the Motown family."

Kenoe Jordan, Vice President A&R, Motown said:

"I've known and admired YoungBoy for years. Growing up in the same city we have a great understanding of one another and this partnership was always something that I wanted to bring to Motown. YoungBoy is an incredible visionary whose confidence in his artistry is only outdone by his dedication and work ethic. I'm excited to welcome them into Motown and help bring the Never Broke Again label and brand to the next level."

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Lizzo shared a snippet of her new track "Rumors," featuring Cardi B over the weekend.

After teasing the new track on TikTok over the weekend, the "Good as Hell" singer took to Instagram on Monday to share a FaceTime Call in which the "Bodak Yellow" star confirmed she hopped on the new song.

Lizzo greets Cardi with "Good morning motherf**ker" in the FaceTime clip. "That's who it's featuring y'all, period," she said, before revealing her sleepy-looking pal with the joke: "It's Harry Styles!"

Lizzo first hinted at the track last week with an Instagram post proclaiming, "NEW ERA B**CH. 'RUMORS'. 8/13".

The "Juice" rapper captioned the video, "GUESS WHOS HOPPIN ON 'RUMORS' W/ ME?!?".

The upcoming song is the Grammy winner's first single since her 2019 album, Cuz I Love You.

"Rumors" is due to premiere on Friday, Aug. 13.

Cardi is guesting on a number of tracks in 2021. She's since featured on DJ Khaled's "Big Paper", Migos' "Type S**t," and Normani's "Wild Side."

The pregnant rapper canceled all upcoming concert gigs after she made two unscheduled trips to an emergency room in Atlanta last month.