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The mother of Ne-Yo’s 2 youngest children put him on blast for allegedly body-slamming her after she asked him to watch their kids.

In a viral video, the singer/songwriter, born Shaffer Smith, is berated and antagonized by influencer Sade Bagnerise. She livestreamed their argument while their toddler lay on a bed.

“You know what you did, you body slammed me on the floor,” Sade alleged. “Tell them the real you and why we’re here today.”

Sade said Ne-Yo called the police to put her out of his house. While they waited for the cops, she continued to run her mouth. Sade jabbed her finger in his face (which is considered assault in many jurisdictions).


She also called him “Diddy Junior” and accused him of having “freak offs” with women in his own house. Sade claimed Ne-Yo did drugs and got drunk around their kids.

Ne-Yo, 44, tried to remain calm while playing a video game as she continued to rant and rave at him.

“He wants hoes over the house while his kids is here. This ni**a like to have hoes, drugs and weed, alcohol, mushrooms and prostitutes in the house while his kids are here. Everyone has asked him to stop but he will not listen to nobody,” she said.

“He don’t care about these kids,” she added. “All he care about is doing drugs, drinking alcohol and f****** these hoes. That’s what you care about. You’ll be next. Your stories will be coming out next,” she threatened.

The father-of-7 shares his 2 youngest kids, Braiden and Brixton, with Sade.


Sade is the reason for Ne-Yo’s divorce from Crystal Renay (pictured) in 2022.

Crystal, 37, found out about Ne-Yo and Sade’s love child, and she peace’d out. The ex-couple share two sons, and a daughter named Isabella Rose.

Ne-Yo seems to be a doting father, but he has the worst luck with women.

He recently confessed to embracing polygamy and having a relationship with two women at once.

Ne-Yo confirmed that his throuple is the “first time” he is in a “relationship” with two women at the same time.

Instagram users say Ne-Yo’s nontraditional throuple is the reason why Sade went ballistic — because Ne-Yo has multiple women in his home around their kids.

“I asked him not to have these h*es in the house,” she said.

Watch the video below.