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Denver Nuggets star forward Michael Porter Jr. (right) sat down with former number one adult film star Lana Rhoades for a recent episode of his “Curious Mike” podcast.

During the eye-opening discussion, Porter and Rhoades explored the dark side of the adult film industry and how it has “desensitized” men.

Rhoades explained that her parents divorced before she was born. She had a difficult childhood, and she was later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Rhoades said her mental health disorder led her to seek validation in the adult film industry. She reportedly has a son with former NBA star Blake Griffin, who is not involved in their child’s life.

Later on in the discussion, Mike said some NBA players lose interest in pretty women and begin to seek out men for pleasure.

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“Even in the NBA, hooking up with so many people, you get desensitized to the normal thing. This happens in the NBA. I hear wild stories about some of these dudes,” he says.

“They might be a straight man, but they’ve done so much stuff with pretty girls and have so much access to pretty girls, they’re over here messing with [trans girls],” he claims. “Now they’re over here messing with dudes.”

He continued: “You’re looking at the craziest things, and now normal sex in real life doesn’t do it for you.”
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At the 39:19 mark of the video, Porter discussed the expectations that men have when they fly women out.

“I think that dudes that are flying girls out, I think there’s definitely an expectation. I don’t know if it’s a good expectation,” Porter told Rhoades.

He also said most men marry good girls who don’t put out on the first date.

Check out the very revealing interview below.

FYI: The following video contains graphic discussions of adult situations and may not be suitable for the workplace.