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Shannon Sharpe opened up about his personal life in an interview on “Funky Friday with Cam Newton.”

The former NFL star explained why he stopped going to women’s homes after he was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 1990.

In one incident, Shannon explained that he flew in from Denver and didn’t want to scare his mom by arriving home so late at night.

Shannon, 56, said he called a woman and asked if he could lay his head at her house for the night.

“I called this young lady up, I said ‘Are you dating anyone?'” The woman said no. Shannon asked her, “Do you mind if I just stay the night?”

Shannon said “‘Something told me, boy keep your clothes on.'”

After stripping to his shorts and t-shirt, the former tight end went to sleep. But he was jolted awake when the woman’s boyfriend showed up and barged into the room.

The man turned out to be a fan. He told Shannon he didn’t have a problem with him, “‘But I’m just tired of this b**** lying!'”

Shannon responded, “Me too!” and left.

After a similar incident with a different woman, Shannon said he finally learned his lesson.

Watch the video below.