Photo may have been deleted

Michael Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita Vanoy denies a report that she was carjacked by 2 Black males who stole her Rolls-Royce, gun and wallet.

Amy Jacobson, co-host of Chicago’s Morning Answer, tweeted that Vanoy was the victim of a carjacking outside her Chicago home over the weekend.

However, Vanoy, 65, denied the report in a tweet on Sunday, June 30.

“I don’t live in Chicago
I don’t drive a Rolls Royce
2a. IF I owned a Rolls Royce, I would have a driver and security
Said driver and security would absolutely be strapped-TRUST!
If any of this were True…it would read 2 black male suspects shot and ….YKMYK.”

Vanoy also advised Jacobson to get her facts straight as a journalist.

She added:

“People, take it from someone who has been covered by the media:
1. Believe NONE of what you read
Believe only HALF of what you see

As someone who has been covered by the media, know that most of what is written probably has not been fact-checked. If you don’t get information from the ‘source’, don’t believe it. VERIFY, VERIFY & VERIFY”

Jacobson deleted her tweet. But Vanoy’s followers dragged Jacobson for not doing her due diligence.