R&B singer Normani released her new single “1:59”, featuring rapper Gunna, from her long-awaited solo debut album titled Dopamine.

Normani worked with R&B singer Brandy on her new album. Brandy is known for the multitrack recording technique of layering her vocals.

    Call me, I come through, I fantasize
    You want it two times on the side,
    Clocks in the rooms
    Back on that vibe again
    It’s hard to fight again
    Sh*t we can’t hide again

    [Chorus X2]
    When I get you alone
    Boy, what you gon’ do with it?
    Don’t talk too much, just do this sh*t
    Boy, what you gon’ do with it?

To coincide with the song’s release, Normani announced a release date for her album, Dopamine.

Dopamine is Normani’s first solo album since her group Fifth Harmony went on hiatus in 2018. Fifth Harmony is one of the best-selling girl groups of all time.

R&B fans expressed their gratitude to Normani on YouTube.

One fan wrote: “Thank you Normani, it was for moments like these that we used to pray. We love you forever!”

Another person wrote: “This is everything I’m so emotional right now.”

A third fan wrote: “THE WAIT IS OVA!!! Watch this be a WHOLE MOOD!!”
Normani – 1:59 featuring Gunna (Audio)

SR rated: 3/5 roses