Photo may have been deleted

Zion Williamson sparked concern with a “suicide” post after his ex Moriah Mills accused him of beating her.

Zion’s fans were concerned when he posted lyrics from Biggie’s track “Suicidal Thoughts” on his IG Story, according to VladTV.

Zion’s post featured the following lyrics: “I can’t believe suicide’s on my f****** mind, I wanna leave.”

Zion’s fans feared the worst and asked whether he was okay. Some fans messaged the Pelicans social media pages with their concerns.

Photo may have been deleted

On Friday, Zion’s former escort Moriah Mills shared video in which she accused the NBA star of putting his hands on her.

“Every time I come on the Internet people are bashing me because of this man literally, and I’m tired of it,” she said.

Moriah, 31, complained that Zion, 22, had promised to send her $62,000 and she’s still waiting for the wire. She also accused him of beating her last year.


“He is a woman beater and the NBA needs to know this,” Moriah said through tears.

“I literally did not want to come to this because I know he has so many endorsements. But Zion Williamson is a woman beater,” she cried.

“The reason he was paying me off is so I won’t come to the world and tell everybody,” Moriah said.

Moriah is reportedly pregnant with Zion’s second child.

On Thursday, MTO News reported that Zion paid Moriah $1 million in hush money. Zion also allegedly promised to pay child support if Moriah’s baby is his.

Watch the video below.