The women who has become affectionately known as "Octopussy" after delivering 8 babies, is not fit to raise 14 children, according to her mom, who should know.

Angela Suleman, the mother of Nadya Suleman, says her daughter is a certified nut case who is "obsessed" with having children.

What first started out as a heartwarming story of modern medical miracles -- quickly unraveled into a complete mess once reporters realized there were 6 other illegitimate kids at home, and there was no father involved - just a high-tech turkey baster and a Dr. Frankenstein who snubbed his nose at the medical establishment.

So much for romanticizing the hail out of this story.

It turns out the unstable woman, who still lives at home with her 14 kids and parents, turned herself into a walking incubator for money and attention.

A reporter who saw the inside the family home told RadarOnline that the interior was "filthy", with food smeared on the walls.

Now the state medical board is looking into the doctor's practice, and the TV networks are packing up their gear and their TV satellite trucks and getting ghost.

  • yvonne79


    This chick got too many "ain't gots"
    Ain't got a job....
    Ain't got a place of her own...
    Ain't got a hubby/boyfriend to assist...

    Man! My heart goes out to her mother because the burden of her daughter's decision to keep all these children will affect her. Hell, they ALL are living in her house. Can grandma get a break from diaper duty? Talk about driving her mother to an early grave. What about the kids? They will have to fight or act up for mom's attention. Rather spend my tax dollars on something else than taking care of this chick and her fiftyleven kids.

    Did you hear that the doctor who inserted all of these embryos is under investigation?

  • brwnsugga4you

    A reporter who saw the inside the family home told RadarOnline that the interior was “filthy”, with food smeared on the walls.
    social services will be all over this. she might end of having all of her children taken away from her.

  • krbinc


  • eastpointvet

    14 kids to much for anybody to have these days lol

  • yvonne79

    @brwnsugga: Yeah, the house is filthy!!! TOO many damn kids! Only her and the mom are watching all these kids, who has time to clean?

  • ReadTheBlog

    lol@ that nick name.... her momma talked bad about her this morning.


    She's a certified "Nut". Who in the hell in there right mind would want more kids after you already have 6 and broke!!!!

  • carmelita79

    she is also planning to finish her masters in counseling. go figure. not to mention she has some phychiatric certificate and used to work in a psych ward so she knows how to manipulate the system. and it was reported early that her father and her used alias' at one time so....... WORKIG THE SYSTEM this is all a scam and she used a gift for a get rich scheme. it will all be exposed. and, HAS AYONE NOTICED SHE LOOKS LIKE ANGELINA. she looks nothing like her mother or father u can tell she had surgery.

    also, how can diss her parents talking about her miserable childhood and then expect to live with them and help her? i have so many questions

  • starr

    All i gotta say is child services, where art thou???

    Those kids need to not be in that home. She did this for attention and $$$. And her angelina look makes it all the more disturbing.

  • yvonne79

    Obviously chick didn't get enough hugs as a child OR she has some type of emotional void she is trying to fill. SMH. Homegirl needs to speak someone immediately! This is ridiculous.

  • Anna

    4eastpointvet Says:

    14 kids to much for anybody to have these days lol

    14 kids ages 7 and under. She knew the media was going to be all over this story, that's why she tried to stay unidentified.

  • Dhoward1913

    The funny thing is that she said she was going to get a Masters in counseling. The question is does she think that a Masters degree is going to allow her to afford 14 children. I have a Masters and 1 kid and under no circumstances could I afford another one. I saw her on TV saying that all of her kids have the same sperm donor and that she hopes that one day he will want to meet his kids. That's the messed up part, dude is NOT a father, he is a sperm donor, he shouldn't have to meet anyone. This lady is crazy as hell.

  • starr

    ANd the diaper companies aren't even given her free diapers.....

    She was gettign worker's comp, but was well enough to carry 8 babies?

    Dis chick is all about the $$$

  • starr

    How is she gonna find time to get her degree. I hope no one believes that.

  • Dhoward1913

    Oh I forgot***** her dad said that they bought the house for her and they went broke so they had to move in with her. So basically chick never stood on her own teo feet.

  • Shauny

    No comment on the Angelina Jolie lookalike but ROTFLMAO at that nickname. OMG that was hilarious!

  • Anna

    starr Says:

    ANd the diaper companies aren’t even given her free diapers…..

    She was gettign worker’s comp, but was well enough to carry 8 babies?

    She got $168,000 in worker's comp due to back pain while pregnant. You are only pregnant for 9 months. She received $168,000, I don't know when the money started coming in but I don't make that in one yr.

  • Anna

    starr Says:

    How is she gonna find time to get her degree. I hope no one believes that.

    Krazy had the nerve to say that she wanted to breastfeed.

  • carmelita79

    thatsfunny about the donor because she originally said the donor was a friend. and there are rules saying that donor sperm an only be used so many times before it is destroyed.

    she is just crzy

  • iscream

    If and when Social service steps in I hope its to get her some help (medical, mental, and domestic). Taking her children would not be the best move IMO. They will likely be split up bc as everyone knows 14 kids is a lot... even for Angelina Jolie.

  • candycane

    I dont understand how her dad is all pumped saying they will all be taken care of, but her mother is complaining.

  • KaraZ

    She got the worker's comp for an injury not related to her pregnancy y'all.

    Sandra, I simply was not ready for the nickname Sandra.

  • Kymystry

    Obama made her do that oo ... taklin all this change stuff... right Sandra ? ?

  • Kymystry

    Octopussy is a James Bond 007 movie ... cute nickname tho

  • starr

    @ Karaz

    thanks for clearing that up, cuz my understanding of worker's comp is for injury u get on the job. Not while pregnat or sick or wateva

  • istandbehindtheIam

    While giving birth is expensive so is the actual IVF procedure, which I doubt she used her own money to pay for the fertilization and implantation process. If she committed fraud to obtain disability/worker comp or any state government monies she's digging her own grave by hiring a publicist to book her on different public mediums. The state of Cali is dry and they are looking everywhere to reap what rightfully belongs to the state.

  • brdnbutta

    she spent that 100K + on plastic surgery obviously. She has a new nose and collagen induced lips so that is why she never gave her parents any money, she was spending it so she could look "pretty"... How in the world did she afford IVF also? I'm really curious about that because those treatments start at like 25K for each attempt...

  • Anna

    26istandbehindtheIam Says:

    The state of Cali is dry and they are looking everywhere to reap what rightfully belongs to the state.

    I am surprised that there have been any rioting going on, I heard that they are withholding tax refund checks because the city is broke.

  • Anna

    not been*


    I'm a little baffled. How could she afford IVF? Unless this doctor was paying her for RESEARCH purposes. They need to institutionalize her and give her mother every penny that she is making off of this freak show of a life.

  • Smokie

    OCTOPUSSY is soooooooooooo funny!

  • istandbehindtheIam


    At first IOU's were gonna be handed out but the state has run out of money for the month of February, so refund, state school grants and I heard welfare checks are supposed to be "deferred". Go figure!