Keri Hilson's video for "Make Love" off her upcoming album In a Perfect World, leaked today just in time to take advantage of all this manufactured Ciara/Beyonce diss hype.

But beyond the diss track, there's nothing to see here. Keri is a beautiful girl and a talented writer, but a singer? Umm, no.

  • Smokie

    Pretty average song.

    Hmmm...Kanye? He looks real serious in the video and like he wants to talk really really bad. LOL That was kinda cute. Short and cute.

  • Charles

    WHo? cant this bitch afford a lace front or something, she can write hits fro anyone let alone herself who is she why is she relevant why is she important

    its a sad day when you try to use fFLOPS like HEara to boost your career

  • masonmom

    beyonce gave her permission to "diss" her so she could attempt to gain popularity for her upcoming album. i think she should stick to writing for others because when writers try to switch hats and put out albums it doesnt do so well...i.e timbaland

  • cocoa49

    boring chicks with boring beefs......where are the real singers hiding......

  • whatdoesitmatter

    It wasn't that bad,...I wouldn't spend my money on it but if it came on the radio I'd let it play.

  • yvonne79

    Morning family!

    Can't see the video. Infamous white box. I will wait for the comments. Someone will comment on what I am missing. Whatever it is, can't be better than Babyface singing "Sunshine" to me. Gosh, I love this song!!!

    *Turning the volume up and pressing repeat*

  • leat

    it was nice....shes a good writer so why doesnt she deserve a chance to be an artist! jeesshhh!

  • Daisy

    I like Keri but I have never liked her hair. I know it was KILLIN my boy Ye to be that

  • KAT

    VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED is what i got when i tried to watch it just now...

  • BayArea

    I like...she is really starting to grow on me. At 1st I didn’t even know what the child sing (no radio airplay out here), but every since her touring with Weezy she gets major play on the #1 radio station out here. I'll probably buy her cd (on sale)... She may have some hits.

    Side note: Kanye as a love interest...go figure. LOL!

  • musicluvher


  • Imalover

    I'm really feeling this chick and I love the track and sneak peak of the video. She's talented, smart, confident, and beautiful - guess that makes me a fan. I'm getting her album the day it drops.

  • Kat

    ok, why when i click on it, it's saying "video removed"?

  • jamil2008

    I liked it. It served it's purpose...has me guessing what the next few minutes are like. Is she daydreaming? Was the CD she turned on one of Kayne's classics? I don't know but he was sexy as hell laying there. Too sexy. Keep up the good work Keri--and Kanye! I love to see legendary artists like Kanye step out of their element from time to time

  • Deep Thoughts

    Nothing you would buy, thank God for the Internet, you no longer have to support average music.

  • iscream

    Lol @ Sandra's comments....

    I agree. She is not a singer. It sounds like she is singing with that Roger Trotman machine... or for the young heads.. T Pain voicecoder.

    But that beef did give her some exposure. Too bad she punked out at the last minute.

  • toosexy

    OK WHY DOES SHE NEED A LACE WIG? That is not a requirement for people with self -esteem she is comfortable in her own, dont' hate, I can see you saying you do not like the HAIRSTYle but to imply she needs a lace front wig is ridicolous.

  • Shauny

    I couldn't figure out why she needed a lace front either but to each it's own opinion I

  • toosexy

    @shauny,, yea cuz i been guessing why they feel she is soo irrevelant and all that , I mean I had never heard of her either, and haven't really made my mind up if I like her as an artist yet, but she has been writing hits for stars for awhile so to me she is not irrevelant but estabilished, and she has her own paper, so how this is irrevelant I don't know. Writers are the ones who make the stars, so I don't know.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Does anyone else agree that Keri Hilson had waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to many people in that 'Turnin' Me On' video? Too busy! And it was wack. She's just wack. She should go back to hiding within the CD inserts, a' la writing credits.

  • babysoft15

    WHACK! Song...Whack...Video....Whack! Someone should have told Keri that not everyone can come from behind the curtain and lead the show...she should have stayed in the background...once she flops as an artist, no one will want her songs anymore! Especially after that diss non-sense!