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Before you start hollering police brutality, we didn't see what the boy did to deserve being bloodied and choked into submission. Maybe he got out of pocket or drew a weapon on the cops. Sometimes you have to put your foot on the necks of these young thugs today. The situation is getting out of control in the hood.


    you mean to tell me you posted this story without finding out what the boy did?

    you know we jump to conclusions fast around here. can you do a little more digging for us sandra?

  • Peachizz

    "What the boy did to deserve being bloodied and choked into submission." Are you serious. Talk about being insensitive!

  • Charles

    I hit that bitch with a bottle

  • Shauny

    I've already seen this and the police is saying that this 14 yr old 125lb boy with short shorts on was selling drugs. The police ONLY told them to move away from the stoop they were standing by and the boy (now get this...who had just been caught selling drugs and was only told to leave the stoop) told the police that he wasn't going anywhere and became agressive and started fighting the 2 big Radio Raheem sized policemen for at least 5 minutes BEFORE the tape started rolling....YEAH OK

    This video is so disturbing because you can see them choking this young man and his eyes are literally popping out of his head. When they let him go he just drops to the floor. He was unconsious for a bit and they were still pulling his arms up and back when they saw he wasn't moving at all. His entire face is bloody and the camera shows the police covering his mouth (some reports have said it was both his mouth and nose at one point).

    These 2 big 200lb plus policemen had to do all of that to secure a 125lb 14yr old. GTFOOH!

    Sandra you say we don't know what he did but you don't know either. I've read this story on some sites and they've said that this boy simply didn't move fast enough when he was told to move. My daughters friend who is 15 was chased last summer and grabbed by the hair and slammed to the ground by a MALE policeman because a lady (who was later determined to have been ill and LIED) told a police that she tried to steal her purse. All she said was I don't even know what you're talking about, let me call my mother. She was slammed to the ground by her hair. Kids don't have to do chit for SOME police to treat them that way.

  • spongebobfan

    cosign shuny :this is a disgrace and a shame

  • Daisy

    Does anybody know why it took so long for the video to be released? I think the incident took place last yr. I saw this on CNN the other night but I turned I can't stomach blood and what not I am to scarey for all

  • Peachizz

    What'sthe Police Dept inf, Imma start emailing to their chieif these two disgraced officers heads should be rolling.....

  • Shauny

    damn I didn't know my post was that

  • spongebobfan

    u spoke truth.. its all good....

  • Made4Success

    Jesus be a fence around all of my children. Help me to raise them up into productive, righteous and responsible citizens.

    *sigh* SMH.

  • flyqtnva

    DAMN DAMN DAMN...thats all I can say

  • Peachizz

    @Shauny Says:
    Well spoken and writtne with strong conviction... I could only hope these two are out of jobs for what tehy did to that child!

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. If the govt would go head and legalize drugs, the hood wouldn't be such a treacherous place to live. Most Americans don't know the true story of the drug war and the justice system in America. Take cocaine. Back in 1914, many white Americans used coke. It was in the soft drink apply named, Coke. Sniffing cocaine was a great high for many white Ameicans, for yrs to come. Soon thereafter 1914, southern leaders became fearful that the Negro, high on cocaine, would rape their white women. So, stiff drug laws were enforced, and well, the rest is history. A black man will get 7 yrs for killing a fellow black man but get caught selling coke, he can pull 40 easy. Most black men who are serving time for drug charges (not murder or rape) need to be placed back in the homes so they can help take care of all these babies they helped create. It usually doesn't take 40 yrs to rehabilitate someone, if it's done correctly.

    For the record, you probably won't find this history lesson in most history books. Peace.

  • Kymystry

    Made4Success Says:

    Jesus be a fence around all of my children. Help me to raise them up into productive, righteous and responsible citizens.

    AMEN !

  • Naima

    The hood really went down when teens became a majority of the drug dealers. These knuckle heads loiter in the streets, have shoot outs in the middle of the street etc. They got dudes standing on the corner all day like ho's. I don't see other races of drugs dealers sitting around their neighborhood loitering

  • Kat

    these police are getting outrageous with these beatings....

  • Anna

    I am not sure how I feel about this. I am tired of little punk ass thugs thinking they running shit. Our Chief of Police is Navarre. The two officers in the video have clean records and are still employeed. Our Mayor as of May 1st laid off 75 officers. Everyone knew it was open season. People are getting shot, killed and robbed in broad daylight.

  • missnee


    Don't act like it doesn't happen with other races because out where i live i see white, black and mexican people hanging out on the corner. so GTFOH.

    Go to a trashy white town and you'll see them hanging out. I think it has more to do with class standing then race.

  • Daisy

    Oh so when cops cross the line and break the law as long as they have a "clean record" its ok. But when anybody else breaks the law clean record or not they are going down in some shape for or fashion if they get caught. Ok thats fair.

    If the kid was selling drugs arrest him simple as that. I do not feel they felt threatned by him. They are to protect and serve or so I thought.

    As long as drugs are illegal I wish we didnt have any drug dealers young or old.

  • Shauny

    missnee - I don't think you meant #11 but I know what you're talking about. Some of the mfs be killing me.

    A policemen can handle someone without a mf blacking out and getting all bloodied up.

    @Anna - I know until a LAWSUIT was filed in Illinois ALL policemens records were sealed. You couldn't look at any to find out if they'd been arrested themselves, accidents, complaints, NOTHING. When they got unsealed is when the chit hit the fan. So Ohio has an open policy to review police records huh? If they are clean they aren't anymore.

    Some kids ARE bad azz kids and drug dealer, gangbangers, etc BUT some ARE NOT. So now young black kids are the only ones selling drugs too...SMDH. I think I have to remove myself from this subject. PEACE

  • SunnyPA

    Who said the U.S. doesn't condone torturing!?!?!

    People worried about how Americans treat alleged terrorists ... when Blacks are being treated like this ...

    Did the boy have secret plans to blow-up the country?!?!

  • Krysi J

    I hit that **** with a bottle

    you crazy

    Now my opinion:

    Police always doing some backward azz, wack judgemental shyt...they always harassing the wrong people at the wrong time. They have nothing better to do with their time than to police the projects and start some shyt up while the real drug dealers (250 thousand - 1 mili better) sit in luxury townhouses, condos and newly built homes in the nice neighborhoods getting away with murder! DO YA DAMN JOB!! Stop waisting time with 125 pd 14 year olds and 18 year olds (like the one that was killed here in gainesville last week by a cop) and find some CRIMINALS with priors, on probation, and with rap sheets as long as the US constitution!! What the hell are you going to beat up a 14 year old minor for, knowing he will only go to juvenille for a day or so and be released without any real charges??? They probably wanted to take that boy back to juvi to let some boys jump on him or WORSE...Police be having some fukked up motives behind shyt like this!

  • mimi08

    I agree with Anna.

    And for those who are being soooo damn hard on the police officers, go work in a damn juvenile facility for one freakin week, and we'll see what you say then. These days these kids want to jump and act all bad, getting up in grown folks faces like teachers, police officers, and even pastors, and they don't expect a beat down. And some of these youngs kids are very strong, very strong..Some of these kids don't respect authority, and well umma tell ya, get up in my face, and you can be assured a beat down, i don't care how old you are. Some of these kids i swear, if nobody ever in their lives stood up to them, (parents or peers) then the police don't mind doing it.

    Police Officers are required to use the "force continium" meaning, when one maneuver don't work, and the assailant is still struggling, then you go up the chain to the next move that might bring them into submission. This young man might have dictated his own ass whoopin, by continuously resisting the officers. A lil more, he might have gotten popped, so he might be lucky. Kids today aren't the same. They will challenge authority with the blink of an eye. And when they do, that officer don't know if they are resisting and going for a weapon, perhaps a knife in their pockets or not. I'm not condoming officer brutality, but most don't understand the process enough to make such claims as brutality. Yeah, his face is bloodied, but your face can look the same way if someone simply busts your lip or bust your nose.

    People always feel sorry for the citizen, and not enough sympathy goes out to the officers. They risk their lives everyday and some fail to take precaution, thinking like some of the posters on here, under estimating these kids, and getting stabbed and shot and even killed for it. I'm sorry, i'd much rather beat that ass now, and get the story later. If i tell you to get on that ground, get on the ground...If you refuse, well, i take that as a possible threat.

  • Krysi J

    But what the hell are they even wasting time whopping a 14 year old's azz, when there are real criminals selling bricks under their noses....damn a STOOP and some fukking Churrin?!

  • JustSaying

    I agree with #23.

  • attorneymom

    If those were white cops, everyone would have been dead including the camera girl. See how calm the officers were. They weren't punk azz officers who can only apprehend a suspect by shooting him or her. Hat tip to the officers for a job well done.