The fallout over the House refusal to back Obama's closing of Gitmo continues. For whatever reason (low ratings, etc.) the mainstream media is finally beginning to shine a light on some of Barack Hussein Obama's questionable policy decisions.

Obama's decision to close Gitmo, which he made on his 2nd day in office, stands out as the one decision that should have raised all sorts of red flags for Americans. Simply because it exposed Obama's true agenda, and revealed who he owed his allegiance to.

Read the following excerpt from's post titled "A setback of his own." This excerpt mirrors everything I have been saying about Obama kissing up to terrorists from day 1! Some of you laughed it off because all you could see was the color of Obama's skin:

But the President, and his senior advisers, bear at least some responsibility for the grand gesture of promising to shut down Guantanamo Bay within a year well before the administration had begun to review the casebooks and intelligence reports about the 240 odd detainees in United States custody. The shrewdness of Obama's executive order on day two cannot be denied, nor can its targeted audience - European and Arab governments, and the broader world - be ignored in the current debate. Gitmo was a "rallying cry" for Al Qaeda - that line's for public consumption - and for anti-Americanism abroad, for European smugness, for exasperation with America by Moslems everywhere. READ MORE...

Obama -- who has never run a lemonade stand much less a government -- came into office with a full blown superiority complex, making dangerous ill-informed decisions that put this country's national security at risk. He ran roughshod over the Defense Dept., and the CIA without nary a working plan in place to implement his wacky agenda. A white president making the same parallel gov. moves Obama has made would have been run out of Washington by now.

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    I don't know what's going on in DC. It looks like a full blown pissin' game to me ... and it's every man/woman for himself.