T.I., Grand Hustle and MusicBusinessPolitics cordially invites you to attend T.I.'s Grand Going Away "Fete to the Future" party in Miami, Florida on Friday, May 15. And to ensure that one lucky SR member gets to taste the full experience of this once-in-a lifetime event, Grand Hustle is giving away one All Access pass** for you plus a guest to attend the event in Miami!

To win the pass, either leave a comment in this post or send an email to info @ sandrarose.com (remove the spaces) explaining why you feel you are T.I's biggest fan!

**Travel, hotel, and ground transportation not included in this offer**

For more info, click the invite below!

  • http://myspace.com/necee518 yvonne79

    Kewl. I also will be in Miami that weekend.



  • Daisy

    Now Sandra you are playing! You are lucky I am not pressed to go you already know I am the resident TI stan on your site. I goes HARD for him! (Bird where are you I need a witness..lol) I even started the official TI stan fan club..lol

  • ReadTheBlog

    nananana nananana hey hey hey good byeeeeee.

  • iyonah

    Paging COA & DIVA .... paging COA & DIVA

  • Daisy

    @RTB There will be NONE of that..lol You have been warned..lol

  • Anti-believer

    I'm a fan of T.I.'s music. My favorite song is "Why You Wanna". I would definitely like to meet him in person. He's a rapper that has carved his own niche into hip hop. He's growing in maturity and hopefully after his jail time, he will be an even better man.

  • Naima

    Why don't he have a going away wedding for his 3 time baby momma Tiny? How about that.

  • mizzdallas

    Dang he aint gone to the Big House yet...? I just hope he don’t drop the soap he sooo little nothing but skin and bones those big boy's will tear his azzhole into pieces!! Lmbao!

    Yes Daisy we all KNOW you go HARD for TI!!!

  • mizzdallas


    They are there gonna have a jailhouse wedding!!! lol j/k

  • iscream

    So you don't have to be based out of Miami or Atl to win?

    Is this all expense paid?

    If so. TI I may not have ever brought any of your albums but I sure could use a vacation. I've always viewed you as a positive rapper who spit lyrics that my old ass can relate to. You are the Jay Z of the south. (& I loves me some Jigga) Oh wait this is about TI.

    Tip you can view helping me the way you helped those young boys on your show. I mean I'm not a drug dealer... but I do smoke the chief (is that a real drug.) & I will roll you a phatty. (Cause I'm not trying to reform myself).

  • http://myspace.com/dannyblaq dblaq

    Hey mizzdallas why you want his asshole to be torn to pieces. that is not nice!!!

  • bklynchick

    Lawd have mercy my boo gonna be in the MIA..... I wish I could go because I love love love love love love love love me some TI. This blog could not hold enough words of why I am the biggest TI fan plus I am not in MIA. Well to whomever wins I hope they have a great time (in a jealous tone). My daughters birthday is on the same day he goes to jail May 19. I am going to miss my boo damn....

  • Daisy

    @Ice I guess you missed the line where Sandra said NOTHING is paid for just FREE tickets..lol

    @Mizz Yes Ma'am I have always LOVED me some TI! He has natural swagger for days..lol I stayed on his team during the good bad and UGLY!

  • Shauny

    Daisy is the official president and member of the TI Stan club.

    BTW Motivation, Bring Em Out,You Don't Know Me, and ASAP are my favorite TI songs. That song What up...what's happening..all you haters...can get at me...etc is my song too. Were they all on one CD (except the last one I mentioned? I'm not sure, my hubby got me listening to him.

  • Daisy

    Gone to look for a free TI baby t shirt..LOL

  • mizzdallas

    I pray and hope they dont turn him out jesus be shield and protect TI azzests!!

    Babygirl ummmm TI is NOT paying for airfare & hotel...

  • DivaMama


    LOL @ the page, Iyonah!

    I will need some time to think about what to write to see my baby daddy!!!! Da*n I love HE!!!!!!

    Hell, I might take a trip back home for the heck of it now that I'm thinking about it... Airtran, here I come!!!

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Dear TI,
    enjoy your BullS*** sentence,shame that a convicted felon found with weapons of mass destruction can get basically a slap on wrist, but someone with no priors gets 2 years for dogfighting....
    goodbye TI

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    They will be celebrating Major's first birthday too.

  • iscream

    Lmao I sure did miss that line in BOLD letters.

    Well, then someone from Miami should win. Because we all know these giveaways sometimes come out bootleg. Didn't the last winner say she never even got to meet TI?

    Would hate to spend my money to be partying with... Jazzyphatass, rocco, cubic and them. I see them so much on this site I feel like I know them.

  • Daisy

    @Sponge dont get mad at TI get mad at the "justice" system and Vick for NOT getting a better lawyer!


    i dont fool with this snitch

  • Daisy

    ^Takes one to know one..lol

  • teecee

    hmmmmmmmm he having a going away to jail for a yr because i bought guns, and snitched... does this include bullet proof jackets because from what i have read on line, grand hustle got a mark on dey back.

  • iyonah

    Diva ... I heart you!!! How you been chica!? How is the family????

    You or COA should WIN ... I know yall LUBBBBBSSS some TI!

    Sorry Daisy ...
    Diva really loves her some TI ... her & COA!!

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    Daisy, who is that in your avatar?

  • DivaMama

    Iyonah, I've been good! Can't complain! Kids are well.. I read about your potty training story with Ni while lurking, lol! I saw that things are well with you as well. :)

    If I win, COA will be my guest! :)

  • iscream

    "If I win Coa will be my guest"

    What a selfless comment. I vote that DivaMama win!

  • Daisy

    Iyonah I will not even debate that with you its all good the fam knows where I stand when it comes to TI I took coa application the other day

  • goat76

    Tell'em why u madd Spongey!!!

  • Daisy

    Maxwell is my pic at whoever asked

  • DivaMama

    :) Thanks, isc!

  • iscream

    @ Daisy I saw Maxwell new video the other day. Beautiful song.


    That hairless face is not the move. He looks like a shaved puzzy.

    Waiting for the Jigga stab..... lol.

  • ladyrazor

    Imma just say this if you aint seen the paper work the word snitch should not be attached. Find the court documents and post them. If it shows he's a snitch I'll climb back under my rock...

    However...I am part of the Daisy Stan Club of T.I...lol

    ps~that should go for anybody..Paper work talks b/s opinions without back up dont.

  • ladyrazor


    That hairless face is not the move. He looks like a shaved puzzy.

  • Daisy

    @ice my baby looks good n his new video

    I agree TI has addressed the snitchin rumors it would be n the court docs favor aint fair

  • http://myspace.com/tamarlese Peachizz

    I'm TI's 2nd Biggest Fan cause Tiny is #1.

  • Daisy

    Peach please get in line behind myself diva and coa thanks lol

  • kblkness29

    I'm definitely down for this trip!! I'm sure that party is going to be THE happening spot!

  • coaretained

    HOW IN THE HAILLLL DID I MISS THIS POST?????? ( Iyonah.. you shoulda CALLED.. not paged..LOL)

    Thank you Diva for offering to take me as your guest... you KNOW we'll have fun...(snicker)

    I LUB me some Clifford Harris Jr. As proof, my boyfriend is a clone. ( see my myspace page) My youngest son emulates him and knows every word ( except the cusswords) to all of his POSITIVE songs. He even tries to take pictures like him.

    But since he can't go... Sandra you should give the tix to my sons mama...AKA ME. I'll take Diva with me.. so one of us should win. Daisy already conceded. :)

  • DivaMama

    If we must be technical, COA and I BOTH have clones! We swear that they all are related, lol!