According to, the Feds have raided the Houston office of the last doctor to see Michael Jackson alive.

It is believed that Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Texas and Nevada, unlawfully dispensed and administered the potent sedative Diprivan to Jackson without a license.

Diprivan is used in anesthesia and is rarely administered outside of a hospital setting.

Jackson had reportedly begged doctors over the years to administer Diprivan -- a short-acting sedative -- to put him to sleep. Diprivan was used during his numerous plastic surgeries.

Dr. Murray was with Jackson when he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest on the morning of June 25 in his rented Bel Air mansion.

After speaking with the LAPD on two occasions following Jackson's sudden death, Murray ceased all communications with the police. The LAPD asked the local DEA office to help them serve the sealed warrant on Murray's Houston office today.

  • Mika79

    MJ died of drug overdose!

  • coaretained

    part of me wonders.. if this dr was yt.. would they be doing all of this??

    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTT.. if he did it.. he needs to do some time..he killed the G.O.A.T (allegedly)

  • coaretained

    @mika... so does that mean criminal charges can be pursued??

  • Mika79

    I hope so...they just need to find out WHO to file them against. Who gave him the drugs? This may be like Anna Nicole...they find out years after she dies.

  • coaretained

    I guess over dose and ACCIDENTAL overdose is the difference.. accidental would have been him doing it himself ( my own personal assumption)...

    I hope this will curb all of the BS surrounding drs and prescription fraud... money is nice.. but not at the expense of my morals...

  • Krysi J

    *listening to Human Nature*

    I really don't want to talk about this right I'll come back to it later ..SMH :sad:

  • coaretained

    @krysi... I am reading the story about his OLDEST son.. and simultaneously listening to Billie

  • Mika79

    I don't know. It's all law mess to me. With Anna Nicole, it was said she was killed by overdose because they had been feeding her the drugs over the years. Now, does she have a say so in it? If so, then how can it be that they killed her. Just like Michael, couldn't he have said no? So will someone be charged with killing him. It's not like he was out of it 24/7.

  • Anna

    This man stepped away from his practice to earn $100,000 a month to look after MJ. Whether he did it or not the famiy should ask for a refund. This is what greed does. It makes you forget your values. Did MJ specifically hire him to be at his becken call and administer drugs at will? If so he should be ashamed of himself.

  • coaretained

    I think it makes it manslaughter and not murder...:shrug:

    can't wait to see these DNA tests though!!

  • iscream


    I love you Michael. I will always love you and your music. There will never be another to accomplish the things that you did.

    Now that being said.

    When I watch the full press conf of him announcing the "This is it" tour. And watching different interviews of people close to mike. Its clear as day that he was using Px drugs.


    As a doctor on one of the interviews said. Hollywood is filled with people using Px drugs. It has gone on long before Michael Jackson. & it will go on long after Michael. I'm just so saddened that he got caught up in it to the point of death.

    I wonder if anyone will do a news story exposing the Dr. Pillgoods of Hollyweird. Nope, calling Mike out makes for better news, I guess. :shrug:

  • coaretained

    good point @anna.. how do you get hired as a dr to keep the nicca HEALTHY and he DIES??? SUDDENLY??

  • coaretained

    yeah iscream.. he did seem high... and he DID seem lie he didn't want to do them 50 dayum shows either.... like "PHUCK!! This is IT dammit!!" that's what I got from him....

    I am kinda at the point I don't know how to feel about it... is it HIS fault or the ENABLERS faults? I think boff... but like you said.. sorry he had to get caught up in it.

  • attorneymom

    When are they going to arrest his dumb azz???

  • coaretained

    Maybe I watch too much law and order.. but maybe they need more evidence. :shrug:

  • Mika79

    Iscream...I noticed that too...that is when I said he looked a bit coocoo for cocoa puffs! Yeah he was on that stuff!

  • Mika79

    Forget L&O...where is Grisham when you need him???

  • iscream

    @ Coa.

    I look at it like this. Some people need a little something to get them thru the day to day. There are millions of people in America that use Px drugs. According to one of the doctors some of those pills are uppers so that combined with the stress already in his life he may have really had a hard time sleeping. He had the money to get the best of the best. & being familar with the sedative from his PS he knew what he wanted.

    I fault the Dr. 1) because morally he knew it was wrong & he let the almighty dollar cloud his better 2) I think he dropped the ball by either giving Mike 2 much or not monitering him correctly. & when he saw he may have killed one of the biggest stars of all time he panicked (don't they learn not to in med school.) and instead of getting him to a hospital immediatly he didn't.

  • iscream

    Oh forgot to say. I also don't think he wanted to do 50 shows. That is being said across the board. That man who was on Larry King with Joe Jack made a great point. If Mike agreed to do 50 shows why doesn't AGE produce a signed contract showing he did? From the statement read from AGE they said. It started as 10 shows but because the presales was off the charts they had the option to move it to 31. So where did 50 come from.

    Yeah that press conference showed that was it for him.

    Still IMO he is/was and will always be the greatest of all time. GOAT!

  • ELove

    IF this man is smart and have just a little bit of Common-Sense... He's no longer in this country !!! FRAME-UP begins and starts with Federal-Mandated RAIDS on ONE'S Business or Corporation or Business Entity... This is a Tried-n-Tested protocol that ALWAYS works in casting blame and planting guilt to THEIR Targets-of-Disposal !!!

    Remember WHEN four black business came together to help build-n-oversee a Publishing-n-Distribution Company for BLACK MUSIC with anywhere from $30 million to $50 million APIECE ...

    Within a WEEK all of these black businessmen OFFICES were raided and felony charges were later levied against them AND no such Business-Deal was ever made OR even attempted ever since... THOSE MEN WERE

    Suge Knight
    Dame Dash
    Jay Prince
    Irv Gotti


  • Kat

    R.I.P. Mike! :sad: