You know you're in trouble when members of your own party refuse to go along with you on an important piece of legislation.

Let me rephrase that: you would know unless you were a narcissist like Barack Hussein Obama who doesn't care what anyone thinks of his ridiculous ideas.

At this point, Obama's administration can best be described as a runaway train -- everyone is jumping off.

House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer is open to the idea of leaving without voting on the health care bill before the House breaks for recess on July 31.

Other dems -- along with Republicans in the House and Senate are voicing the same idea. Democrats and Republicans have their own concerns about the proposed new taxes and the cost of the bill adding to the deficit.

Dems are concerned that a proposed tax on employers may end up penalizing the employers without affecting the rising medical costs.

But Obama couldn't care less about any of those concerns. His only concern is socializing medicine and making the citizens of this country dependent on big government like they are in Russia and Germany.

In other words, Obama knows this bill will destroy the economy (and health care as we know it) but he doesn't care. He just wants the House and Senate to 'Get it done' regardless of how adversely it affects the economy or jobs.

North Dakota Democrat Earl Pomeroy said the health care reform bill "will not pass the House floor" as written.

This is shaping up to be the biggest defeat of Obama's presidency.

According to, the Feds have raided the Houston office of the last doctor to see Michael Jackson alive.

It is believed that Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist with offices in Texas and Nevada, unlawfully dispensed and administered the potent sedative Diprivan to Jackson without a license.

Diprivan is used in anesthesia and is rarely administered outside of a hospital setting.

Jackson had reportedly begged doctors over the years to administer Diprivan -- a short-acting sedative -- to put him to sleep. Diprivan was used during his numerous plastic surgeries.

Dr. Murray was with Jackson when he went into respiratory and cardiac arrest on the morning of June 25 in his rented Bel Air mansion.

After speaking with the LAPD on two occasions following Jackson's sudden death, Murray ceased all communications with the police. The LAPD asked the local DEA office to help them serve the sealed warrant on Murray's Houston office today.

Convicted woman beater Chris Brown is back in the studio a couple of days after begging his fans to listen to his music again.

Unlike millions of you, I did not click on the video link to hear what bitch boy had to say to Rihanna or to his fans. I am not one of his fans, and furthermore, who wants to hear a silly bitch whining?

What's clear is that his career is in the toilet and he will never regain the superstar status that he enjoyed before he kicked, punched and bit Rihanna into submission earlier this year.

What his mama didn't teach him about life, he will certainly learn in the coming months.

Chris patting his pocket looking for loose change

MORE pics of this bitch after the break

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NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal rushed to his wife Shaunie's hospital bedside after she was involved in a head on collision with another vehicle.

The accident occurred in Orlando, Florida around 6 a.m. yesterday. Shaunie was driving to an airport when a teenager collided into her car at full speed. Shaunie and two others were taken to a hospital where she was treated for minor injuries and released.

Shaunie, took to her Twitter page yesterday to let her followers know she was alright. Sorry, I don't follow her on Twitter so I have no idea what she wrote. But at least we know her fingers are okay.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

Last night, pop legend Whitney Houston thrilled and regaled the industry elite at a listening party for her sixth studio album "I Look To You." The J/RCA Records listening event at the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC was well attended by everyone from Alicia Keys to Martha Stewart. The only one missing was me because a RCA rep repeatedly hung up on me when I requested credentials to cover the event. The rep kept asking who I was as if she'd never heard of me before. That's fine with me since I'm not trying to be famous anyway.

Whitney pretended to be excited to see singer Alicia Keys. We wish we could read her mind to see what she was really thinking.

MORE pics after the break!

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It's hard being a Kool Aid sipping Barack Hussein Obama cheerleader these days.

Since February, BHO's ratings have slid sharply -- dropping 12 percentage points -- since Americans figured out that he is nothing but a jive talking snake oil salesman.

Tonight, Obama faces the toughest challenge of his 7-month presidency when he goes before the nation to push his lame duck health care reform bill that nobody wants.

Obama, a true narcissist in every sense of the word, has effectively shielded himself against the naysayers who predict his health care reform bull will not pass.

Obama is even ignoring members of his own Democratic party who oppose the bill because he thinks he is The One.

The public attitude toward Messiah Obama and Congress is reflected in the major polls which show that Americans disapprove of the way he is handling the economy.

Americans are tired of Obama ramming costly bills through Congress without bothering to read them first. They are also wary of Obama's empty promises and his outright lies.

Unemployment within the black community is at an all-time high. Obama's Porkulus spending bill didn't put a dent in the unemployment numbers nationally as he promised it would. In fact the numbers are fast approaching double digits for the first time in 3 decades!

Yet Obama wants members of the House to vote on a health care reform bill in 2 weeks that will certainly result in even more job losses.

Enough is enough!

I'm not feeling this style worn by NBA baller Carmelo and his boy, rapper Diego Cash at the Velvet Room this past Sunday.

I was told not to mention the words "suspect" or "How U doin" in regards to the old school culottes 'Melo is sportin'. I was also told not to go in on them for dressing alike right down to the faux diamond pendants. So I won't mention any of that.

Local businessman and club promoter Alex Gidewon, right, with Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets

MORE pics after the break!

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Every now and then my loyal readers email me inquiring about where R&B Diva Monica purchases her vintage Porsche, Gucci and Burberry stunna shades.

In the past, I couldn't answer that question since Mo was so busy putting the finishing touches on her album. But yesterday, while out & about, I ambled into the ultra trendy Moda404 Men's Boutique on Pharr Road in Buckhead and ran into co-owner Kwessi (pictured above with Monica) who informed me that regular customers Monica, Devyne Stephens and Usher often cop their vintage shades at his boutique.

As a matter of fact, Monica recently visited Moda404 and snapped up the last pair of off-white vintage Burberry hater blocker shades that I wanted.

The prices range from $250-$1000 for these one-of-a-kind shades that are purchased in Italy and other far flung places around the world.

If you own a pair of vintage shades from Moda404, you are guaranteed not to see anyone else in the Atlanta wearing them!

Moda404 Men's Boutique is located at 254 Pharr Road, below the Eclipse condos in Buckhead. Store hours are Mon-Sat: 12pm to 10pm or Sunday by appointment only. Call (404) 869-3398 for more info.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement, nor did I receive compensation in the form of merchandise. I'm doing this for the love because me and Kwessi go way back!

I know that my regular readers don't care about Beyonce, but I found this clip interesting. Beyonce surprised a fan at the United Center by wiping down her grill and throwing her wet towel at him.

Obviously, the guy is gay since those are the only "men" who attend Bey concert's nowadays.

According to Drew Reports, Akon has accepted his financial responsibilities for his son born to a sister of Ugandan fashion designer Sylvie Owori.

The mother, Susan Owori, whom Akon knocked up while on tour last year, apparently couldn't get in contact with the Senegalese singer to serve him with papers. So she did what any other self-respecting groupie who happened to get herself pregnant by a Superstar would do -- she sold her story to a tabloid.

“I think kids are a blessing,” said the currently married sex symbol. “[To set the record straight], I never ran away from my responsibilities and I never plan to. Everything I am doing now is for [my other five kids] anyway, so the more kids I can have, the better. I just love them.”

Beaming with pride, Akon said, "It’s a boy and he’s handsome as hell."

Footage of so-called "ballers" Jermaine Dupri, Nelly and troubled former NFL corner back Adam "Pacman" Jones making it rain in a Las Vegas strip club before the shooting that left 3 people injured.

The footage was filmed in 2007 at Minx Gentlemen's club during the NBA All-Star weekend. At one point you see the rapper Nelly wave off the cameraman as he holds 10 stacks in his hands.

Trouble broke out when overzealous dancers bent down to pick up some of the $40,00 in cash being thrown by Nelly and Pacman.

Former music mogul Dupri stopped the music and grabbed the mic to rebuke and reprimand the girls for picking up the money too soon. The reason for that is: some of the cheddar goes back to the so-called ballers and the club at the end of the night. The girls get to divvy up what's left over from the loot that was thrown -- but you're not supposed to know that.

The eventual shooting outside the strip club -- and the media avalanche that followed -- helped expose the truth behind the "making it rain" deception.

Bi-racial people are tired of being classified as black and they are speaking out in increasing numbers.

They believe it's absurd to recognize only half of their race and ignore the other race that makes them whole. I totally agree with them! It's time for bi-racial people to be classified as their own race. If a mixed breed dog can be identified as both breeds then a human being should not be one or the other.

Even bi-racial children are speaking out against this injustice. I love what the little boy says at the end, "If people don't like who you are, just find somebody who does."

    Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result
    ~ Albert Einstein

Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for president on a shaky platform of Change. He promised to "hit the ground running" if elected president. He promised no taxes on the working class and relief for the millions of Americans who were losing their jobs and homes at record rates, yada yada yada...

So far, Obama has not made good on his promises -- including his promise to save or create 3 million jobs if his massive Porkulus spending bill was passed.

Despite the $787 billion stimulus bill, unemployment is fast approaching 10%. In Obama's 7 months in office he's managed to quadruple the national debt and has tried his best to undermine the economy of this great country by attempting to ram wasteful legislation through Congress.

It comes as no surprise that Obama is quickly losing support among his fellow Dems:

Could it be that President Barack Obama's Midas touch is starting to dull a bit, even among members of his own party?

Conservative House Democrats are balking at the cost and direction of Obama's top priority, an overhaul of the nation's health care system. A key Senate Democrat, Max Baucus of Montana, complains that Obama's opposition to paying for it with a tax on health benefits "is not helping us."

Another Democrat, Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma, tells his local newspaper that Obama is too liberal and is "very unpopular" in his district.

From his first days in office, Obama's popularity helped him pass the landmark $787 billion stimulus package and fueled his ambitious plans to overhaul the nation's health care system and tackle global warming.

Obama continues to be comparatively popular. But now recent national surveys have shown a measurable drop in his job approval rating, even among Democrats. A CBS news survey out this week had his national approval rating at 57 percent, and his standing among Democrats down 10 percentage points since last month, from 92 percent to 82 percent. READ MORE...

According to Page Six, there was no body in the golden coffin at Michael Jackson's public memorial at the Staples Center last week.

"The coffin was empty. There was no body there at all," a source told Page Six.

Earlier that day, an insider emailed me to tell my loyal readers not to be fooled by the shenanigans going on in California. She said the casket was empty and that Jackson's body -- minus his brain -- was already in a crypt at a cemetery in L.A.

My source said the brain would be placed in the casket at a later date when it was released by the L.A. coroner's office. Despite denials by the Jackson family, my source's words rang true when, after the memorial, Jackson's "body" went missing sending paparazzi on a mad scramble around L.A. in search of his mortal remains.

She also told me, among other things, that AEG, the firm that booked Jackson to perform 50 concerts in London was also organizing the public memorial fiasco -- and they wanted the show to go on, body or no body. AEG originally planned to charge Jackson's fans a grip to attend the public memorial. But the Jackson family nixed those plans.

Phot: Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis

Maybe US Weekly didn't get the memo? In its current issue on stands now, the magazine is reporting that music mogul Jermaine Dupriu, 36, and pop icon Janet Jackson, 43, have split up after 7 years.

The mag quotes an inside source as saying the two have been "moving in different directions for a while."

Oh really? According to my sources, Janet and JD are still very much together. But if they have been moving in different directions for a while, what should we make of those paparazzi shots of the Superstar couple buying burgers and drinks just last week in Malibu, California? Body doubles?

Rumors of Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri going their separate ways have been swirling for months now. JD repeatedly denies the rumors on his Twitter page and in the local media. And still the rumors persist.


Philadelphia police say gay twin pr0n stars couldn't make a living with their stunning good looks and considerable pr0n skills, so they went on a breaking and entering crime spree instead.

Police say Taleon Goffney, 27, used a handsaw and ax to break into a beauty salon through the roof while his twin brother Keyontyli Goffney acted as lookout.

Taleon was arrested on Feb. 19, 2008 and pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary. On Wednesday he was convicted and received three to eight years in prison. Keyontyli is due back in court on Aug.6.

The twins starred in many gay pr0n flicks such as "Marc and the Twins," which featured the brothers in incestuous scenes.

Taleon could have gotten 40 years in prison. His lawyer, Michael F. Gushue, told the judge his client would not go back to a life of crime once he's released from prison.

"I think he's had an epiphany," Gushue said. "He's a bright young man."


You are invited to attend the celebrity birthday bash of actress Vivica A. Fox and NBA star Derek Anderson of the Charlotte Bobcats TONIGHT at Primal Nightclub!

Last week's Grand Opening of Primal Fridays was off the chain! The line stretched around the building and the crowd was even larger than expected! So you know tonight will be even bigger and better now that word has spread.

Ladies in attendance said they've never seen so many fine men in one spot, and the men said the ladies were hawt!

Experience Primal Fridays for yourself tonight! But remember to get there early. The line will be cut off once the club reaches capacity.

I'm sure that I'm the only blogger in the land who knew Jennifer Lopez's rump was full of it. In my other profession, it's my business to spot fake body parts from a mile away. It's how I know that J-Lo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and others have duped the public all these years.

Well, a loyal reader emailed me today with evidence that J-Lo is full of ish.

Hi sandra in ny on the set of back up plan starring j-lo and the azz is officially gone.
Lisa s

I guess this movie role didn't call for a Latina with a fake azz?

Guess which actress gave the paps the middle fanga yesterday while shopping in West Hollywood? I used to have a thing for this particular actress. Her beautiful brown skin just turned me on. But when I met her in person and tried to holla -- her cold stare cut right through me. I still got love for her though.

See who she is after the break!

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And here I thought I was the only female urban blogger who had haters!

ATLien of Straight from the A blog caught flack from soon-to-be 2x divorced TRAMPeka Foster-Glover-Raymond. Trampeka -- using a pseudonym -- emailed threats of violence to ATLien, who promptly posted the email on her blog just like I taught her.

TRAMPeka even used ATLien's government name to show she meant business. ATLien should file charges. TRAMPeka once leveled threats of violence towards me. She made good on her threat by sending Usher to attack me a couple of years back (my longtime readers recall that incident). She needs to be stopped.

This is just more evidence that TRAMPeka is a certifiable loon. Luckily, Usher escaped from her clutches just in time! If I were him I would go for full custody. I wouldn't leave my kids with that nut job.

From: Margeaux Taylor (aka Tameka Foster-Glover-Raymond)
Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 9:52 PM
Subject: Tameka Raymond – Your Death Threat

To Michelle Williams aka Absurd bitch azz Alien. Your obsession with Tameka must weigh heavy on your already chunky azz. You’re so desperate you pay actual money to try to find case files from 20 years ago which possess no relevance to anything but your Schizophrenia. You have all your facts wrong, which totally discredits anything you say. Tameka’s not going to court tomorrow, no DNA Paternity Test ever requested (check the legal papers which you’re so good at finding), she was never involved w/ welfare fraud and you my dear seem to have a major crush on Usher. I can see you in line with the rest of the groupies just salivating to suck his dick but bashing Tameka won’t help your chances. Her azz is about to be PAID shopping at Chanel, Gucci and Prada while you can’t even find an advertiser for your miniscule local blog besides Super 8 Motels LOL. You better watch your back in Atlanta. You are on the list for a serious beat down. I know what you look like now.

Last night, in between snoring while at the movies watching the wretchedly boring Harry Potter, I glanced at my Sidekick and saw that loyal reader Stylerazzi tweeted a pic of Rihanna.

She said Rihanna shaved the side of her hair like that one-hit-wonder Cassie. I was shocked. I couldn't wait to get home to see the pic because the screen on my sidekick was too small.

I have no words for this travesty! I did some investigating and learned that the person responsible for this hatchet job is a celebrity "stylist" by the name of Ursula Stephen. This heiffer lost her mind. Doesn't she know that the gay community has been shaving the sides of their heads for decades? Hello? Grace Jones! This is not new.

In one fell swoop, Rihanna went from being a style icon to just REGULAR.

As soon as RiRi saw what Ursula did to her head she should have jumped up and screamed, "I'm filing charges!"

MORE pics after the break!

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I knew this would happen once bourgeoisie blacks realize that Barack Obama is not in office to be a champion of the black agenda.


When President Barack Obama takes the stage here Thursday night at the NAACP’s annual conference, he will be greeted by a base of black supporters who see him as the crowning achievement in the struggle for civil rights. Six months into his presidency, there are few signs that black support for Obama is softening.

Yet, many are hoping to hear from Obama something that they have yet to hear—specific plans to address the black agenda. READ MORE...

Barack Obama's statements following a shooting that left 5 New Jersey officers injured today were remarkably swift considering it took him two days to issue a statement about the black Muslim shooter who took the life of an Army recruiter in June.

Maybe Obama was told that the suspects in this recent shooting were not Muslim?

The five Jersey City officers were shot by two robbery suspects during a running gun battle that started at 5 a.m. and ended when officers forced their way into an apartment where the suspects had barricaded themselves.

Both suspects -- an unidentified male and female -- were killed in the shoot out. The pair had been under surveillance by police following an armed robbery last month that left one man wounded.

The most critically injured officer arrived at a local medical center in full cardiac arrest with no vital signs but doctors were able to resuscitate him. One side of his face was blown away and he will require plastic surgery to repair his jaw, sinuses and the left eye socket.

Obama sent his thoughts and prayers to the families of the officers and said the shooting was a reminder of the sacrifices that officers make every day. "We are confident that they are going to come back as strong as ever," he said.


A loyal reader (who insists she's not a Cougar) sent these pics to me. She was complaining that rapper Soulja Boy stuffed his drawls with a pair of socks. I'm not enough of an expert on sock stuffing or Soulja Boy to render an opinion either way.

See the evidence after the break. *Images might not be safe for work*

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