R.I.P. Rev. Ike

Rev. Ike, one of the original “prosperity preachers” has died at age 74. A family spokesman said Rev. Ike, real name Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter, died in a L.A. hospital of complications from a stroke which he suffered two years ago.

Rev. Ike preached prosperity (blessings of abundant wealth) through giving more than the expected small percentage of income (tithing). In his heyday, Rev. Ike raked in millions from his parishioners while living in opulence with a stable of women and Rolls Royce’s.

Rev. Ike was the predecessor to modern day prosperity preachers like Creflo Dollar, a College Park Televangelist who was recently slapped with a multimillion dollar lawsuit for fraud.


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    PAHairston says:

    Hello All. Wow, 2009, we’ve lost quite a few famous folks this year. R.I.P. Reverend Ike, R.I.P.

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    Mika79 says:

    I guess people just are not taking this ban on death seriously!!! People…we only have 4 months of the year left…can you CHILL!

    RIP…I never heard of him tho!

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    ELove says:

    Ms. Sandra
    YOU forgot to mention the TONS of illegitimate children he has fostered into this world as well

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    Daisy says:

    @Elove Morning babe :love:

    Yes I always heard Rev Ike had a ton of kids. RIP

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    Anna says:

    4ELove Says:

    Ms. Sandra
    YOU forgot to mention the TONS of illegitimate children he has fostered into this world as well

    R I P to Rev.
    ELove I was listening the Mike Baiston(sp) yesterday and he is going to put “Preachers In the Poll Pit” on blast soon

  7. 7
    ELove says:

    @anna… Mike is A FOOL, I don’t doubt that at all LOL

    Morning to YOU Baby-Boo :kiss:

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    Daisy says:

    M Basiden has been doing “Preachers/Pimps in the pulpits” on blast series for yrs now.

  9. 9
    2bme says:

    I just remember him being mentioned on Good Times..you’d have to be a fool to follow anyone w/the last name that has anything to do with MONEY..that automatically tells you what the so called evangelist is about…you deserved to get duped

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    crystal says:

    He was a damm crook,his show would come on late at night and he would preach with his ruby pinky ring & slick ass hair. @ the age of 9 i knew he was a crook, i told my grandmother why does she send checks to a man who have all that money and my grandmother tell awww shut the hell up!
    lol true story.

    he son comes on TV now so i am sure he will be taking over the congregation asking for more $$$$$$ with his Jackie Wilson looking self.

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    KaraZ says:

    never heard of this dude either, Mika I think you need to get your people to send the memo out on your ban though.

    Sandra share about creflo’s suit please… i’ve never understood the fascination with him, his words have never touched me.

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    Anna says:

    Daisy Says:

    M Basiden has been doing “Preachers/Pimps in the pulpits” on blast series for yrs now.

    He has not done it for a minute. Now that he brought it back he is going “extra hard”.

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    shunda says:

    My mommy just said he took all kinds of money lol. She was like that damn thief is finally gone. Ok that is not funny but it was when she said it. She said her sister would send him money waiting on a prayer cloth.

  14. 14
    Daisy says:

    Shunda :rofl: not a prayer cloth..lol She can steal one from the church..lol

  15. 15
    shunda says:

    Daisy I was trying so hard not to laugh my Mom was cussing for like 5 minutes. She said I told her dumb a&^ I wasn’t sending Ike another dime.

  16. 16
    Daisy says:

    Shunda STOP IT :rofl: Your sister can now send her money to Pastor Kerney on BET for her prayer cloth..LOL Rickey Smiley has him on sometimes he is a FOOL!

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    PAHairston says:

    It’s me again. Rev Ike taught people not to wait for “their pie in the sky” and to get it here on earth, while they are living. (Many people in the Bible were very rich.) He is no different than say all the new super rich mega-evangelists that peddle the Bible and earn fat pay checks by preaching the word from a positive standpoint, not fire and brimstone. (Some of these young heathens today need to be taught firm and brimstone, put some fear in their arses) I never give my money freely to anyone that already has millions. I help those that I know personally, like my family, friends and neighborhood children, so that I can see where my money is going.

    As for Ike having a church load of children, so did Solomon, who had over 800 concubines, which are whores. Peace.

  18. 18
    shunda says:

    @Daisy it is my mom’s sister lol. But is Pastor Kerney the one with Tuerretes(sp) that yells out God and wakes me up out of my sleep?

  19. 19
    pointhimout says:

    Remember when rev ike used to sell those green pieces of cloth? funny. so creflo’s being sued? this couldn’t come at a worse time. he still hasn’t sold that gaudy(sp) house in sw atlanta. uh uh, not the business.

  20. 20
    JustSayin says:

    Not to be insensitive..But I thought he was alot older than that..and had all ready crossed over..RIP Rev.


  21. 21
    shunda says:

    @JustSayin. That is what my Mommy said in between her cussing lol

  22. 22
    The Divine Ms. K says:

    @ Elove and Daisy – my daddy has the hook up @ Hilton if ya’ll want a room! :lol:

    Sorry about his death, but never heard of him. He must have had a dang good formula down since Creflo and the rest are following it.

  23. 23
    Daisy says:

    @Shunda YES that is the man on BET..lol He HOLLAS all the time!

    I am over here cracking up at you :rofl:

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    flyqtnva says:


  25. 25
    flyqtnva says:

    M Basiden IS good at what he does…HAS he called OUT TD JAKES????

  26. 26
    Anna says:

    shunda Says:

    @Daisy it is my mom’s sister lol. But is Pastor Kerney the one with Tuerretes(sp) that yells out God and wakes me up out of my sleep?

    I am dipping. Did you know they have a Torrettes Camp? It’s called “Twitch and Shout. I did not make this up. I read it on CNN a few days ago.

  27. 27
    The Divine Ms. K says:

    @PA – I agree with you about folks needing to hear the fire and brimstone at times. Like, I don’t look at Joel Olsteen as a preacher – more like spiritual motivational speaker.

    I mean, its all good to strive for stuff, but the reality is, not everyone is going to be rich on this Earth and if you really have a Christian background, you know our reward will come in heaven. Everything on this Earth is TEMPORARY and ya can’t take it with you.

  28. 28
    shunda says:

    @ Anna lord forgive me for laughing.

  29. 29
    attorneymom says:

    Romance without the finance is a nuisance. RIP Rev. Ike.

  30. 30
    Mika79 says:

    LOL KaraZ…I think I need to call a conference!

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