The first time I saw these funny looking boots on up-and-coming singer Keri Hilson, I knew I saw them before on another chick with no sense of style. I just couldn’t recall who.

Thankfully, Scoop has a good memory and remembered that Ciara wore the same ugly boots 4 years ago at the Dirty Awards. Good eye, Scoop.

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It looks like convicted woman beater Chris Brown found himself another LSLH chick to keep him warm on those chilly Winter nights. Or maybe she’s just his interior decorator helping him to redesign his crib so it doesn’t look like a 5-year-old lives there.


No one can say our young women aren’t raised right. In addition to being clean, wholesome, respectable, unsullied, virginal and upstanding citizens of our community, these charming ladies are also quite talented.

When these high school cheerleaders aren’t volunteering at local hospitals in their spare time, they have sweet little get-togethers at their homes where they sip tea, laugh and sing. Oh, and they show each other the latest new dance steps. I wonder what’s the name of this dance?


A loyal reader emailed these pics of Beyonce’s apparently straight bodyguard partying with female groupies. We don’t know how old the pics are but it’s our first time seeing them. We had no idea Julius was married and had a seed. We would also like to say that being the bodyguard to a superstar (or for that matter, being a celebrity blogger) has its perks and privileges. Especially when you don’t have much going for you in the area of looks or personal style.

Chrisy writes:

Hi Sandra,

Here are pictures of Beyonce’s bodyguard Julius having fun with some groupies. Did you know that Julius has a 4 year old daughter and is divorced?! Apparently his daughter had a gift for Juelz to Christmas. I spied that via convo between Solange and Beyonce’s stylist.

Is it me or Julius is now an inherent part in the Knowles fam?!!

PS: Im not @Beyoncestanpede. I just have the pictures from this crazy stan.


Nick Cannon searched for the biggest Big Boy shoes he could find to attend the second day of the 14th Annual Capri Hollywood International Film Festival with his wife Mariah in Capri, Italy. If you recall, there was a small dispute over the size of Nick Cannon’s shoes, prompting the entertainment mogul to take to his Twitter page in response.

It looks like Ice-T’s wife CoCo got her breasts redone over. It’s a necessity when your breasts are larger than 700cc like CoCo’s. The seams just don’t last and the breast begins to leak, which is not a good look when you’re running on the beach with your mammary glands bouncing and jiggling.

UK singer Susan Boyle has a million reasons to be happy as she arrived in Narita New Tokyo International Airport early this morning. The 46-year-old Boyle is a worldwide sensation, not for her good looks, but for her undeniable talent. For the first time since ‘Napster’ became a household word, the record industry is forced to accept the fact that looks and image no longer moves records, talent does. Boyle racked up another 659,000 in sales last week pushing her total sales over 2 million and giving Taylor Swift Fearless a serious run as the year’s top-selling album. Good for her!

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Al Qaeda terrorist cells have no shortage of ideas to destroy the U.S. We felt safe as a country for 8 years, but that sense of security was threatened on Christmas Day by a baby faced bomber who sat on a Northwest Airlines commercial jet with 80 grams of PETN sewn into his underwear.

PETN, an ingredient of of the highly explosive chemical Semtex, is undetectable by airport scanners and metal detectors. The powdery substance can be detected by bomb sniffing dogs and a simple body pat down.

Just 50 grams of PETN is all that is required to bring down a 727. 50 grams is the exact amount that convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid was found to be carrying on board American Airlines flight 63 in 2001. He is currently serving a life sentence without parole.

PETN has a lower tolerance to shock and vibration than TNT dynamite. Meaning, any little jolt can set the brittle explosive off. The underwear bomb was designed by a top Al Qaeda bomb maker in Yemen where 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab received the bomb ingredients and instructions.

Luckily, the inexperience of the bomber who failed to fully inject the trigger fluid into the PETN powder properly, saved the lives of the passengers. Only a part of the package containing the PETN exploded setting Umar’s legs, the floor under him and part of a wall of the fuselage ablaze.

In an online posting on a Muslim message board from 2005, Umar, who described himself as feeling “depressed and lonely,” wrote:

“I have no one to speak too [sic]. No one to consult, no one to support me and I feel depressed and lonely. I do not know what to do. And then I think this loneliness leads me to other problems.” Read more…

Usher, Keri Hilson and Trey Song rocked the sold out Philips Arena on Saturday with their fiya remix to Trey’s “I Invented Sex.” Afterwards, the rumor mill cranked up with whispers that Trey and Keri were more than friends.

A source who was in the trio’s dressing room said Trey couldn’t keep his hands off Keri. “They were acting like school kids in the throes of puppy love,” said the source who asked to remain anonymous.

I can believe it. Trey Song seems like the type of corny dude who would fall in love with a chick with no azz to speak of.

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