Entertainment mogul Nick Cannon felt some kind of way about my post last week on the size of his feet. I imagine that men can get a little sensitive on the subject of their size. Nick, who is vacationing in Aspen with his wife Mariah Carey, took time out from his vacation to tweet the following message on Twitter.com:

Well, I asked around and no one could recall hearing about Nick being a legend in the streets (or the sheets for that matter).

One Twitterer responded that Nick Cannon was a legend on Sesame Street. But maybe Nick wasn’t referring to his shoe size in that tweet?

So I sent Nick a message on Twitter asking for Photo verification of his claims. But so far, I have not received word back from him.

The picture wasn’t Photoshopped and anyone with eyes can see how tiny Nick’s feet are. So unless they make a size 12 for boys, this case is closed.

Mariah stepped out without Nick to do a little shopping on Christmas eve in Aspen.