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Last night, I did a clean up on aisle 5. As a result, some familiar usernames were tossed out of the garden.

Your comments are welcome as long as they are courteous, informative, and add value to the discussion.

Trolls don’t add value to the discussion. They attempt to derail the thread or launch personal attacks on other members. Trolls will no longer be tolerated in the garden.

The following are blog rules that you are expected to follow going forward:

STAY ON TOPIC. If you must go off topic, type “Off topic” or “OT”.

You will be banned for trolling, bullying, personal attacks, or abusive language toward other Roses.

You’ll be banned for personal attacks against the blog owner (me).

You’ll be banned for using racial slurs or offensive language.

You’ll be placed in Time Out for consistently going off topic without first typing “Off topic” or “OT”.

You’ll be placed in time out for comments about former President Donald Trump or President Joe Biden outside of a Trump/Biden post. is a gossip and entertainment blog that will focus on more entertainment and less hard news (crime, politics, etc.) because those posts are triggering to some.

Thank you for adhering to the rules.