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Nicki Minaj is furious over allegations that she's addicted to cocaine. The 39-year-old rapper threatened to sue Twitter users for claiming she's an addict.

If you're among those making false allegations about Nicki, you'd be wise to lawyer up.

According to Snitch, it all started when Nicki shared a video while promoting the new remix for her single "Super Freaky Girl." The remix features 5 up-and-coming female rappers, including JT, BIA, and Chicago gangbanger Katie Got Bandz.

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Nicki simultaneously dissed bold name rap queens who weren't asked to be on the remix.

"It's giving coke," one fan tweeted. The hashtag #itsgivingcoke quickly began trending, setting Nicki off on a 48-hour non-stop Twitter tirade.

Fans of rap icon Lil Kim and reality star Garcelle Beauvais — both of whom were disrespected by Nicki — also dropped gems in the hashtag thread. Nicki was livid!

The Barbie rapper collected the most offensive tweets and contacted her attorney about filing defamation lawsuits against her followers.

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Lil Kim responded to Internet troll 50 Cent dissing her 8-year-old daughter, Royal Reign, in a post on Instagram.

Kim checked 50 Cent on Thursday when he accused her of coming for Nicki Minaj's son in her verse on Megan Thee Stallion's new "Plan B" (Remix).

On the track, Kim rapped:

"Nigga, you's a b*tch, your father's a b*tch, your brother's a b*tch/Keep acting like this and your son gon' be a b*tch."

50 Cent re-posted his side-by-side comparison of Lil Kim's 2021 BET Awards outfit and an owl. He captioned his post:

"QGTM @nickiminaj you better light her ass up I'm watching. she said something about the baby, her baby eye fvcked up..."

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Royal Reign was born with congenital ptosis, which causes one or both eyelids to droop.

Kim, 48, responded angrily:

"I never said a word about anyone's child ... please feel free to listen to the song where we were clearly talking about an EX. To try and twist my words to have an excuse to take digs at my child is disgusting."

She added:

"I'm one of the most disrespected legends in the game but what you will not do is come for MY CHILD."

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Fans took to Twitter to drag 50 Cent for repeatedly bullying the Queen Bee.

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Kanye West finally deleted his "Skete Davidson" Instagram post following reports that the former SNL comic is in "trauma therapy" over his online bullying.

As you know, Kanye posted a fake NY Times headline on IG that read: "SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT 28".


Kim Kardashian, who broke up with Pete after 9 months, was reportedly furious and demanded that he take the post down.

But the post was not removed until a story broke on Monday that Pete was in trauma therapy over Kanye's online bullying. That's usually the first step towards a lawsuit of some kind.


A source tells PEOPLE Davidson "has been in trauma therapy in large part" due to the rap icon's incessant bullying since April of this year."

"The attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his antics is a trigger for [Pete], and he's had to seek out help," the source said.

But Kim and Pete's hands aren't clean either. Both of them relentlessly mocked and bullied Kanye online throughout their relationship.

In fact, months before Kim announced her break up with Pete, they dined on a pizza called Ham & Yeezy pizza at Jon & Vinny's restaurant in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, the couple ate a pizza named after Kanye. She even posted an Instagram photo that showed them cuddling at the table with half eaten slices of pizza on their plate.

Fans speculated it was part of a coordinated campaign to drive Kanye crazy by taunting him with photos of her and Pete's PDA.

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Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King threatened to dox two New York Post reporters for exposing his extravagant purchases in a series of articles.

King was outraged that the reporters accused him of using donations to his political action committees (PACs) to buy a $40,000 purebred mastiff dog and a lakefront property.

King posted photos of two New York Post writers on his Facebook and Instagram pages and asked his followers to send him their home addresses and other personal contact information.

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"To Isabel Vincent of the @NYPost," King wrote on Instagram.

"You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids. You interrupted our entire lives doing so. You know that would happen when you published my home. But you did it anyway."

"And you did it without consequence," he added, according to Daily Beast.

He also posted a photo of a male reporter and asked his supporters to dox him, according to Daily Beast.

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"This is Kevin Sheehan of the @NYPost. He has been attacking me and my family. Send me photos of his home. Send me photos of him. And his family," he wrote.

According to Sheehan, King reportedly used $40,000 in donations from his Grassroots Law PAC to purchase his mastiff dog, Marz.

Nenov / Moment

Sheehan co-wrote a report on Tuesday about King defending his purchase of the dog.

King, who is white, said the dog was necessary to defend his family from white supremacists.

King deleted his online threats to Sheehan and Vincent, but he later warned the journalists again.

"That's my word," King wrote. "I've been far too kind to all of you that disrupted my life and made my wife and kids cry. Not going to accept it. Cross my family again and see what happens. And I'm backdating this promise a few years."

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Vogue magazine

Cardi B shared her opinion about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade abortion lw during an intense Twitter exchange on Friday.

The "WAP" rapper was annoyed when a fan dragged her for sharing her opinion.

"Everytime I talk about political shit, y'all get me f*cking dragged," she tweeted.

Cardi became irate when a fan in her comments suggested her 3-year-old daughter, Kulture, was autistic.

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"My child is 3 years old ... You see this why abortions shouldn't get banned ...cause that's the first shit your mother should of done with your glitter bottom ass," she tweeted in response to the now-deleted tweets.

"My daughter is not autistic... You can't call her ugly so y'all have to diagnose her wit her wit something. Go play in traffic bitch."

The rapper took the Fan's comments personally, because shee was bullied as "slow" when she was younger.

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Saucy Santana is furious at the BeyHive's threats over his snarky comments about Beyonce and Jay Z's eldest daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

Santana, born Justin Harris, made the mistake of not deleting his old tweets after he rose to fame as an androgynous rapper in 2019.

The 28-year-old Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star recently signed a record deal with RCA Records. His future looked bright as the beneficiary of Hollywood's efforts to push LGBT+ artists to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Then someone uncovered those old tweets of Santana calling Blue Ivy "nappy-headed" and saying he was prettier than Beyonce.

He also compared Blue Ivy to North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, saying North West - with her light skin and long hair - was the clear winner in the looks department.

Santana quickly deleted his old tweets, but it was too late.

The BeyHive swarmed all over Santana's timeline, calling him all types of "ugly" and comparing him to oddly shaped objects and animals.

It was brutal.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

So far, Santana has refused to apologize for his disgusting tweets about an adorable child.

Instead of staying silent - like Beyonce often does - Santana took to Twitter to call the BeyHive "Fake woke ass b*tches!!!!"

Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

"People don't care about old tweets," he wrote on Friday, June 10. "The internet have this weird thing with power! Thinking they have the power to cancel someone... NEWS FLASH! You don't! Y'all think y'all have someone by the balls about situations you don't give a damn about."

"Stop all that cap! Tryna ruin ppl Careers cuz you at home miserable and broke," he added. "I was miserable and broke, too, making childish, hateful tweets in 2014. I'm 28 years old. A grown-ass adult. A completely different mindset on life from when I was 20. But, yall knew dat."

But the BeyHive reminded Santana that he was old enough to know better.

Some Twitter users noticed the stark difference between the way the "wokes" cancel homophobic rappers like DaBaby, while seemingly avoiding Santana's controversy. None of Santana's bookings have been canceled.


Khloe Kardashian gave critics a piece of her mind after they questioned why she carries her toddler, True Thompson.

True is only 3 years old, but she looks older because her parents are tall. Internet trolls say True is so big that her legs practically drag on the ground when her mom carries her.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Khloe, 37, was most recently criticized for carrying True at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Kardashians" on Thursday.

The mom-of-one took to to slam critics for shaming her mommy skills.


"For the people who comment that I hold True too much... number 1 I'm gonna hold my baby until I can't hold her anymore. Number 2 when there's tons of cameras around, flashing lights, peps yelling things... I want my baby to feel safe. Worry about your own children. We good over here."

True's father, NBA star Tristan Thompson also carries his daughter when she's too tired to walk.

The most important thing is True has two loving parents who dote on her.

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D.L. Hughley is not beefing up his security after Kanye West threatened to send an army of goons to hurt him.

Kanye, aka Ye, recently called out Hughley in a series of social media posts after the comedian discussed the rap producer "stalking" Kim Kardashian in a VladTV interview.

Kanye, 44, was annoyed that his ex allowed his 8-year-old daughter, North West to express her affection for another little girl on TikTok.

Ye has made it clear that he doesn't want his minor children on social media.


Later, Kanye took to social media and called Hughley a "pawn" before adding, "I can afford to hurt u."

"DL Hughley is a pawn Yeah I know a king not supposed to address a pawn but I address everything and find addresses DL So don’t speak on me or my children I can afford to hurt u."

Hughley, 59, responded to Kanye's idle threats via Twitter:

"Hmmm! Ain't it weird that #Kanye supposedly has all these goons who will kill for him, but not one of them will get his prescriptions filled? Here's a thought while you're on your way to kill me in Calabasas, how about somebody drop by CVS and pick up his Xanax! Lol #TeamDl."

In another tweet, Hughley said:

"Ain't no way in hell I'd ever be scared of a dude who wears #IKnowWhatDidLastSummerBoots!!!" and "#Kanye!! It's just too bad that you acting like a nut won't stop #Pete from bustin one!!"

Meanwhile, Pete Davidson, 28, who reunited with 41-year-old Kim last week after a brief hiatus, taunted Kanye in a series of text messages.

The SNL comic told Kanye to "stop being a little internet bitch boy" in a tense text exchange that was leaked on Sunday.

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Lil Nas X's biological father checked rapper Boosie Badazz for disrespecting his son in a expletive-filled post on Twitter.

In the now-deleted tweet on October 23, Boosie wrote in all caps:


Twitter deleted the post for violating the company's policy on hate speech. However, the Louisiana native was not banned.

Boosie's tantrum came after LNX jokingly told fans on Instagram Live that he was collaborating on a new song with the 38-year-old rapper.

LNX responded to Boosie's tirade by joking:

"I am truly saddened. i have never been so mortified in my life. i can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire october."

But LNX's father, Robert Stafford held no punches in his response to Boosie on his Instagram stories.

Stafford, who wasn't around for much of his son's childhood, told Boosie, "Sit your old man looking ass down."

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LeBron James rushed to his "nephew" Zaire Wade's defense when Internet trolls mocked the 19-year-old after he was drafted by a G-league basketball team.

Zaire, eldest son of former NBA star Dwyane Wade, signed a player contract with the G-league's Salt Lake City Stars, an affiliate of the Utah Jazz two weeks ago.

As soon as the news broke, critics descended on social media and blogs to diss the teenager who has struggled to fill his father's shoes.

LeBron, whose Lakers are 1-2, defended the youngster in social media posts over the weekend. LeBron is sick and tired of broke people bullying Zaire.

"Proud of you nephew!!! Keep going and F the haters!! They ain't [shit] anyway," he wrote.

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LeBron also left a comment under an Instagram post about Bill Belichick's son being a coach for the New England Patriots.

LeBron wrote:

"FACTS!!!. I'm so sick of people and their opinions on shit that ain't got nothing to do with them!!"

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Zaire attended Brewster Academy in New Hampshire after playing basketball for high school powerhouse Sierra Canyon in California, alongside LeBron's son, Bronny James.

Zaire decided to skip college to realize his dream to follow in his dad's footsteps into the NBA.

Cassy Athena/Getty Images

However, critics argued that Zaire is not his dad. They claim he is just not good enough -- even for the G-league -- and that he should go to college, like his father did, to gain more experience. writes:

"Not for nothing? Not for NOTHING at all, but Zaire could stand to play collegiate basketball for two more years. He isn’t particularly great at anything. Is he a good basketball player? I mean, yeah. He can shoot, sometimes. He can get to the basket, sometimes. He can score with a hand in his face, sometimes. Has shown the ability to play above the rim, sometimes."

Question: Do you think people are being too hard on Zaire?


Offset is pleading with Internet trolls to leave his wife, Cardi B, and fellow rapper Lizzo alone. The Migos rapper begged trolls to stop harassing Cardi B and Lizzo and just let them "be great".

The Bronx rapper and Lizzo have faced severe backlash after releasing the new music video for their collaboration single "Rumors."

Lizzo was dragged for portraying herself as a goddess in the music video, which was tame by Lizzo's vulgar standards.


Offset - who has been married to Cardi since 2017 -- told TMZ:

"Let these beautiful black women be great, stop judging. We work hard to be entertainers for the world. Let us be."

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Lizzo recently broke down crying in a YouTube video, as she revealed she's received hateful comments from fat-shamers and "racists."

The R&B/pop star fought back tears as she said:

"I just feel like I'm seeing negativity directed towards me in the most weirdest way. People saying s**t about me that just doesn't even make sense.

"It's fat-phobic, and it's racist and it's hurtful. If you don't like my music, cool. If you don't like Rumors the song, cool."

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The singer confessed to being shocked by the online hate:

"I make music that I like, that's important to me, and I make music that I hope helps people.

"I'm not making music for white people - I'm not making music for anybody. I'm a black woman making music. I make black music, period. I'm not serving anyone but myself. Everyone is invited to a Lizzo show, to a Lizzo song."

Facebook recently deleted comments and blocked dozens of Internet trolls. Facebook officials vowed to monitor Lizzo's timeline for more hate, which will be dealt with swiftly.

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Facebook has deleted thousands of comments and banned trolls who taunted Lizzo's wight and made racist comments about her.

The "Truth Hurts" singer broke down and wept in a YouTube video after trolls hurled "fatphobic and racist" remarks about her new single "Rumors" featuring Cardi B.

YouTube users rated the single a flop and called Lizzo "mammy" because she portrayed a goddess in the music video.

Photo may have been deleted
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Wearing a stocking cap on her head and wiping tears from her eyes, Lizzo said:

"On the days that I should be the happiest, I just feel so down... I work so hard. I've been working triple time... doing 12 hours a day of promos and interviews... going to the studio with a f**king root canal...

"I'm putting so much love and energy into the world, and sometimes I feel like the world don't love me back."

The 33-year-old songbird returned to the Internet on Tuesday, after Facebook took action against her tormenters.

She thanked supporters for their positive energy and said it was "important" for her to express her anxiety and depression that day.

"We really need to check ourselves and how we treat people," she said.

"I'm not crying for me. Yeah, I'm successful, I'm happy, I strive for joy every single day. I'm balanced, I'm blessed. But I just be feeling for the world. This sh-t ain't right. We shouldn't talk to people like that. We shouldn't normalize treating people this way."

Following her mental breakdown, social media bosses removed thousands of nasty comments on Lizzo's Facebook and Instagram pages.

According to TMZ, Facebook officials banned the accounts of trolls from both social media sites.

They will continue to monitor Lizzo's timelines and remove toxic comments, so the fragile singer doesn't end up in a mental hospital.

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Kid Cudi apparently deleted his Instagram page after Internet trolls harassed him for wearing nail polish.

On Saturday, Cudi posted a selfie to his social media accounts that showed him throwing up a peace sign. The photo revealed two of his fingers were painted with nail polish.

Trolls slammed his choice in nail lacquer and some hurled LGBT+ slurs in the comments.

The 37-year-old Man on the Moon rapper was quick to clap back, telling his followers if they didn't like his nail polish they can "f--k way off."

He also informed his 2.6 million Twitter followers that he turned off his IG comments after blocking dozens of people.

"Turned my comments off on instagram. Seems people really have a problem w me painting my nails. I got tired of blockin so many accounts. I really need u to understand, if u dont like me doin this or anything I do, please dont buy my albums, dont come to my shows. Fuck way off [sic]."

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Cudi, who is heterosexual, was also criticized for wearing a dress on Saturday Night Live back in April.

Born Scott Mescudi, the "Day N' Nite" rapper welcomed a daughter, Vada Mescudi, in 2010. He dated model Jamie Baratta from 2009 to 2012.

He is featured on Kanye West's much-hyped Donda album.

Prince Williams/WireImage

Rapper Tip "T.I." Harris feels betrayed by the LGBT+ community after facing backlash for defending fellow rapper DaBaby's anti-ghey comments.

T.I. spoke out about the growing campaign to cancel DaBaby following his anti-HIV rant during his set at Rolling Loud in Miami on Sunday.

In an Instagram live video, T.I. expressed his frustration with the LGBT+ community for attacking DaBaby's artistic expression onstage.

"Everyone up in arms and upset about what DaBaby said. I understand people saying that they feel that it's insensitive. I think you guys have to understand that on stage, that's not the place that rappers go to be sensitive and soothe everybody's feelings. It's a place to go to have a good time."

T.I. stressed that he was once an ally of the LGBT+ community who are now "bullying" him and DaBaby for practicing their freedom of speech.

"Why do words cause such a visceral reaction that will lead to someone trying to attack, villainize, demonize, crucify, condemn and like, it's, that sh*t is like, now you bullying. We all stood up on behalf of gays and lesbians and people in the gay community because we thought it was some bullsh*t for y'all to have to be bullied.

But I don't think any of us did that to feel like you would now have the authority to come and bully us."