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Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia fired four registered nurses seen mocking maternity patients in a viral TikTok video.

Emory University Hospital Midtown announced the terminations after the video went viral on TikTok last week.

In the video, the registered nurses are seen making fun of their maternity patients who are simply asking for water or a blanket.

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The nurses described the maternity patient’s requests as “icks” or an annoyance.

“My ick is when you come in for your induction, talking about ‘can I take a shower, can I eat?'” one RN said.

Another nurse said, “My ick is when the dad comes outside and asks for a paternity test.”

One nurse said her “ick” is when an expectant father visits both of his “baby mamas” on the same maternity floor.

Emory responded to the video by terminating the nurses.

“This video does not represent our commitment to patient and family-centered care and falls far short of the values and standards we expect every member of our team to hold and demonstrate,” Emory Healthcare officials said in a tweet. “At no time should our patients ever feel they are not being treated with care and respect. Every patient at Emory Healthcare deserves to be cared for by a compassionate, experienced team in a comfortable and safe environment.”

Most hospitals fail to crack down on nurses who record TikTok videos on the job. But Emory took immediate action.

Patients are frightened and overwhelmed when they’re admitted to the hospital. They look to nurses for kindness, compassion and to feel safe. They expect professional nurses who aren’t trying to go Vidal on TikTok.