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A TikTok therapist who pleaded with Black men to seek therapy was let go from her job.

The therapist, Shabree Rawls, went viral after posting a TikTok video urging Black men to seek therapy and expand their "emotional vocabulary."

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In the video, Rawls uses tough love to urge Black men to seek help. Rawls specifically spoke to young Black men who were raised in single parent households.

Rawls told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution she had no idea her video would cost her her job.

"I cannot fake it to you, I've sobbed about this," she told the AJC. "It hurt a lot ... it seemed like a lot of decisions were made at my expense and that happens to a lot of black women."

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Rawls' video was in response to an article published on Psychology Today's website titled "The Rise of Lonely, Single Men."

"My intention was ... just go to therapy. There's no hidden agenda or ulterior motive," she said.

Rawls wasn't prepared for the backlash, which mostly came from Black men. Rawls said about 90% of her patients are Black males.

"For my first love, which is the black man, to attack me - it just felt like I experienced whiplash from both sides. As a black woman, I hold them close to my heart. It's who we are. To be attacked by black men hurt even worse. I've dedicated my life to healing our community, but at the same time I'm being attacked by the same faces."

Rawls is searching for another job. In the meantime, she is launching a podcast to reach a wider audience of Black men.

"A podcast is coming," she told the AJC. "I realize that maybe I'm not supposed to heal just one-on-one, I'm supposed to heal to a bigger crowd."

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The shakeup at CNN continues. Don Lemon's primetime CNN show has been canceled.

According to reports, the former "Don Lemon Tonight" host will move from primetime nights to an obscure morning show later this year.

Lemon reportedly sobbed loudly when he heard his primetime show was being canceled.


Lemon was the only openly gay Black anchorman with a primetime news show on CNN.

"The last eight years have been an incredible ride," Lemon said after he was informed of his new gig.

"I've had the opportunity to work with one of the best show teams in the business, but it's time to shake things up."

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Lemon, 56, will join CNN hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins on a revamped morning show that will replace the struggling "New Day."

He will also take a pay cut, according to a news source.

Don Lemon began his journalistic career as an assistant on Channel 5 in New York City.

CNN, based here in Atlanta, was acquired by Warner Bros. Discovery earlier this year.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav immediately announced he wanted CNN to return to unbiased news. That announcement sent shockwaves through the network's left-wing liberal staff.

CNN hired Chris Licht to replace CEO Jeff Zucker who resigned in February. Several more top executives have followed Zucker out the door.

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Fox News

Brian Stelter, who helped to run CNN into the ground, was fired last month. Stelter is now teaching a course at Harvard.

In addition to Stelter, the entire staff of his "Reliable Sources" CNN show was laid off and the show was canceled.

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A North Carolina town terminated the town manager after the entire police force quit and crime began to rise.

The Kenly Town Council voted 3-2 on Tuesday to fire town manager Justine Jones just three months into her two-year contract, the New York Post reports.

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The vote was held after a month-long investigation into claims by former Police Chief Josh Gibson, his five officers, an assistant town manager and a key clerk — all of whom quit in July.

Jones was blamed for creating a "hostile work environment" that led to the mass resignation of the entire police department.

Jones will take home a severance package worth about $50,000 — half her salary plus benefits, the Post reported.

"Although I was not able to accomplish all the goals in progress in the short time I served the Town, given my untimely departure, my commitment to leaving Kenly better than I found it is an accomplishment I will always be proud of," Jones said in a statement.

In 2016, Jones sued Richland County for terminating her after she reported multiple cases of fraud and wrongdoing. She sued the county for whistleblower retaliation, as well as race, gender, and disability discrimination.

Jones was former assistant director of the Office of Small Business Opportunities in Richland County from 2012 to 2015.

Jones said council members retaliated against her for rejecting applications from certain small businesses for road work in the county.

Kenly is without a town manager and a police force. The search for a new town manager is ongoing.

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"Black Ink Crew NY" star Ceasar Emanuel found out he was let go by VH1 while reading the blogs on Friday.

The cable network terminated Emanuel's reality TV contract after a viral video allegedly showed him abusing dogs, TMZ reports.

"I found out they fired me on Friday through TMZ," he said during an interview on the OnThaRadar podcast.

"When I found out, everybody else found out. I was, like, huh? Bro, they fired me on my day off... No one called to talk to me," Emanuel said.

A spokesperson for VH1 tells TMZ:

"We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York. Since next season was close to finishing production, this decision will not impact the upcoming season."

Ceasar, 42, denied the allegations that he abused the dogs. He said he simply stepped in to separate the animals when they began fighting.

Emanuel also denied allegations that he beat his ex-fiancée Dutchess Lattimore. He suggested that the video came out because he broke up with the Pretty-N-Ink owner.

"The betrayal is crazy to me," he said. "All of these people who are acting like opps to me are people I put in position to eat."

Emanuel said he was unsure how his firing will affect the tattoo shops he owns across the country, including locations in Chicago and Compton.

"It's not just affecting me, this affects the whole franchise," he said.

The show is currently in production for its 10th season, and Ceaser's been a part of the series since its 2013 premiere.

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Former "Black Ink Crew" star Ceasar Emanuel says a viral video that shows him abusing a dog isn't what it seems.

Ceaser was spotted out & about in NYC Thursday night -- hours after TMZ broke the news that VH1 fired him.
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The video shows Ceasar violently hitting one of his dogs with a metal folding chair. He is also seen placing a dog in a metal cage and kicking the cage down a hill.

Now he claims the video doesn't tell the entire story.

He says he was simply breaking up a fight between his dogs — and he only hit one of the dogs when it lunged at him.

Ceasar says he felt like he had to back down his dogs any way he could, and he feared for his own life.

He says the video clip came from his home security camera -- and he thinks someone with access to his house set him up, since the video was leaked online.

Ceaser also claims both dogs are OK, but he had to give one dog away, and the other dog was placed in obedience training classes.

As TMZ reported, a VH1 spokesperson said, "We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from 'Black Ink Crew' New York."

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VH1 terminated Ceaser Emanuel's contract after a video surfaced allegedly showing him abusing dogs, TMZ reports.

The former "Black Ink Crew" star is seen in a leaked Ring camera video hitting a dog and putting the mongrel in a cage, then kicking the cage down a hill.

Ceaser's face is not seen in the video, but co-star Donna Lombardi confirmed his identity in her response to the video.

Lombardi reposted the clip online and said "I don't even get into the life of this man, but this video made me so upset."

She called on the network to cancel him completely, adding "I pray the people see you, @ceaserblackink, as the monster you are."

Twitter users tagged @VH1 and demanded they fire the reality TV star.

"Hey @VH1 fire the f**k out of #CeaserEmanuel from #blackinkcrew. He abuses dogs," one person wrote.

A spokesperson for VH1 tells TMZ, "We have made the decision to cut ties with Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew New York. Since next season was close to finishing production, this decision will not impact the upcoming season."

The show is currently in production for its 10th season, and Ceaser's been a part of the series since its 2013 premiere.

Ceaser has not responded to the allegations.

Watch the video below. CAUTION: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

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A gas station manager in California was fired after he accidentally set the premium price to just 69 cents per gallon. The price was supposed to be $6.99 per gallon.

John Szczecina lost his job after the mistake was discovered at a Shell station in the Sacramento suburb of Rancho Cordova last Thursday.

Grateful customers lined up to fill their gas tanks.

"I looked at the numbers and it was 69 cents a gallon," resident Darryl Surita told local CBS station KOVR. "So you know what I did, I hit that button and it started pumping and the dollar sign just stayed low."

The mistake cost the Shell station over $16,000 in lost revenue.

"I put all three prices on there, except the diesel," Szczecina told Bay Area ABC affiliate KGO.

"The last one kind of didn't go. So, I just took responsibility for it and said yeah it's my fault."

The error wasn't discovered for a few hours, according to KGO News.

In addition to losing his job, Szczecina worries that he will be sued by the station owner.

Gas hasn't cost 69 cents per gallon since 1979, according to the Department of Energy.

The national average gas price soared over $5 a gallon for the first time in US history this month.

The White House blames the ongoing war in Ukraine for the high gas prices in America.

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Ex-NFL player Brendan Langley spoke out about his viral fight with an airport worker in Newark, NJ on May 19.

An attorney for the ex Denver Broncos cornerback told TMZ that the United Airlines worker provoked him into a fight.

The worker objected to Langley using a wheelchair to transport his designer luggage rather than use a $5 luggage cart.

"Brendan Langley was minding his business walking through the airport with his bags when he was accosted by a United Airlines employee who claimed to 'run the airport,'" his attorney Alan Jackson said in a statement.

"When Brendan tried to ignore him, the assailant followed and harassed Brendan, calling him a 'd— and a 'p---y' and challenging him to fight," Jackson said.

Jackson said Langley yelled for help, but no one stepped forward.

"Footage from the airport security cameras establishes without question that Brendan was in reasonable fear of physical harm, and reasonably and lawfully defended himself," Jackson said in the statement.

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Cell phone footage shows the employee slap Langley in the face. Langley, 27, retaliated by throwing several punches that dropped the hapless worker.

When the employee slapped Langley again, the shocked athlete asked a bystander, "Did you see that sh*t?" Before throwing a flurry of punches that sent the employee sprawling behind a counter.

Langley was arrested, charged with simple assault and released. He was suspended indefinitely by the Calgary Stampeders pro team of the Canadian football League, according to CTV News.

"After learning details of the incident including the filing of a criminal charge, we are indefinitely suspending Brendan Langley," Stampeders President and GM John Hufnagel told CTV News in a statement.

Head coach Dave Dickenson said Langley should have known better.

"[M]y only real comment is that we live in a world that everybody's got cameras and we're trying to represent our city, we take it very seriously," he said, according to CTV News.

The employee wasn't charged, but United Airlines fired him and issued a statement, saying the airline "does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter."

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Ex Denver Broncos Cornerback Brendan Langley was arrested after he punched an airline employee who slapped him first.

United Airlines fired the employee after reviewing video footage of the altercation.

The incident unfolded on May 19 at 11:03 a.m. at a Newark, NJ airport. Brenden Langley, 27, argued with an airline employee over a $5 baggage cart.

The United Airlines worker told Langley he couldn't use a wheelchair to transport his luggage.

The employee slapped Langley, who punched him several times. The altercation was captured on cell phone video. The employee got up and slapped Langley again. The former NFL player threw a flurry of punches, sending the employee sprawling behind the counter.

The employee was not arrested, but he has since lost his job.

United Airlines issued a statement saying the airline "does not tolerate violence of any kind at our airports or on board our planes and we are working with local authorities to further investigate this matter."

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Harris County Sheriff's Office

A Texas deputy has been charged with using her cop boyfriend's taser on her three children, ages 8, 11, and 12.

Xochitl Ortiz, 34, was fired from her job after she allegedly used her boyfriend's taser on her three sons.

She was taken into custody on May 18.

The alleged abuse occurred at Ortiz's apartment in Tumball, Texas between April 1 and April 4. She is charged with using a stun device to cause injury to children under the age of 15.

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Prosecutors allege that Ortiz's children said they do not feel safe with her, according to DailyMail.com.

Ortiz is in the midst of a divorce from the children's father, who reported the abuse to authorities. The children told their father they were tasered in the bottom, hand and shoulder.

Ortiz and her boyfriend, former deputy Christopher Worthington, were both fired from the sheriff's office. They were 2 year veterans of the department.

Ortiz allegedly used Worthington's taser to discipline the three boys. Worthington, who was not charged, was terminated for violating the force's policies.

Ortiz's bail was originally set at $450,000, but it was lowered to $150,000. She has since posted bond.

According to her financial disclosure form, she earns $2,500 a month and has over $4,500 in monthly expenses and $300 cash in the bank.

Ortiz's lawyer told KTRK that his client maintains her innocence and she intends to fight the allegations against her.

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Police released chilling body camera footage that shows two Lawton, Oklahoma police officers executing an unarmed man.

Quadry Sanders was killed on Dec. 5, 2021 but the two officers were only recently charged with his murder.

The Comanche County district attorney has charged officers Nathan Ronan and Robert Hinkle with first-degree manslaughter, city officials announced on Friday.

Body camera footage shows Sanders raise his hands twice. Each time Sanders raised his hands he was shot multiple times by the cops. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. His body was riddled with 12 bullets.

The two officers were fired from the police force in January following an internal investigation.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the DA's office concluded that "the shooting of Quadry Sanders was not "justified."

Lee Merritt, an attorney representing the Sanders family, wrote on Instagram that he couldn't "find a single redeemable factor that mitigates any aspect of this shooting."

Sanders, a musician, leaves behind 8 children.

Warning: This video contains disturbing scenes of violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Actor Fred Savage was fired as director of ABC's "The Wonder Years" reboot for inappropriate behavior on the set.

The news was announced in a statement by a spokesperson for Disney-owned 20th Television, according to Variety.

The statement reads:

"Recently, we were made aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage, and as is policy, an investigation was launched. Upon its completion, the decision as made to terminate his employment as an executive producer and director of "The Wonder Years."

This is not the first time Savage was accused of sexual harassment. In 1993, a costume designer for "Wonder Years" named Monique Long accused the then-teenager of being inappropriate.

PEOPLE reported that Long said Savage repeatedly told her, "Oh, Monique, I'm so in love with you. Please have an affair with me."

She said he asked her out on a date and repeatedly tried to hold her hand.

Another wardrobe team member Younjoo Hwang alleged "an extremely hostile work environment" created by Savage, who's "aggressive behavior, intimidation, and constant use of profanities" toward female employees were left unchecked.

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Actress Alley Mills, who played Savage's mother on "Wonder Years", told Yahoo Entertainment that the series was cancelled in 1993 because of a "completely ridiculous" lawsuit.

She described the boyish Savage as "the least offensive, most wonderful, sweet human being that ever walked the face of the earth."

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Lauderdale County Sheriff

An Alabama corrections officer who helped a convicted murderer to escape from jail has been fired and will lose her pension, Sheriff Rick Singleton said Wednesday.

Vicky White was Assistant Director of Corrections at the Lauderdale County Detention Facility when she helped Casey White to escape on Friday, April 29.

She had planned to retire the following Monday and had applied for state-funded retirement benefits.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff

Authorities say Vicky White, who is no relation to Casey White, violated jail policy when she told staff she was taking Casey to the courthouse in her marked patrol car.

The jail has a mandatory policy requiring two corrections officers when transporting a detainee.

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Lauderdale County Sheriff

Surveillance video shows the pair leaving the facility in her marked vehicle. The empty vehicle was spotted in the Florence Square parking lot, about 10 minutes away from the jail.

"We know that there was never any effort to go to the courthouse. They went straight to Florence Square parking lot, dumped the patrol car, got in the other vehicle and left," Singleton said.

Vicky met Casey in 2020 when he was serving time for murder at a state prison. He was transferred to the county jail in February to attend court hearings in his capital murder case.

The pair had kept in touch when he was at the state prison, the sheriff said.

Other jail inmates said Casey White, who is 6-foot-9, received "special treatment" from Vicky while he was detained at the jail.

The inmates told investigators Casey White "was getting extra food on his trays" and "was getting privileges no one else got. And this was all coming from her."

Vicky White sold her house and was reportedly living with her mother when she went on the run with Casey White. The sheriff said she is flush with cash.

She bought a 2007 rust-colored Ford Edge with an unknown license plate last week, according to officials.

"We assume they are going to ditch that car at the first opportunity when they get wind that the description is out there," the sheriff said. "So we're back to square one."

They are armed with an AR-15 and shotgun, police say.

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Actress Thandie Newton denies reports that Channing Tatum fired her from his movie "Magic Mike's Last Dance" following a loud argument over Will Smith's Oscars slap.

Smith, 53, slapped Chris Rock in front of millions on live TV after the 57-year-old comedian joked about Jada Pinkett Smith's hair loss on March 27.

Click News and Media / BACKGRID

A source on the "Magic Mike" set in West London told The Sun that the screaming match between Newton, 49, and Tatum, 41, escalated to such "astonishing" and "unimaginably vicious" levels that Tatum stormed off the set and drove off in a car.

Tatum reportedly sent word back to the set that he would not continue working with Newton.

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"Channing Tatum is the producer and number one on set," the source said. "Thandie Newton is the number two star. But 11 days into shooting and it's all over."

Steven Soderbergh, director of the HBO Max movie, tried to bring peace to the set, but Tatum was adamant that he wanted Newton gone, the source told the British tabloid.

"He was trying to calm things down but he's a very quiet man... They fell out over the debacle at the Oscars. I was on set. I watched her and watched him. They were in and out of the house where we were filming having this confrontation.

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"It was a tense exchange of words, but suddenly it escalated. Channing got into this car and he disappeared," the source said, adding that Newton acted like a "diva" on the set before the argument.

However, Newton's rep said she wasn't fired from the movie — she quit to deal with personal matters.

"Thandiwe Newton has made the difficult decision to step away from the production of Warner Bros. Pictures' Magic Mike's Last Dance to deal with family matters," the statement to Variety read.

"Magic Mike's Last Dance" is the third installment of the Magic Mike male stripper film franchise. The first 2 films grossed nearly $300 million worldwide the NY Post reports.

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Singer Brandy Norwood was sued by a former housekeeper who accused her of age discrimination.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, Elizabeth Juarez claims Brandy wrongfully fired her after working for the singer for 20 years.

Juarez claims Brandy, 43, terminated her employment because she "didn't want an older employee."

Juarez said she was hired to clean Brandy's home in Calabasas, California in September of 2002, at a rate of $125 a day.


Over the next 20 years, Juarez's expanded duties included "cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry."

The COVID pandemic hit in 2020, and Juarez's hours were cut due to the lockdowns.

Juarez claims she was let go by Brandy on February 25, 2022, and "this wrongful termination was due to age discrimination."


Juarez said she is still owed two days salary after the firing. She also alleges the R&B singer failed to give her proper breaks, meal periods, and didn't pay her overtime over the past few years.

The court documents allege that Brandy may have violated her former housekeeper's rights by failing to provide "itemized wage statements that properly and accurately itemized the number of hours she worked at the effective regular pay rates and the effective overtime pay rates."

"As a direct and proximate result of (Brandy's) conduct, individually and collectively, she suffered and continues to suffer substantial losses in income, earnings, and benefits and has been damaged in her capacity to earn her salary and has lost and will continue to lose employment benefits."

Juarez seeks compensation for "severe and serious injury to her person."