Photo may have been deleted

Claudia Jordan shed tears during a sit-down interview with her friend Carlos King. The interview covered all of the bases in Claudia’s hectic life.

She recently lost yet another job as co-host of Fox Soul’s Tea-G-I-F. Read more details about that HERE.

Photo may have been deleted

Carlos asked Claudia how she’s doing.

“You know, I have peace, I have great friends. I have a beautiful house, I’m remodeling. I am getting joy out of seeing the upgrades in my house and just being really hands on,” she responded.

“My pets are healthy, my skin is clear, my teeth are white, my titties are high. Um, I don’t have pores…”

Claudia, 51, surprised Carlos when she revealed she’s been celibate for almost 8 months. “I haven’t even kissed anyone. Nothing, nothing.”

She denied selling out her former co-hosts on “Cocktails with Queens.”

“Queens” was canceled to free up the budget for “Tea-G-I-F” to move to 5 nights a week.

“A lot of people blamed me and thought I sold out Cocktails with Queens so I could be over here on ‘Tea’,” Claudia said. “I was absolutely heartbroken when the network decided to cancel Cocktails with Queens. It was only a financial issue. It was nothing more than that.”

Photo may have been deleted

Claudia fought back tears when Carlos brought up Al Reynolds’ “betrayal” that ended with Tea-G-I-F being canceled this week.

“I think he hates me,” she said, referring to Al.

Claudia told Carlos she can’t pour the tea because, “I still have some hope to save my baby,” meaning Tea-G-I-F.

But, according to well-placed sources, that ship has sailed.

Allegedly, D’Artagnan Bebel, general manager and head of programming at Fox Soul, grew tired of Al running to him about things Claudia allegedly said.

He suspended the show in the hopes that the parties would settle their differences. But Al is over it.

Al has his own YouTube show, and he wants to focus on growing his viewers over there.

Watch the interview below.