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A TikToker, who goes by the username @MelaninWisdom, went viral for saying Black women don’t understand their roles in life.

MelaninWisdom says women of other races or nationalities understand their roles and why they were created.

“What’s really disturbing is that every nationality of women – except for so-called Black women – understand their roles and understand why they were created.”

She continued: “The so-called white woman know why she was created: to be a wife, to be a mother, to help her husband. To help guide her house, and assist when he needs help.”

“Asian woman understand that, Arab woman understand that, the East Indian woman understand that… It’s only the so-called Black woman that does not understand why she was created. It is simple. You was literally created to be a wife, to be a mother, to be a helpmate to your husband. To love him, to love your children, to guide the house and shine in your role. That’s simple.

Everything outside of that, you have been deceived and indoctrinated by the so-called white man — yo’ daddy — who also gave you feminism and who also gave you Planned Parenthood to continue to destroy, you, your seed and to tear down the Black family. Y’all better wake up.”

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