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Fox Soul’s “Tea-G-I-F” gossip web series has been canceled weeks after the show went on hiatus.

The drama began when comedienne Luenell appeared on the web series co-hosted by Claudia Jordan, Al Reynolds and Armon Wiggins.

Luenell violated “Tea-G-I-F” policy when she asked Al if he ever came out as gay to Star Jones before they got married.

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According to sources, a written policy forbids staff and guests from mentioning Star Jones’ name on the show. Jones previously sent a cease & desist to the show’s producers.

Al was mortified by Luenell’s question. “Oh, my goodness. I have never been not truthful with anybody that I’ve dated,” he said.

He added, “I have always been very honest with all of my partners about my sexuality. At the time that I date ’em, I’ve been very open and honest about my sexuality.”

Luenell also broke a second rule — that Al’s sexuality is off limits unless he brings it up.

Al was reportedly upset and allegedly blamed Claudia Jordan for urging Luenell to ask Al about his ex-wife.

Then, during Al’s birthday roast, his co-host Armon insulted Al by claiming that Al is jealous, two-faced and attempting to sabotage the show.

“Al’s got a unique ability to smile in your face, snap a picture and go behind your back and talk about you to your co-worker that he claims he hates. … It’s like he’s got a Ph.D. in two-faced studies,” Armon said.

Al’s nerves were already shot. He called his former co-host, Funky Dineva, who was on his own livestream at the time.

Al later blamed Claudia for feeding information about him to Armon.

D’Artagnan Bebel, general manager and head of programming at Fox Soul, had heard enough arguing behind the scenes.

Bebel reportedly made the decision to suspend the show. Now sources say the show is canceled.

Fans took to X/Twitter (and to mourn the loss of their favorite web series.

Many blamed Claudia for poisoning the show by back-stabbing her co-hosts. But others say all three co-hosts had a hand in the show’s demise.

Claudia, 51, is currently interviewing for a new job on other networks. Claudia has been a star or host on many television shows, including “Deal or No Deal,” “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Married to Medicine,” and more.

YouTuber Michelle “ATLien” Brown goes into more detail below.