Al Reynolds says his ex-wife Star Jones knew he was bisexual before they were married in 2004. Reynolds was grilled by comedienne Luenell in a recent episode of the web series “TEA-G-I-F” on Fox Soul.

They topic of discussion was honesty in transgender relationships. Luenell asked Al if he came out to Star Jones when they first got married.

Al responded, “Oh, my goodness. I have never been not truthful with anybody that I’ve dated.”

Al said he’s spoken about his sexuality on the platform in the past. “I have always been very honest with all of my partners about my sexuality,” he reiterated. “At the time that I date ’em, I’ve been very open and honest about my sexuality.”

Al said he wants to know if the person he’s dating is trans on the first date.

Co-host Claudia Jordan also said she wants to know if she’s dating a transgender person. “You have the conversation before you meet up with the person [on the first date],” she said.

But blogger Armon Wiggins said trans he’s fine with transgender people waiting until the second date to come out.

“All trans people don’t have the penis,” Armon said. “So, there may be some that are post-op, and so… I feel like [waiting] buys you more time.”

Watch the video below.