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Rihanna wants actress Taylor Russell to play her in a biopic “Because she’s fly.”

During an interview with E! News, Rihanna said she wants the 29-year-old actress to play her in a biopic about her life.


“You know why? ‘Cause she got, like, a nice forehead,” Rihanna explained. “She’s, like, fly. And I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me. I want people to see me in that light.”

Rihanna, 36, said a biopic about her life should be coming soon.

Rihanna has one of the most talked about foreheads in the music industry. From the early days of Rihanna’s career her fans have obsessed over the shape of her forehead.

In October 2019, she posted a bikini photo that inspired a troll to comment, “[Your] forehead shines brighter than my future.”

Rihanna clapped back, writing, “There’s still hope for you then.”


The pop star said one of her 2 sons, RZA, inherited her forehead.

“The only thing I imagine was probably the forehead on RZA,” Rihanna told Access Hollywood in December 2023. “I mean, Riot doesn’t have it. I’m like, ‘Wait, are you sure? You can’t lose this thing!'”

She continued, “Third-trimester cellulite is no joke. You just see ripples coming from places you never knew, and it’s all in your thighs because your thighs are carrying the weight of your baby and uterus.”

So far, Taylor has not responded to Rihanna’s comments.