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A Pennsylvania radio host was let go after she admitted asking President Biden scripted questions during an interview last week.

Biden called himself a black woman during the interview on WURD radio in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

“I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, the first Black woman, to serve with a Black president,” Biden said.

Former WURD host Andrea Lawful-Sanders later admitted the Biden campaign sent her 8 questions and she used four of them for the interview.

“The questions were sent to me for approval. I approved them,” Sanders told CNN on Saturday.

The radio station announced Sanders was let go for violating station policy.

Sara M. Lomax, the president and CEO of WURD Radio, wrote that Sanders violated the station’s practice of “remaining an independent media outlet accountable to our listeners.”

The incident fanned the flames after Biden’s lethargic presidential debate with Donald Trump on June 27.

Influential Democrat donors are demanding he drop out of the race. But Biden has emphatically refused to step down.

The president arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sunday morning and attended a campaign rally at a Black church.